Message of the Day – A Parade Entry

Harvard was promoting the 2022 Milk Days celebration at McHenry’s Fiesta Days Parade.

The Holstein markings on this pickup truck symbolish Harvard’s Mild Days celebratrion.
The Milk Days Queen’s Coiurt float promoted the 2022 Harvard Mike Days.


Message of the Day – A Parade Entry — 32 Comments

  1. No more milk days going forward.

    Earlier this week, a Borden Dairy processor informed its workers, vendors, and customers that they would be closing their doors this summer at their plant in Chembung, Ill. The plant, which operates under NDSM Holdings, LLC, also says they will be ceasing fluid production at their De Pere, Wis., plant.

    “This change will impact the production and distribution of various brand-named milk products distributed across Illinois and Wisconsin,” the company said in a statement.

    The effective closure date of the Chembung, Ill. plant is set for July 9. There De Pere plant will continue its sour cream production.

    “NDSM is committed to assisting the affected employees through the transition by offering notification pay and job search assistance,” says a spokesperson from NDSM Holdings, LLC.

    The company did not disclose how many employees would be impacted from this decision.

    NDSM Holdings is a joint venture between New Dairy Opco LLC and Select Milk Producers Inc.

    Previously the plant was owned by Dean Foods who filed bankruptcy, then was later acquired by Dairy Farmers of America in April 2020.

  2. Harvard is a crime town now.

    Thanks to Bush and Obama transfering do many Sec.

    8ers to wreck our area.

  3. Don’t worry all. Bill Gates has developed BIOMILQ.

    Yes the Q is in the company name.

    You know the same Bill Gates that developed synthetic beef and owns the majority of farmland in the US.

    If you’re not awake, now might be the time to get there. LOL

    And remember – Pritzker (Pritski) is Ukrainian…I need more popcorn for this show.

  4. And Ms Trumpion, have you seen this one?

    Swiss Investment Firm Acquires 3,500+ U.S. Single-Family Homes For $1 Billion.

    I guess we now know where these illegals on the Sec 8 teet are going to be living while the Swiss take our taxpayer dollars.

    Don’t get me going on BlackRock.

  5. Hold on there, JT.

    Bobby Q told us to be afraid that it was China that bought up all the land.

    Get the conspiracies straight, damnit!


  6. Revere, we already know the Ukraine is a money laundering op and a biolab hotspot. Why do you think the elites in the Senate and House and Dr Jill needed to make a visit over there? To give the money transfer account instructions for their cut of the 53B of our money being sent over. They certainly couldn’t send Hunter. The big guy’s 10% is baked in.

    Guess what’s coming our way in the next year or so. Read and you tell me:
    U.S. Buys 13 Million Doses of Monkeypox Vaccine

    “The U.S. government has ordered millions of doses of a vaccine that protects against monkeypox. The news follows the first confirmed case in the states — a man in Massachusetts — following an outbreak in the U.K.

    The order amounts to a $119 million order for Jynneos vaccines, which are used for the prevention of both smallpox and monkeypox. It was announced by biotechnology company Bavarian Nordic, which makes the vaccine, on Wednesday.

    The order will convert bulk vaccines, which have already been made and invoiced under previous contracts with the U.S. government, into freeze-dried versions which have an improved shelf-life.

    The total government contract with Bavarian Nordic amounts to $299 million, which would provide 13 million freeze-dried doses. It’s expected that the first doses will be manufactured by next year with further doses made in 2024 and 2025.”
    One third of a trillion for a virus that infected 2 people in the world. WOW. Guess who’s behind it????

    Anthony Fauci’s wife – who is also head of the Department of Bioethics at the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center – authored a paper defending the ethics of corporations “pressuring employees to get vaccinated” and “embarrass[ing] vaccine resistors.” …

    Don’t worry, Darren Bailey and Kathleen Salvi will get right on it when elected. You can’t fix stupid in this state. See post @ 4:21

  7. I know, JT! You can’t fix stupid in this state with all the stupid sh*t Bobby Q keeps trying to sell.

    And now that JT has proclaimed he’s in possession of voting machine manuals, he and Bobby Q are gonna bust this thing wide open!

    Still waiting, like over a year now, for Bobby Q’s promise to uncover fraud in Kane County….


  8. **299 million…One third of a trillion**

    LOL- math is hard.

    You can’t fix stupid.

  9. The war on Ukraine isn’t going to grow more popular as this drags on and the cost of the war soars and gas prices and inflation become unsustainable. We should have never stoked this conflict in the first place.

    Question for the emotionboy Lopez, and his pets (Al Z, Nefarious, Martin, Monk and Tadelcreep):

    Why is Mitch McBitch (R-KY/China) and the Biden Misadministration of neocon jews, BLM thugs and trannies, so bloody concerned about the Soviet drawn borders of corrupt Ukraine, but dead set on destroying American borders?

  10. Having a balanced, intelligent and courteous discussion on this blog about the geopolitical ramifications of Russia invading Ukraine is fantasy.

    The question wasn’t even posted without the usual baseless, inaccurate Tourette syndrome propensity for discriminatory, prejudicial name-calling.

    That said, because I was asked, here are some top lines for those capable of assimilating them.

    – Stop Russian intrusion into other countries, including NATO, that would trigger WW III.

    – Send a clear, unified message to North Korea and China about any ideas they might have of expanding their territories (Taiwan, etc.).

    – The issue of immigration through America’s borders has been an unresolved problem for decades with BOTH parties at blame.

    – Global emigration/relocation will only increase due to shifts in rainfall (wet areas become wetter and dry areas drier) as global warming increases. If people can’t feed themselves, they move.

