Last Month’s Discussion by Constituents and Lakewood Board Members of the RedTail Golf Course Clubhouse Replacement Consideration

A while back I asked the Village of Lakewood in a Freedom of Information request for “all internal and
external communication by any board member, appointed committee member, or employee of the
Village -with regard to the golf course clubhouse redevelopment.”

The reply was thrity-seven pages long.

There was a testimonial from an unnamed golf course-fronting homeowner who moved to Lakewood five years ago who speaks to his self-interest in having a better clubhouse:

Another tearfown supporter pointed to what the privately-owned Kishwaukee Country Club had done:

Village President David Stavropoulos sent the following to Village Manager Jean Heckman:

The Village President asked the Village Manager the following:

That request led to this email to R1’s Chalen Daigle:

The next document produced is below:

Next in the information drop was an analysis by a resudent sent to the Village Manager by Trustee Janet Barton:

April 5th and 6th emails follow:


Last Month’s Discussion by Constituents and Lakewood Board Members of the RedTail Golf Course Clubhouse Replacement Consideration — 7 Comments

  1. If a bond analyst embezzles money from clients and the firm decides to not press charges – if the bond analyst returns the money (only to avoid the press and embarrassment that of one of their own employees stole funds from its clients) does that mean that the theft never happened?

    Asking for a ‘gates’ friend.

  2. Cal I have not kept up on the Golf Course, but it looks as though nothing has really changed . . .the Village should have never bought that course and it is too late to go back and hold the Trustees involved and the Bank. Why the Bank? Conflict of Interest . . .you had a Law Firm & at least one Trustee involved with the purchase.

    Why doesn’t the Village of Lakewood sell the Golf Course?

  3. Maybe there’s a good-sized deposit of sand or gravel under there!

  4. Back in 2008 or so there was discussion at the Board level to consider options on the Red Tail Clubhouse. Obviously it never went anywhere as the situation is now 14 years older and the problems still exist. The ideas then also included moving the Village Hall into the new clubhouse facility and sell the lakefront property to help pay for the construction. Another idea was to move Village Hall out to the Haligus Road Public Works complex and sell the lakefront lots. Both scenarios would fix the problems inherent with the old Village Hall.

    You can’t change what was done way back when Red Tail was purchased. That ship has sailed. But you can fix the problems now. Sell it, fix it or build new. If you sell it, good luck finding a buyer, even a home developer in this economy. If you fix it, the old expression comes into play, “throwing good money after bad”, and if you build new, you at least have a chance to improve the community by upgrading your facility(ies). Tough decision but one that has to be made.

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