IL-11 UPDATED: Catalina Lauf, Sub-30 Youth and Serving in Congress

Catalina Lauf

Congressman Madison Cawthorn faces voters for 1st time for reelection Tuesday and in spite of only needing 30% of the primary vote to win outright, some believe he may be forced to a runoff

UPDATE May 14, 2022, 5:43AM CDT: Congressman Adam Kinzinger (R, Channahon) will be hosting a virtual “Defeat Party” to watch Congressman Madison Cawthorn possibly lose, or be forced into a runoff on Tuesday night:

“This coming Tuesday, May 17th, is the primary election in North Carolina, and Country First has made bold moves to defeat one of the most toxic and ineffective members of Congress: Madison Cawthorn (you may have seen some rather unfortunate videos of him in the news lately…).

“All of our polling is showing that the media, mail, texting, and grassroots outreach we’ve done in the race is working — Cawthorn’s numbers have cratered!  But in a crowded field, it’s going to come down to the wire, and we’d love for you to virtually watch the results come in with us.

“We’ll discuss the race, get updates as the numbers come in, and hear a preview of the other important races and states we’re targeting.  It’s possible we won’t know the winner by the time we wrap things up, but it’s still a good excuse to get together and connect as a movement.

“I hope you can make it on Tuesday, May 17th at 8:30 pm Eastern / 7:30 pm Central / 6:30 pm Mountain / 5:30 pm Pacific.

“Our efforts will continue through Tuesday and beyond, so if you would like to assist as a volunteer and/or financially, please don’t hesitate to get involved!

“Hope to see you Tuesday. Fingers crossed for a great win!”

Congressman Adam Kinzinger Country F1rst PAC email

===== END OF UPDATE =====

IL-11 Republican primary voters should take heed concerning frontrunner Catalina Lauf (R, Woodstock) and the youngest member of Congress who’s close friends with Lauf, Madison Cawthorn (R, NC-11) as parallels go beyond youth.

“Cawthorn…is an immature college dropout with a thin work resume, a scofflaw and serial embellisher who was neither qualified nor prepared for the responsibility and the scrutiny that comes with the office he holds.”

“‘He’s Not OK’: The Entirely Predictable Unraveling of Madison Cawthorn”, 5/13/22, POLITICO


With the exception of “college dropout”, everything describing Cawthorn from today’s POLITICO feature article matches Catalina Lauf.

The only life experience Cawthorn had when he entered Congress Lauf does not have, marriage, did not last a year.

Check out Cawthorn’s burn rate, April 1 through April 27:

With 3 weeks to go before the May 17 primary, Cawthorn had less than $138K in the bank.

He’s off the air (“dark”) without TV advertising 3 weeks before the primary.

From the desk of John Lopez: Unlike Cawthorn’s NC-11, the IL-11 is not a “safe Republican” district. IL-11 has a 7-term Democratic incumbent who will have nearly $5 million in the bank by the end of June to highlight all of Lauf’s inexperience, immaturity and especially her lack of honesty should she win the primary.

Put another way, the worst thing that could happen to Lauf is her winning the primary. The Democrats will show Lauf no mercy.

The full feature article from POLITICO about Cawthorn can be viewed here.


IL-11 UPDATED: Catalina Lauf, Sub-30 Youth and Serving in Congress — 14 Comments

  1. And given the feedback I’ve received this past week, including Catalina Lauf herself, the truth getting out about Lauf and many, including Lauf herself, are noticing.

    Remember what I’ve always said about Lauf…the truth always comes out. Praise God!

  2. Lopez, the truth always comes out?

    You dump on Lauf, Lopez, every damn chance you get in a vicious circle. Why don’t you subject any other politicos with your intense obsessions about Truth?

  3. Dingo, I have many times, dumped on others.

    Go look up my history of articles on this blog to know it’s true.

    Oh, and what I’m doing to Lauf by applying discernment is NOTHING compared to how the Democrats will treat Lauf if she’s the nominee by winning the primary.

