IL-11: The Batavia Candidates Forum 5/11/22

Here is the video recording of the Republican congressional candidates forum in Batavia for 2022

The cued video passed all of the League of Women Voters (LWV) disclaimers and general introductions and begins with opening statements from the candidates.

The full video is just under an hour.

Multiple articles and comments threads have discussed whether Republicans should have attended the forum. For this article, please keep comments to the candidates responses and rate how the three candidates did, and who do you think won among the three candidates who participated.


IL-11: The Batavia Candidates Forum 5/11/22 — 1 Comment

  1. You go to hear the candidates and their breadth of knowledge ( or lack there of, in the case of Lauf),

    you go to see their attitude and how they carry themselves, (all three that showed up showed us they feel the need to earn our votes rather than be entitled to our votes)

    you go to hear their plans for specific issues ( or lack thereof in the case of Lauf and Heeg)

    You go to see if any or all candidates that did show up are deserving of your vote, your volunteerism and any campaign donations you can afford.

    These three, albeit different from each other, all are deserving of serious consideration. The ones that used the excuse that they found the organization who moderated was left leaning and therefore didn’t participate are not deserving of any consideration, I don’t know if it’s because I’m Intently watching this race, but this was one of the best Republican panels I’ve seen the LWV put on. This video has done a great service to the voter’s in the 11th.

    Thank you.

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