Tadelman Schedules Huntley Meet and Greet Tuesday, May 17th

From the Robb Tadelman for Sheriff campaign comes this invitation to meet the candidate on Tuesday at the DiFirore Funeral Home on Dundee Road in Huntley:


Tadelman Schedules Huntley Meet and Greet Tuesday, May 17th — 41 Comments

  1. Quite the appropriate venue for his campaign to hold a meet and greet.

    Just bury it.

  2. All I want to know is your views on ICE?

    your either for it or again…

  3. What does “Mixer” mean?

    Is that another word for confusion?

  4. Tadelman’s campaign is full DEMOCRATS, he’s using the DEMOCRAT IL speaker of the house’s law firm to try to kick Colatorti off of the ballot in a a play out of the DEMOCRAT handbook, and he gives DEMOCRAT answers in support of the 2nd Amendment and government overreach.

    COLATORTI is the only REAL REPUBLICAN I trust to protect our constitutional rights!

  5. The Tadelman campaign is dying, so the funeral home venue is quite appropriate.

    Tadelman himself looks like a devil.

    “All are welcome”….. Does that mean the boy rape victims ofTadelman’s buddy, Sgt. Pyle?

  6. Are prolifers welcome? I doubt it.

    Tadelman is a proabort. He and his wife are.

    Does he deny it?

  7. Yup to all, except Slapdych’s comment, who obviously doesn’t know there’s another candidate. LOL

    I’ll vote for the Republican!


  8. Tadelman’s behavior in trashing the Constitution with his lists of the unvaxxed disqualifies him from anything beyond dog catcher, and even that would be a stretch.

    A funeral home? Yikes, this hateful vampire needs to have an electoral stake driven through his corrupt body.

    Why is he always on the wrong end of EVERY issue?

    Transgender lunacy

    more Section 8 criminals for McHenry County

    Lists of unvaxxed. For what purpose?

  9. What the hell is this ‘business to business’ mixer b.s. all about?

    What about Tadelman’s best friend?

    Jack Franks!

    Is that part of the business to business racket?

    Just what ‘business’ is Tadelman running?

    I want to know, and I’m sick of his pantomimes.

  10. Folloowing the publilcation of a photo of Tadelman on a Jack Franks’ political page during Covid, I asked Tadelman about his relationship with Franks.

    Below is his reply:

    “I support freedom of speech and everyone’s 1st Amendment.

    “I knew the nastiness of getting into the political world.

    “What I don’t stand for is Anti-Semitic comments, ignorance and bigotry.

    “I’m saddened that people who have all of these traits live in this community.

    “The screenshot that you just sent me came from one of Tony’s followers’ undercover accounts, I know, people have sent it to me.

    “The picture you just sent me is from Jack Franks political page from April of 2020.

    “The YouTube link is from the McHenry County Department of Health on a collaborative video from agencies throughout the county.

    “Why my picture is what is shown for the link, is beyond me, but other than a 3 second part of a video that is 1 minute and 30 seconds long,

    “I’m not sure how it ties me to Jack Franks.

    “I can say with 100% confidence that I have NO INVOLVEMENT with Jack Franks.

    “Outside of work, I have no relationship with him.

    “I don’t have his number. “

  11. Where’s ‘Anonymous Thinker’ with his legal advice to those whose opinions he doesn’t like when giving them regarding Rob Tadelman?

  12. I almost never vote for bearded candy-dates.

    But I will vote for Colatorti as an exception because Tadelman is so B A D!

  13. “Outside of work, I have no relationship with him.” (Franks)

    Is his work being a Big Brother keeping lists of the unvaccinated? What “work” does he currently even do with Franks?????

    Since Franks has been kicked out of office for many months, what does Tadelman’s claim even mean.

  14. I have asked for evidence of a connection of Tadelman with Franks and that screen capture from McHenry County’s YouTube is the best that the anonymous comments can supply.

    Their anonymous comments remind me of the lies that Rauner told about Jeanne Ives and that Irvin is saying about Darren Bailey and Jerry Sullivan.

    If Tadelman is close to Franks, provide direct evidence, not innuendo.

  15. Cal, why would Jack Franks share just Robs picture on his page? That picture is on Jack Franks Facebook page.

    Its just a coincidence I assume?

    Why was Robb the one from the department doing the video?

    There was a Sheriff and Undersheriff that should have.

    Or is it that Jack and him have a relationship?

    Well, Tony and his campaign crew, let’s get these emails FOIA.

    IM sure there will be some emails about it since Rob did the video.

    Tony, get the emails.

    So I recently saw a post that Rob posted about both candidates voting history.

    Well, I think his voting record tells you all you need to know.

    He didn’t vote in the 2012 and 2016 election?

    Hmmmmmmm, 2016 was probably the most important election in Republican history and you didn’t vote?.

    Its actually funny he tried to defend himself as being a republican with this.

    Of course you pulled a republican ballot in 2018, 2014, 2010, you were a Nygren, Zinke and Prim guy so the only way to vote for them is to pull a republican ballot.

    But you don’t vote at all in 2012 and 2016?????????

    Just because you pulled a republican ballot in the primaries does not mean you voted republican in the election .

    Most of your campaign staff and attorneys are democrats and there is so much evidence of this out there.

    How much time or money have you committed to the republican party?

    Boy Tony, you have alot here.

    I still can’t believe your campaign hasn’t hammered this home.

    Along with the ties to Greg Pyle.

    Lets ask him who he voted for in 2020.

    Joe Biden?

    The guy fails to vote in 2016 as our country was falling apart.