    The Democrats will show no mercy, even if they do a Richard Irvin, and make things up about Lauf.

  4. JT, with mainstream media, just as with candidates, I apply discernment and while POLITICO is a lot like Catalina Lauf, one has to sift through their words to see if they’re telling the truth, there are writers for POLITICO I greatly respect.

    That doesn’t make them 100% right as no one is perfect.

    Their feature story on Cawthorn reads credible, and we’ll see how his primary goes on Tuesday.

  5. “Congressman Adam Kinzinger (R, Channahon) will be hosting a virtual “Defeat Party” to watch Congressman Madison Cawthorn possibly lose, or be forced into a runoff on Tuesday night”

    ^ I don’t believe either of those things Kinzinger is hoping for will happen to Cawthorn. I think he will get the most votes and avoid a runoff by getting more than 30%. We should find out on Tuesday night.

  6. Correcting, one might wonder, is Adam Kinzinger, through Country First, currently or will be active to work against Catalina Lauf, after all the nasty things she, and her hired gun Alex Bruesewitz said about Kinzinger (or in Bruesewitz’s case still saying) since early 2021?

    Remember, Kinzinger can work against Lauf and not be supporting a candidate in IL-11 primary through independent expenditures.

    Lauf is in many ways like Cawthorn with high burn rate, and we may see this on June 16 FEC filings.

  7. Hey, Lopez why’d you censor my post above?

    Why’d you remove my references to the false flag called 9/11

  8. Cawthorn is losing at the moment so it looks like I might get that wrong and Kinzinger might be right.

    I did not realize anti-Cawthorn folks had consolidated their opposition behind one alternative (a local state senator called Chuck Edwards) and figured since SEVEN people were running against Cawthorn he would be safe. But as of now Chuck Edwards has a 33.5% to 31.7% (1.8% difference) lead over Cawthorn. I’ve also learned that there was a concerted effort on the part of Democrats to cross over in order to retire the incumbent. Cawthorn has closed the gap from about 7 points when I first checked to under 2, but at this point with not that much outstanding vote left and given how the %s have gone so far it’s not looking good for the incumbent. He is at over 30 percent like I guessed he would be, but I did not anticipate someone else to also break that 30% threshold since it’s such a crowded field. The vote tallies have not updated for a while now.

    I’m not at all used to people being organized enough to stop a candidate they don’t like, because the Illinois Republican Party is very bad and very stupid and they don’t know how to do it.

  9. Correcting, a couple of other factors got into why the 62-years-old state Senator Chuck Edwards won that race (though no AP call, Cawthorn conceded the race by 9PM CDT).

    First, NC U.S. Senator Thom Tillis openly endorsed Edwards

    Second, a surprise endorsement from former Trump Energy Secretary, and former Texas Governor Rick Perry helped, too (possibly a holdover of the bitter TX-08 primary, and Cawthorn came to Texas to campaign against Perry’s endorsed candidate and winner Morgan Luttrell).

    Kinzinger’s PAC chipped in too, but the game changers were the two above.

    Since over 65% of the vote went for the top two, that eliminated any chance for a runoff (winner failing to get 30%+ of primary vote).

    Definitely some indirect impacts to the IL-11 primary, which I’ll be writing about, soon.

  10. Yeah, that’s what I get for making a prediction in a state I don’t live in and doing <5 minutes of research.

    The real takeaway here is if you're going to expose perverts in congress, you should not have pictures of yourself in drag and videos wherein you are having homosexual sex with your cousin… I still think Cawthorn was blackmailed for not playing ball with globalist warmongers on Ukraine and mostly for calling out the Eyes Wide Shut style behavior of congress and that deeply disturbs me, but in the end he was a hypocritical messenger and there happened to be a viable alternative.

    Cawthorn's outright loss last night could be an albatross on Lauf since he was pretty much the first big name to endorse her during the 2022 cycle and she talked it up.

    Now if a candidate tries to make the electability case for taking on Foster, they can say Lauf brings too much baggage — not just that she doesn't have much of a resume but that she has baggage.

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