Message of the Day: If the Truth Offends You, Tough!

Chrissi Bretz of Geneva, who hosts podcasts on her Freedom Illinois Instagram page including interviews with IL-11 congressional candidates last month, posted this profound opinion on Thursday:

“It’s actually never my intention to offend anyone, but at the same time if truth offends you, that’s a problem within yourself.

“Taking on offense is a choice. At the same time I’m not giving people an excuse to be cruel. We need to love each other well… I just so happen to think that doesn’t include lying to people.

“What do you think, is taking an offense a choice?”

I share Bretz’s stand on the truth, and as I’ve always said, the truth will all come out, in politics as in life.

I’d like to hear what you all think including Bretz’s question about taking offense.

Bretz’s Instagram post can be viewed here.

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Message of the Day: If the Truth Offends You, Tough! — 30 Comments

  1. Republicans might want to apply that to Trump’s lie about the election being “Stolen”.

    A majority of the GOP still thinks that.

    Trump filed 60 lawsuits in several states in both state and federal courts.

    All of them were thrown out.

    Some of the judges were Trump appointees.

    His chief lawyer has lost his law license and others are under disciplinary inquiries.

    Yet it continues.

    On 1//6/21 some people even tried to overthrow the government or at least disrupt the democratic process based on this lie.

    The procedure to challenge election results is to go through the courts. If you lose there, it’s over. Al Gore accepted that.

    Now the strategy is apparently to try to get people into state offices in swing states, such as PA, who will simply declare that Trump or whoever is the GOP nominee, actually won the popular vote despite the results, and send a slate of delegates to the Electoral College to reflect that.

    This is not prohibited by the Constitution. The Framers did not want the people to be able to decide on important offices like Senator or President so they placed that in the hands of the “states”, which means the state legislatures and governors. Senators were not popularly elected until after 1900 when recurring scandals forced passage of a constitutional amendment.

    Many states have “faithless elector” laws to require electors to abide by the outcomes in their states but those generally lack teeth and could be repealed by GOP dominated state legislatures and signed by GOP governors prior to the election.

    So that is the Truth that needs to be kept in mind or we could lose our entire democracy.

    “Facts are stubborn things.”(John Adams at the trial of the British soldiers who were charged following the “Boston Massacre”).

  2. I liked it John. I think the shelf life of going from a conspiracy theory to truth is about 1 week these days.

    Alot of Q stuff coming out this week.

    I know you journalists love exposing the truth. LOL.

    And Science, try to stay on topic.

    I don’t know what all that drivel is about.

    You obviously got your smoking kit from Biden and are enjoying using it.

  3. Lopez said:

    “I share Bretz’s stand on the truth, and as I’ve always said, the truth will all come out, in politics as in life.”

    No, not necessarily will the truth come out. There are a lot of forces at work in the U.S. within the so-called media that work to hide, obscure, omit and bias the truth.

    These media are mostly in the tank, are handmaidens for the Democrat Party, Democrats, leftists.

    These media are mouthpieces for the Democrats just as was the old Pravda the voice and protector of the communist party in the former USSR.

    If we had had an overall honest media in 2020, the doofus and senile Joe Biden would not now be our president.

  4. Among the worst lies a person can tell is that of lying to oneself for it is the most self-destructive,
    as demonstrated by BullshitScience/Martin. Trump cannot be evicted from his conscience and no matter how he
    tries he will forever suffer from a malignant case of TDS.

    UltraMaga will be his sworn enemy for the remainder of
    his miserable life.

    Too bad, so sad.

  5. Bred I only have to add 1 correction to your post. The MSM is in the tank for both Democrats and RINO’s. Look around you in IL. The only R I see is Gary Rabine and Bobby Piton. If you think for 1 minute Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell are not just power hungry RINO’s that love the MSM cover ups you might consider yourself mistaken. Alot of the RINO’s and Dems are visiting the Ukraine including Dr Jill. You have to wonder what the skim is off that 53B we are sending over there? You can’t get caught hand delivering your Wire Transfer instructions to that corrupt Zelensky puppet.

    As an aside Trump only wanted 25b to finish the wall. Funny how we can find 53B for Ukraine.

    Just staying on topic Lopez. Truth sometimes offends the weak.

  6. For those of you who are not familiar with the reference I made to John Adams, let me give you the background.

    On March 5, 1770, a group of British soldiers fired on a group of people in Boston, killing 4.

    This became known as the “Boston Massacre”.

    One of the lead proponents of rebellion against England in the Boston area was Samuel Adams (yes, the beer guy).

    He had a brother who was a lawyer named John Adams.

    The British soldiers were eventually put on trial and John Adams was appointed by the Crown to defend them, probably due to his relation to Sam.

    During the trial he was able to point out that the crowd of citizens who confronted the British soldiers were composed of British Navy sailors who had a historic antipathy towards the British army and were probably drunk.

    Moreover, he developed, through skillful cross examination, that the order to fire on the sailors came from someone behind the British soldiers and thus may not have been shouted by any of the soldiers or their officers, but rather, by someone who wanted to have the soldiers fire on the crowd for political purposes.

    During his closing argument he reminded the jury that “Facts are stubborn things”.

    You can’t ignore facts just because they militate against your preconceived notions and desires.

    The jury acquitted all of the soldiers and only found two soldiers guilty and their sentences were later commuted to branding of their thumbs.

    So the lesson here is that the truth shall will out once all of the facts are known.

    Ask yourselves, what is the Truth?

    Forget about what your friends think or what your tribal loyalties have become.

