Reader Sees “Yellow Journalism”

From a reader comes this image from an April 15th Shaw Publications, along with this comment:

“This Headline is ‘Yellow’ Journalism!!”

I couldn’t access the article to find out the name of the debate-sponsoring organization.


Reader Sees “Yellow Journalism” — 5 Comments

  1. When and which agency introduced the phrase “conspiracy theory” into the vernacular?

    Tells you all you need to know. Mockingbird much?

    But pointing that out gets one labeled a conspiracy theorist. LOL

  2. The only reason to read anything by Shaw Media is local obituaries and Preps sports.

  3. “Other groups”. OMG!

    Who still reads their putrid crap?

    The prisoners at the county jail who get free papers to boost their fake readership levels.

    Do their dull advertisers understand the inflated readership rates?

  4. The next conspiracy touting event will be Bobby Q’s fundraiser.

    LOL what a putz.

    He’s a Mike Lindell wanna-be.

    Both produce bupkis!

    Just sensationalists.

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