Colatorti Wins Administrative Review Court Case, Decision Immediately Appealed, Plus Tadelman Reaction

From prospective Republican McHenry County Sheriff’s candidate Tony Colatorti:

Colatorti wins appeal. Tadelman surrogates fail in attempt to disfranchise voters

using Democrat lawyers tied to Democrat Speaker.

“I am grateful that the judge ruled in our favor and will let the voters choose our next sheriff. After my opponent
and his two supporters were shut down in a unanimous decision by the electoral board, they continued to
disenfranchise voters and waste taxpayer’s money. An electoral board consisting of three experienced attorneys,
and now a circuit judge have unanimously ruled me qualified.
My opponent insists on trying to steal this election so that he runs unopposed. My opponent knows he will lose if he
has to run in a free and fair election against me. I will always stand for election integrity and your constitutional
rights, and I call on my opponent to stop trying to steal this election away from the voters. It’s time for a change.”

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This sentence of the court decision stood out to me:

= = = = =

The chalengers to Colatorti’s candidacy filed notice of an appeal:

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From the Robb Tadelman campaign came this response:

Statement from Robb Tadelman on the court’s decision in the Colatorti Objection

McHenry County: I disagree with the judge’s decision in this case but that is his job and his interpretation of a brand-new law. I understand the complexity of this issue because in a similar case in a neighboring county, the judge interpreted the same law differently. I continue to support the objectors in this case and their decision to challenge the qualifications of my opponent to run for this office based on the law.

While the objection tends to get most of the media attention the campaigns of both my opponent and I have continued on, and ultimately the voters will decide on June 28th. This campaign is indeed about qualifications and integrity, and I look forward to continuing to inform voters about the facts, above the clatter and noise that surrounds campaigns.

In an effort to inform the public about what is at stake our campaign continues to unearth more information that gives us a clearer picture of the record.

Recently we let the public know about some details about my opponent’s experience.

The fact that as a part-time law enforcement officer, in his various agencies in McHenry County, he was involved in only three felony and misdemeanor cases flies in the face of his supporters claims that their support is based on Tony’s “investigative experience”.

There are also a lot of inconsistencies in my opponent’s story about the circumstances surrounding his departure from his job as Chief of Police in Prairie Grove.

Tony claims he resigned but new results from a series of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests shows that he was asked to resign, or he would be terminated. This is important because it is part of Tony’s record and speaks to his management experience. I am attaching some of the new documents but I would urge you to follow me on Facebook for more information.

My campaign will continue to bring this information to the public and we will continue to point out the differences between myself and my opponent.

= = = = =

Included were the first two emails, found here, plus new responses for FOIA requests from Prairie Grove, which will be posted separately.


Colatorti Wins Administrative Review Court Case, Decision Immediately Appealed, Plus Tadelman Reaction — 32 Comments

  1. Over and over again, in one venue after another Tony’s right to be on the ballot is upheld.

    Tadelman knows he can’t beat him in a fair election,and so he continues this farce of an election challenge in the courts.

    Whoever is advising Robb is doing nothing but turning voters off.

    Nobody likes a sore loser looking for a sneaky win.

  2. Sore loser?

    More like a whiney little bitch.

    Run on your own merit and quit tearing down a good man and a leader for your political gain, Robbie Boy.

    You looked weak before but now you just look like an entitled child who knows he’s gonna lose so he’d better pull out the unsightly tantrums.

    Not gonna work.

  3. So again, where is Colatorti’s explanation of the circumstances surrounding his forced resignation from Prairie Grove?


  4. Let’s talk about Robb’s artificial promotions, his unConstitutional mask mandates and mandatory vaccinations he is in support of for his officers.

    His love affair with liberal woke policies such as social workers in squad cars and lies about their efficacy!

    And his violation of law abiding citizens Constitutional rights, (was sued and lost-that cost McHenry County citizens) and his lack of leadership that has helped lead to an all-time low in the Sheriff’s Dept morale!

    More to come…

  5. Every case has its own attendant circumstances and merits.

    Court decisions are appealed and either upheld or overturned at the next level.

