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  1. Truer words have never been spoken and now they have gone full blown psycho-insane, and I’m LOVIN’IT !😍

  2. Republican President Abraham Lincoln had tremendous amounts of resistance from Democrats in Congress in his efforts to free the slaves.

    The current doofus, plagiarist, senile Democrat President Joe Biden, in his speech in Buffalo recently had recklessly used the term “white supremacist” a number of times.

    The implications of Bidens’ references are false and unproven that there is a problem in the US about this issue.

    Biden and/or his speech writers obviously want to further divide this nation with that inflammatory rhetoric.

    Ironic that Biden mentioned white supremacy many times and it was he who eulogized a US Senator, Robert Byrd, who had recruited members into the Klan.

    Yet, Biden honored him in a eulogy.

    You have to wonder what is really in the heart and mind of Biden with regard to African Americans.

    Back in 2008, Biden said the following about presidential candidate, Barak Hussein Obama, and in so doing, greatly insulted every single African American person in the US:

    “Obama is the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean.”

    The “first” – articulate, bright, clean???

    Americans should have asked why Biden was not pressured to leave the Senate at that time and go into private life.

  3. I couldn’t care less if the “protesters” burned the Supreme’s lousy houses down.

    After the lousy thing the two female jewish judges (kagan (also anlesbian) and ginsberg) did with the homosexual marriage case, when they refused to recuse themselves the court lost its integrity (all the other judges on the court are just as guilty as the two jews because they didn’t call them out on it) and became just another corrupt federal agency

  4. Oh, look, multiple people thinking about me and bringing me up randomly in comment threads I’m not even commenting in.

    Keep up the obsession, y’all!

  5. LOL – I can assure you that I am not Lopez. I don’t think that I agree with Lopez on a single thing.

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