Illinois GOP Supreme Court Race Now Back to Four Contestants

A Cook County Circuit Court Judge has reversed the Illinois State Board of Elections decision that two of the four candidates running for the Republican nomination for Supreme Court could not stay on the ballot

From the Chicago Tribune: Which female candidate do youthink the Tribune will endorse?

Appellate Court Justice Susan Hutchison and former Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran were returned to the ballot with a decisiion that basically upheld the recommendation of the Election Board’s Hearing Officier, with which the Board’s General Counsel agreed.

Now there four on the ballot:

  • John A. Noverini
  • Daniel B. Shanes
  • Susan Hutchison
  • Mark Curran


Illinois GOP Supreme Court Race Now Back to Four Contestants — 8 Comments

  1. Hutchinson sees her evil chance. She wants to go out with a bang.

  2. There’s little ‘evil’ about Sue, a great person. Well, except her cooking.

  3. Shanes or Noverini, that’s the question.

    Hutchinson is a no go, and it ain’t because of her cookery, it’s about her kookery.

  4. I would point out that she is the only woman on the Republican side.

  5. Most people don’t follow judicial stuff closely.

    How is she a bad judge?

  6. A big no on Hutchinson.

    I know too many things about her.

    Maybe her opponents are even worse.

    But I don’t know anything about them.

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