    Like I stated in an earlier post, subpoena the Village President who wrote the emails for if Colatiri was forced to resign or be terminated by the Village?

    Simple solution.

  6. “in a similar case in a neighboring county, the judge interpreted the same law differently”

    That county was Cook County for those wondering, and that case, from the little about it I’ve read, does not involve the plaintiffs alleging that the SAFE-T Act makes a legal distinction between a certified part time vs full time officer (like in the case against Colatorti) but rather a candidate who claimed their sufficient credentials/certification comes from the FBI National Academy.

    Colatorti *does* have certification from a police board in the state of Illinois, so these cases appear prima facie substantially different to me.

  7. Slapdyck:

    Sorry but too late for your suggestion; to wit: “Cases based on new evidence are not heard by an appellate court.

    Generally speaking, appellate courts are not concerned with new facts or new evidence.

    Appeals are normally based on issues surrounding any errors made in the process of the trial and/or how the judge interpreted the law.”

    “It is often said “Trial Courts try the facts, and Appellate Courts try the trial courts.”

    What that means is that the focus of the appellate courts is to decide whether the trial court got the final ruling correct based upon what was presented to it.

    As a general rule, the appellate courts are tasked with whether the trial courts’ rulings are appropriate, based upon what they were presented with.

    Thus, a large part of the decisions appellate courts are called upon to make is what in fact the trial courts had to deal with, and whether they dealt with it correctly.

    It’s important to know that an appellate court is not conducted like a trial. There is no jury nor are any witnesses presented in an appellate court.

    New evidence would be the focus of the trial courts.

    As a general rule, then, no new evidence can be presented to an appellate court in an appeal.

    The appellate court is confined to the evidence as the trial court was presented, so that the appellate court can determine if the ultimate ruling was appropriate.

  8. Again here’s Tadelman’s flawed outlook on things.

    The case in Cook County is a corrections officer who attended the FBI National Academy (which is only a leadership school) and tried to get on the ballot.

    Just by listening to Tadelman’s campaign has really opened my eyes to what a retard he really is.

    Colatorti is the only common sense candidate for sheriff and is openly supporting the constitution, is the only candidate whose campaign is ran by Republicans and not democrats like Tadelman’s, and he is standing up for our right to vote!

  9. This and Cook county’s cases are totally different.

    Shows again, Robb’s dishonesty.

    That guy didn’t take the SAME courses and testing like Colatorti has taken all the same training that Tadelman has.

    This next case in appellate court will go Colatorti’s way again.

  10. So Federal if Colatorti gets in and the state says they have to wear masks is he going to go by the state or will he bow?

    What vaccination mandates?

    Their are none with the county unless you can prove otherwise?

    Is Colatorti going to say no social workers in the squad cars because I haven’t heard him say otherwise?

    Lack of morale is subjective don’t you think?

    Their is more than one leader in the Sheriff’s office so is Tony going to fire them all when he gets in?

    What’s his plan because I haven’t heard anything or read anything that says otherwise?

    This blog of people who spew crap on hear is funny!

    Can’t wait if Tony gets in the relationship that he will have the Kenneally lol

  11. Right on, John. Tadelman said he would support mandatory vaccines if Pritzker mandated them.

    He doesn’t stand by his officers.

    He cozies up to Democrats like his lawyer, his campaign media manager and anyone in the whole woke culture.

    His family are Democrats and his wife doesn’t even vote.

    Terrible example of Republicans.

    Colatorti has done more for the Republican Party than Tadelman ever has or will.

    Prim is supporting two Democrats.

    14 yr long Democrat John Noverini and Tadelman.

    I’ll be voting for the Republicans.

    Colatorti for Sheriff & Shane’s for IL Supreme Ct Judge

  12. Good to know Wizard of Id, appreciate the knowledge!

  13. I just don’t understand why this fella Tadleman cannot run a campaign without trying to take the voters choice away.

    If Mr. Tadleman was really about integrity and truly was the best candidate he would run on his merits instead of cheating every step of the way.

    I for one am sick of the dirty tricks and games he and his people are playing and so is my family.

    We will be supporting Mr. Colatorti for Sheriff.

    Good luck Mr. Colatorti.

    We are praying for you.