    Any republican knows and understands exactly what I’m saying.

    I’ve been voting for a long time and 2016 was just different.

  16. Slapdyck Kinnally,

    What I can express to you is,that I’ve been extremely sickened by the way that Colatorti has been conducting his campaign, and very sadly misrepresenting the actual facts that are actually accurate in what his true qualifications are in wanting to hold the highest position in the county to SERVE, PROTECT, and furthermore secure that the citizens of our great county feel a sense of security and safe.

    The fact of the matter is that Colatorti has personally targeted individuals who are not in sync with his rhetoric, substantiated by the fact that he outright targets these people, and personally harasses and heckles them to no avail because of their own personal beliefs for supporting his opponent Robb Tadelman, and not to mention inciting religious bigotry and racial bigotry because of Robb’s Judiasm.

    I’ve personally witnessed myself Tony making those statements because they were sadly made to me, but even more troubling in all of this is the mere fact that Tony botched up a NARCOTICS case in the Village of Prairie Grove and didn’t follow through with further evidentiary protocol as to a defendant who was in possession of cocaine possession and as a result of this botched investigation will be released from the IDOC at Stateville Correctional facility on Saturday.

    I need to be secure in knowing that when I walk outside and travel throughout the community of McHenry County, that I will be safe and not have to worry about a Sheriff hiding evidence and blaming others for his MISHAPS.

    VOTE TADELMAN 6.28.22

  17. @anonymous thinker (aka Tadelman)- Posting at 2:49am… wow, your impending loss must really be keeping you up at night!

    The salacious accusations you’re making have only ever been heard coming out of the mouth of one person- Robb Tadelman.

    It’s pathetic (like your campaign) that you continue to push a false narrative. Don’t worry, we the voters see right through your BS.

    It’s your campaign that came into my business demanding I take down Colatorti’s sign. It’s your campaign that went to my friend’s businesses demanding to put up Tadelman’s signs or else they’d make sure they’d lose business.

    It’s your campaign that was trying to get people to sign false accusatory documents against Colatorti.

    Your campaign moves are straight out of the democrat playbook! Plus, you act and talk like a democrat.

    Colatorti is the only true Republican running for sheriff who will protect our constitutional rights, so he will get our vote!

  18. Anonymous, LOL Robb Tadelman’s campaign is the one riddled with lowlifes and lawbreakers!!!!

    Tony Colatorti has been a class act thru this whole thing.

    Robb Tadelman-opens campaign by inviting his opponents ex-wife as his guest of honor at his first fundraiser

    Eileen Marheffer-sent a cease and desist letter for slandering Tony door to door

    Rob Hanlon- arrested for defacing Colatorti’s signs with libelous pre-made, pre ordered stickers with a word that came directly from Tadelman’s campaign

    Safer Citizens Pac-lying about Colatorti deciding not to show up to a debate 2 hrs before their event.

    He turned them down when invited because L.E. leaders were hosting an endorsement event in his honor.

    Diane Evertsen-throwing hissy fits at Headquarters when a family came to volunteer but she found out they were supporting Colatorti

    Tadelman’s Democrat Lawyer threatening to sue Colatorti for defamation because he called her a…..wait for it…..’Democrat!’

    These people are desperate and backing the wrong horse but they’re too deep in shit to realize it.

    Hey, even Rabine asked to be a part of Tony Colatorti’s Back the Blue Event with Sheriff David Clarke tonight in McHenry.

    Rabine’s even seeing the light and is backing Colatorti!

    Stick a fork in Robb, he’s DONE!

  19. Russellville …. Tony has been a class act thru this whole thing….. so funny!

    He’s such a class act that he had to resign or get fired!

    He’s such a class act that he can’t even follow thru on a case in Prairie Grove!

    He’s such a class act that he has his motorcycle minions spew bigotry!

    He’s such a class act on his Facebook page at his 50th Birthday Party with his Tough guy, Tattoo , Middle finger party of his loser friends!

    He must be so insecure that he has to display his Blessed Are The Peace Makers on one arm and God knows what on his other arm!

    Better hurry before he deletes them… yeah he’s such a class act Part time wannabe with his Tough Guy ..Bandana …Motorcycle attitude that got FIRED!

    Yeah he’s an arrogant class act for sure!

    Vote for Robb!

  20. Welcome back Bill.

    What are you afraid of Tony uncovering at the sheriff’s office when he takes the helm???

    What dark secrets are you hiding??

  21. What are you afraid of?

    Bill uncovering everything about Tony?

    What dark secrets is Tony hiding ??

  22. Nice deflection Bill, but none.

    Why is Tadelman’s campaign trying to get people to sign false statements about Colatorti?

  23. At Colatorti’s event last night Sheriff David Clarke said Tadelman’s people called him and told him not to come to Tony Colatorti’s event! ‘You’re backing the wrong guy’ etc

    The level of intimidation is off the charts with the Tadelman Campaign.

    Im convinced Tadelman is NOT the one for this job!

  24. When someone pays over $10,000 , Clarke will say anything!!

    If Tony gives me 10,000, I’ll say the same thing😂

  25. @Happy- It wouldn’t surprise anyone if you did that for “10,000 roses”🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹 🍻

  26. Gee … You Colatorti supporters get nicer everyday…

    First I’m Bill… then I’m Hanlon, and then I’m a whore !

    Do whores post on blogs at 11:19 in the morning?


  27. Trails, I think you called yourself a whore when you said you’d say anything for $$$

  28. My criticisms of the crook Tadelman have been censored from this blog? Why Loser Lopez?

    This blog now sucks.

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