IL-11: Mark Carroll Blasts Catalina Lauf’s Choice to not Face Voters in Person

Mark Carroll

From the Mark Carroll for Congress press release of May 12, 2022:

11th CD Candidate Carroll Incensed At Opponent’s Misplaced Accusations

Carroll pushes transparency and importance of facing voters

North Aurora, IL, May 12th, 2022 – The League of Women Voters’ May 11 Republican Primary event for 11th District Congress in Batavia has come under fire from candidate Catalina Lauf.

According to Lauf’s Instagram, she accused fellow candidates of being:

“…too afraid to go against the status quo – so instead, a lot of them get sucked into traps like attending forums hosted by far-leftist groups.

“These far-leftist groups control the questions and watch Republicans debate amongst themselves, so it’s not like we’re debating THEM. We are debating each other and they sit there and laugh!

“WE are NOT attending because we are not afraid to disrupt the status quo and we’re NOT going to cower to the mob…

“Time for candidates to stop supporting anti-women, anti-gun, anti-American groups.”

Catalina Lauf Instagram post 5/11/22


“One of the most important jobs of a U.S. Congressman is to reach out and draw people in to share your message, as well as what’s happening in D.C..

“And let’s be clear, Conservatives have the best message. However, if we cower at the tough questions and never engage with those who disagree, we have no hope of ever winning them over.

“The free exchange of ideas moves America forward and best serves all of the people of the Illinois’ 11th Congressional District.

“Furthermore, this was a Republican Primary event in which the vast majority of questions were posed by IL-11 constituents who came out on a Wednesday evening to hear the candidates speak.

“Not showing up for something like this is status-quo for my opponent, as I’ve witnessed at every junction of my campaign. She has yet to face the voters in this fashion, whereas I’m out there every day presenting my credentials within the District.

“As a second term North Aurora Village Trustee and current Illinois Family Action endorsee, I have consistently supported transparency as both an elected official and as a candidate. We all know that the political propaganda we find in our mail are no substitute for face-to-face voter interaction.

“As a candidate for Congress, it is not up to us to pick which constituents we are going to represent and which we are going to ignore. Almost every media outlet throughout the Country shows bias, but that does not mean candidates get to hide from answering questions from the voters, even when we do not agree with them.”

Mark Carroll, 5/12/22


Mark Joseph Carroll has been endorsed by numerous GOP townships, conservative organizations, and individual leaders throughout the Illinois’ 11th Congressional District.

The newly redrawn district encompasses portions of Lake, McHenry, Boone, DeKalb, Kane, DuPage, Cook, and Will counties.


IL-11: Mark Carroll Blasts Catalina Lauf’s Choice to not Face Voters in Person — 4 Comments

  1. Carroll campaign floundering.

    Launch negative attack on Lauf as League of Women Voters’ cat’s paw.

  2. Lauf is a joke. Only a sucker would think she’s capable of doing anything in Washington.

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