  14. I agree with Laughing on, what’s Colatori’s plan?

    If morale is very low (and it is), and the department is run by the Good
    old boys (and it is), Whats Colatori’s plan?

    If he doesn’t replace most of the leaders at the top, things will never change.

    Here’s another problem.

    Female officers are leaving in droves, especially in the jail.

    There are no females in the entire department above the rank of Sergeant.

    Colatori, what’s your plan?

  15. InsideOut

    Colatori can’t replace “ most of the leaders” .

    They have lawful protections from just that.

    The days of a Sheriff being able to hire and fire are long gone.

    Colatori is the most unqualified sheriff candidate I’ve ever seen.

    Chief of two little fiefdoms and never has had investigative experience.

  16. I’d think Colatorti would replace the chiefs to have trusted advisors, which he’s able to do.

    Tadelman and his boys will be back to learning how to be a police officer or a corrections officer.

    The sheriffs department now is putrid and needs a cleaning.

  17. John, I believe the union protects them from such a cleaning of house.

  18. Not saying that he’d fire them, but reducing them to their last merited rank is normal.

    On Prim’s first day he fired and demoted people.

  19. As the good old boys get more desperate as they see their put up going down in flames, my disgust over Tadelman remains over over 4 issues:

    1. His FB page extoling Juneetenth and BLM.

    2. His and his immediate family’s heavy ties to the Democrat Party, much like Irvin. Suddenly this guy is GOP. Really? I’m not buying the BS new conversion.

    3. The sneaky way Prim coronated him and Tadelman’s baloney response about his relationship with Jack Franks, which Tadelman claims is completely non-existent.

    4. The weird pop ups of Tadelman’s signs on properties without the owners’ consent or even knowledge like my brother in law’s. This is very Frankslike. Plus ultralib tards are putting up his signs … Universalist Unitarians, marxists, school union pawns, etc

  20. Easy choice/vote…Tony Colatorti for Sheriff! Not only does he have the experience, he has class.

  21. Bob, Tony has class and experience? Lol.

    You clearly have no clue. Shocker.

  22. Something ain’t right about Tadelman.
    He ain’t right in the head.

    He’s a lockdown monkey and vaccine thug.

    He defecates on the Constitution, and when called out about it, whines about how ‘antisemitic’ his opponents are, just like his mentor, Jackass Franks.

    Now he fronts a bogus legal challenge against Colatorti using democrat freebie lawyers.

    Maggot:roadkill as Tadelman:McHenry Co. Body Politick

  23. Colatorti all the way.

    Mr. Tadelman is very creepy. He thinks he’s entitled to everything.

  24. Why did this guy Tadleman and his people go to court re Colatorti?

    If he, Tadleman, felt he had some issues about his opponent, why did he not simply tell this to the voters what he had, facts, legitimate, dirt, whatever, and let the voters decide?

    This guy’s actions with his supporters seem to be desperate.

  25. Folloowing the publilcation of a photo of Tadelman on a Jack Franks’ political page during Covid, I asked Tadelman about his relationship with Franks.

    Below is his reply:

    “I support freedom of speech and everyone’s 1st Amendment.

    “I knew the nastiness of getting into the political world.

    “What I don’t stand for is Anti-Semitic comments, ignorance and bigotry.

    “I’m saddened that people who have all of these traits live in this community.

    “The screenshot that you just sent me came from one of Tony’s followers’ undercover accounts, I know, people have sent it to me.

    “The picture you just sent me is from Jack Franks political page from April of 2020.

    “The YouTube link is from the McHenry County Department of Health on a collaborative video from agencies throughout the county.

    “Why my picture is what is shown for the link, is beyond me, but other than a 3 second part of a video that is 1 minute and 30 seconds long,

    “I’m not sure how it ties me to Jack Franks.

    “I can say with 100% confidence that I have NO INVOLVEMENT with Jack Franks.

    “Outside of work, I have no relationship with him.

    “I don’t have his number. “

  26. Cal, I’m not buying your BS.

    Apparently Tadelman or some of his goons had a chat with you.

  27. Why are my posts, links and comments —/negative about Tadelman getting censored here?
    J power!

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