IL-11: Meet & Greet with Illinois Family Action Endorsed Candidates in Glen Ellyn

Tuesday (May 17) in Glen Ellyn 4-6PM CDT

Illinois Family Action, the political arm of the Illinois Family Institute, is hosting a meet & greet with their endorsed gubernatorial candidate, state Senator Darren Bailey (R, Xenia) and their three endorsed congressional candidates in competitive suburban congressional districts, including IL-11 which includes most of McHenry County.

While the event is free, registration required and can be completed here.

On May 1, the IL-11 endorsement, as determined by the Board of Directors of Illinois Family Action, was announced for North Aurora Village Trustee Mark Carroll.

Note from John Lopez: While I have the honor to be a paid freelance writer for Illinois Family Action, I had no input into any endorsement decisions for the 2022 primary election. Endorsement decisions were made by the Board of Directors.


IL-11: Meet & Greet with Illinois Family Action Endorsed Candidates in Glen Ellyn — 10 Comments

  1. I wonder what Piton has on Bailey

    Bobby Piton

    Why a gubernatorial candidate running in IL received the bumblebee nickname will make more sense next week at my Fundraiser featuring General Flynn and Patriots fighting to restore the Will of the American People.

    For the record, I did reach out to Bailey to discuss my findings before I release them to allow for a rebuttal and/or explanation.

    He has ignored my request.

    The DATA was always going to get released, and before I started going public about it, I did ask Trussell to have Mr Bailey contact me so he could comment and shed some insights.

    He did not, however, Bailey did not have any problem spreading false rumors I had a drinking problem when it is his wingman DeVore that has had some interactions with the police after being two sheets to the wind at a recent Lincoln Day Dinner.

    BTW, what is this I hear about a sealed police report about Devore?

    He is possibly the Worst Pick as a potential AG in Illinois’ History.

    We need to demand to see what is in that file and ask who called in that favor??

    I extended the same courtesy to Kathy Salvi before releasing her $20,000 annual property tax bill savings versus her neighbor pr $120,000 over 6 years.

    Between millions in COVID money her law firm received and underpaying relative to the members of her community (perhaps law firms that do government work sneak in some little gems for their friends to exploit at our expense?) is it really a surprise she contributed $250,000 to her campaign with taxpayer funds?

    Friends, our State has a UniParty problem and it shows.

    The MetaData of Illinois release and the tale of the Bumblebee Bailey will help bring us an Honest assessment of why we have been devastated by this corrupt UniParty.

    It’s never easy being the bearer of bad news, but we are in this death spiral as a State because people like me don’t come around often enough to speak Truth to Corruption.

    So little to Gain and instead an insane amount of aggravation, mean messages, and blind incoherent rants against me.

    Here is my 2 minute summary on Why I am the Best US Senatorial pick.

    If you agree, please support me and /or attend a monumental event on May 20th.

    Side Note: 5 Star General’s are usually named after a War is over and my comment about 1 following me is made in this context.

    No current publicly announced 5 Star General’s exist.

    I do believe at least 2 names will be elevated to that status after We Win this current War we are in.

  2. ^This from the State Senate Candidate who’s earned the name The Boy Who Cried Wolf.

    Piton is probably being paid by Rabine Or maybe he’s taking Irvin’s money to do it, because Bailey is the frontrunner.

    Piton needs the money.

    He even took back the $25K he lent his campaign.

    How’s that for confidence. LMAO!

  3. Bobby Q has a positive and uplifting message of everything and everybody being f*cked up and corrupted.

    Except for himself, of course.

  4. 2 posters above are the reason IL remains a Uniparty state and will continue to be.

  5. “I’ve got dirt on Bailey. But I’m not going to tell you for a couple of weeks. Oh, and you need to give me money to hear the dirt.”


  6. Add a third poster to the group.

    I gave you the free version of 2000 Mules einstein.

    Has nothing to do with Piton but the 3 in the cognitive dissonance crowd on this thread will never cease to amuse.

  7. JT, those rats are typical Antifa scum. The don’t deserve to be loose on the streets.

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