    – And the simplistic, albeit selfish, concept that if someone invaded us, we’d want others to help us defend ourselves.

    What this has to do with the subject posting of “Milk Days” escapes me.

  11. Al, maybe what’s going down in the Ukraine is a tad more important than ‘Milk Days’ in a hollowed out, demographically destroyed town in northern McHenry Co.

    I don’t think all the illegal aliens and Sect. Eight transplants in Harvard are going to get us in a nuclear war.

    While your ran your Grafton Township tax assessment grift scam, the productive people in this country were being quickly dispossessed.

    I love this blog.

    Here things are real.

    Not loke WGN, CNN or Faux.

    When the lie-rag NWH cut out comments to their blog, I dropped my sub pronto.

  12. Al, fails to recognize we’ve been funding a war for Ukraine against its own ethnic population since the 90s, including killing same from our engineered coup in ’14. Al, what about the US built and manned bio weapons labs in the Ukraine?

    Al, so what if Republicans like the low life Bushes were border traitors like the Dems? They are all traitors.

    Al, didn’t we just get our butts kicked after a 20 year and 3 trillion fiasco in Afghanistan?

    Quit watching cartoons.

  13. Have you heard of Operation Wetback Al?

    Time for Operation Wetback 2?

  14. I’m with you Mellow (on this subject anyway)
    Mike Lindell, Jovan Pullitzer, Bobby Piton all fraudsters! Anyway to gather a bunch of gullible Canons and make money off them!

    It’s terrible and disgusting.

    I do believe there is definitely something to the 2000 Mules documentary but if the US Supreme Court won’t hear it, nothing can be done legally.

    We will have to come up with a way.

    I don’t see people coming out of the woodwork to man drop boxes, be election judges, or poll watchers.

    They’re all waiting for big bad Daddy Donald to be re-instated as President and save us. AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN!

    We need to do this!

  15. How about all the MSM coverage about Hillary and Obama paying for and okaying the release of the dossier to start russiagate.

    Treason anyone?

    Oh that’s right they aren’t covering it.

    I wonder if Hillary called the suicide hotline for Robby Mook yet?

    Spain can be a dangerous place you know especially after you testify against a witch.

    Greg, take a picture of the cables connected to your CCP made ES$S voting machine when you vote.

    Oh nevermind, they have built in WiFi.

    People are trying to solve the problem.

    Some people are still in the fog and are impatient because the result is not happening now.

    I call it Veruca Salt Syndrome.

    Until the machines are gone, nothing will change in this state and country.

    Funny, I see alot of Mahady signs on lawns these days.

    She will likely be as competent as Tirio if she wins.

    And remember the governor and politicians are begging for their jobs come November.

    These are the same people that caused many across IL to lose their jobs do to a fake pandemic.

    I see alot of politicians in the governors race.

    But hey what do I know.

    They’ve done a fine job getting the state rated at junk status.

    Premium is now 5.07 / gallon in WI. Enjoy your IL fill ups. We will be over 7 by year end on our way to 10

  16. What offended you Cal/Lopez to delete the post? Securi really needs to go.

    Was it Hillary and Obama being outed by Robby Mook and the MSM not covering it? Was it that Clinton called the suicide hotline to take care of Robby Mook on his vacation in Spain?

    Was it that the CCP built ES$S machines are the real problem in our elections since they are connected to the internet?

    Here I’ll give you a little more. You think the Monkeypox is not the next made up pandemic. Start on Page 10 and read what this Bill and Melinda Gates funded foundation doing a simulation came up with. Prepare for more lockdowns and jabs since the US just committed 1/3 of a Trillion to Big Pharma for Monkeypox vaccines. Just in time for the midterms.

    And remember, politicians that locked this state down and caused voters to lose their jobs are begging for your vote so they can keep theirs. How many politicians are running for governor again on the R side? Keep voting for those that have ruined this state. LOL.

  17. Here you go Greg to help your cognitive dissonance from a gullible Canon. LOL.


    A Rasmussen Poll

    41% said cheating likely affected 2020 elections
    62% are against Zuckerbucks type private election spending
    63% say Photo ID is reasonable to prevent cheating
    90% say it is important to prevent cheating in elections

    And all of these results are from Democrats.

  18. ** US just committed 1/3 of a Trillion **

    Do you really not know that 299 million is nearly 1/3 of a billion, with a b, and not trillion, with a t?

    This is now at least the 3rd time you haven’t understood the difference between a billion and a trillion.

    You can’t fix stupid.

  19. Polls are opinions not facts.

    Means very little and has nothing to do with facts.

    Looks like autocorrect changed what I typed.


    Anyway= Any way

    Stand by what I said.

    Georgi and Mahady (running for Tirio’s seat) want more drop boxes.

    A lot more drop boxes!

  20. If a few typos make one stupid Shaketurd what does it take to become the douche you are. Aren’t you the king of pointing out name calling. Fool.

    Greg the more boxes the merrier. Until the machines are gone does it really make a difference.

    I hope you 2 Einstein s get your Monkey pox shots and remark.

  21. It isn’t a typo. “Tr” is nowhere close to “B”.

    You’ve consistently confused (whether intentionally or unintentionally) billion and trillion and, conveniently, the confusion always worksjn your favor to make something seem significantly bigger and scarier.

    You have a very difficult time with facts.

    And I didn’t name call anyone. I just quoted you.

  22. God you are stupid Shaketurd. Get a hobby douche.

    Trolling proves how bad you are at things.

    Hope I didn’t hurt your progressive liberal feelings

  23. JT – don’t worry. I can assure you that you’re not capable of hurting my feelings.

  24. This nloghas sure gone downhill with censoring and bad tech!

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