For Those Who Would Like a Verbal Summary of “2000 Mules” — 10 Comments

  1. How does anyone know the ballots they were supposedly dropping-off were for Biden not Trump?

    How does anyone know this wasn’t staged (like the moon landing)?

    The producer is laughing all the way to the bank!

  2. Al, the elections for President in various locales were rigged for the narcoleptic, diapered cooked Joe.

    Face it!

    Have you faced the fact that even though you were a 2 term incumbent, 90% of the voters were against you in a 2 person race for Grafton Twp Assessor?

    Have you come to grips with that?

    You are a sorry taxrat Al, and corrupt to the core.

  3. Nice childish tirade but totally irrelevant since neither of my questions were addressed.

    I’ve gotten over the election long ago and you should try it, there’s a lot of peace waiting.

    Since the assessor’s budget was just increased $80K (​24%) we’ll see if everyone’s assessments are 24% “better.”

  4. Here Orcs, I’ll handle it for Al since he can’t research anything other than his friends property assessments
    How does anyone know the ballots they were supposedly dropping-off were for Biden not Trump?

    A: True The Vote proved the cell phone GPS tracking data they used to find and trace movements of the Mules being paid in GA that the Mules were working out of TWO Dem official’s offices – and one of those offices being used for the ballot stuffing runs was that of you favorite gap toothed morbidly obese organizer – Stacy Abrams.

    How does anyone know this wasn’t staged (like the moon landing)?

    A: Staged? Really? Like the J6 “Insurrection” that was staged and infiltrated by ilk that you support.

    What a maroon. But big old Stacy supported Trump. LOL

  5. “True the Vote” now there’s a reputable source.

    Who checked and confirmed their data?


    The Denver Post offers an alternative perspective.

    I’m not taking a stand on either side of the fence because it’s statistically improbable to drop-off enough votes via mules, horses, locomotives, freight trains whatever without being noticed and caught.

    The problem with US elections over the past decades has been/remains the low caliber and quality of the people running for election.

    In many cases, votes are cast for the lesser of two evils than for a compelling candidate.

  6. Georgia did a HAND COUNT of all of the ballots.


    There was no change.

    Meanwhile the GOP is laying the foundation to totally subvert our democracy for the 2024 election by placing radicals in charge of counting the votes (Georgia had a Republican Secretary of State in the last election and a Republican governor) and then arranging for state legislatures to certify the results and pick the Electors to the EC.

    The Constitution does not require that Electors reflect the popular vote.

    In fact it doesn’t require that there even be a popular vote for President.

    The state legislatures can simply pick the Electors by vote amoungst themselves like they did for US Senate until a bit after 1900 when an Amendment was passed due to the corruption involved (one example of which occurred for the person who built the huge house with the porch columns facing the lake in Crystal Lake).

    So with a majority of states having GOP majorities in both houses, and with that being cemented in even further due to recent gerrymandering, the Republicans can just pick a Republican President every four years and leave the pesky voters out of it by simply passing legislation at the state levels between now and 2024 to allow their legislatures to select Electors without regard to the popular vote.

    Talk about the REAL Steal!

  7. Science, you’re right. I really think Raffensberger was on the up and up since he’s a GA RINO. How much did Kemp (R-Governor) and him grift off the Dominion purchase? How much did GA pay for those made in China cheat machines?

    A recount is not a full forensic audit but hey since we are still waiting on the RINO AG in AZ to start holding people accountable that election must have been on the up and up too.

    Since you seem confused, the GOP is over 75% made up of RINO’s.

    What were useless Mitch and Susan Collins and Pelosi all doing in Ukraine?

    I don’t know we are going to send pallets of cash to the country so they wanted to hand deliver the offshore account information to him personally.

    The TV told me so. LOL

  8. Yeah Science, maybe watch this short clip from True The Vote’s Gregg Phillips about the corruption in GA. But hey the GOP’ers running GA are the best and brightest. It’s a Uniparty cesspool just like IL. Vote for Irvin or Bailey and expect a different result because there is no cheating happening in IL.

    See you at Galatis tomorrow.

  9. Wait… Did Bobby finally release all of his information on both election theft and Bailey?!

    Let’s see it!!

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