    The Truth stands on its own.

    This applies to a lot of things.

  7. Because, you are naive. Perhaps you eagerly consume all of the bs spewed out by the main stream media today, including the biasing by internet tech giants.

  8. “Truth is treason in the empire of lies.”

    I think it’s safe to say “Because Science” will never be accused of such treasonous activity.

  9. It’s bafflinged at how some on this blog cannot make their point without denigrating others (usually with childish name-calling).

    It’s also sadly amazing how fearful some have become of things that have been around for decades or even centuries, e.g. main stream media, government, FDA, CDC, immigration.

    The latest boogeyman seems to be “replacement theory” which resulted in the deaths of 10 innocent humans.

    Somehow, before the Internet, we all survived and did so with a lot more courtesy and a lot less friction.

    “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.”

    Sadly, today, many have egregiously confused “truth” and “opinion.”

    While everyone is entitled to their personal opinion however misguided it might be, “truth” should be reserved for what it is: something universal that cannot be defeated by facts.

    Chicken Little thought the sky was falling (opinion). Fact: it was an acorn.

    Infowars stating we should fear “Ukrainian bio labs” after having to admit their claim Sandy Hook was a hoax was not correct.

    Citing “facts” from fly-by-night and/or highly-biased web sites doesn’t make them “facts.”

    When did people start believing this stuff?

    My guess is about the same time TV became over-run with talent and “survival” contests.

  10. Lopez’s platitudes ring empty.

    Zielinski’s lies sicken me. Glad people woke up and kicked that tardish crook to the cop.

    Because’s marxist drivel about immigration and Jan 6 show what a reeking piece of crap he really is.

    When the **** I hope to run into Because.

    These animals are right here.
    Thanks Al!

  11. If people really knew about the pool of violent predators who are walking around in large numbers, looking to beat them to death for no real reason, they would board themselves up in their homes and never come out.

    The liberal news won’t tell you, your local politicians refuse to admit it, and the police are accused by both the criminals and the politicians of being the problem. Sometimes people see the tip of this iceberg in the local paper or on a TV report about crime.

    They never see the autopsy report or hospital pictures of the victims, the bloody clothes or the scars.

  12. That’s a pretty laughable post from Lopez revealing unpleasant truths.

    Nice hypocrisy.

  13. BecauseScience: Your articulation of the John Adams story was beautifully done.

    Facts are “stubborn things”.

    But the facts are slowly mounting on the side of the fact that there was massive voter fraud in Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Detroit, Atlanta, Phoenix, and Nevada.

    Like the elections of 1948 and 1960 (which are now historical accounts of presidential election fraud with the facts unquestionable that the Democratic machine cheated and it affected the outcome), soon there will be enough facts to prove 2020 was stolen as well.

    Then – I want to hear from you.

    Notice how the cheating is always on the Democrat side. They’re good at it.

    BTW – there ARE a plethora of “stubborn facts” that show there was significant fraud in 2020 that affected the election vote totals in favor of the Democrats.

    That’s not in question.

    EVERYONE acknowledged that fraud.

    What is in factual question is this: Was it enough to change the outcome?

    Stop with your sanctimonious liberal superiority argument.

    You’re wrong – and soon it will be proven.

    But your team will be on to the next cheating episode.

  14. Every person on Earth should be concerned about blacksites especially the ones who dabble in bio research, Al.

    I have a book called “The Pentagon’s Brain” that talks about black projects conducted by DARPA and there is a chapter about bio and chemical warfare research.

    I’ll let you in on something else too: the government can control the weather, but that’s for another day.

    Once you figure out that governments and the big corporations are one in the same, once you figure out how much power these entities have, and once you realize that they are run by psychopaths, you too will be a little worried and there’s nothing wrong with having that reaction.

    So put down your smelly wool vagina hat and swap it out with a comfy tinfoil one, Al, because the truth is out there.

  15. This is a perfect example of the illogical insanity believed (bad enough), being spread (even worse) by some and referred to as “truth” (by those taken in by nonsense).
    “…the government can control the weather…”

    If that was true, why would the government suffer the huge cost of local tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, droughts, whatever?

    Why not just bombard Russia, China and North Korea with bad weather?

    “Common Sense is not that common.” Voltaire

  16. LOL Al, what does Voltaire say about what is happening?

    BTW Monkeypox is just Shingles.

    Shingles is a proven side effect of injecting garbage mRNA into your bodies.

    Remember the evil are pushing injecting the garbage into kids as young as 5.

    I hope you have your pussy hat ready for the protests and riots your brethren will start when your beloved Roe is overturned.

    Step 1: Create a Food shortage
    Step 2: Baby Formula Crisis
    Step 3: Release Monkeypox
    Step 4: Kill Innocent Kids
    Step 5: Media Fear Campaign
    Step 6: Lockdowns and Loss of Liberty
    Step 7: New Vaccines
    Step 8: Use Dead Kids For Mandates
    Step 9: World Population Declines
    Step 10: One World Government

  17. Al is a Franks supporting liberal ideolog who does the bidding of the democrat party.

    That’s what you’ve done your entire life.

    You literally are a democrat political hack.

    FACTS, Al.

    This isn’t a “personal attack”, it’s just describing who you are.
    What part of what I say about you is inaccurate?

  18. Since this is a posting about “truth,” cite your sources for any of your above claims.

    My guess is there won’t be a single one.

    Another example of how just saying something doesn’t make it “true.”

    Just one problem with “one world government” is we as a country are having a tough time just keeping ourselves together (~ 4 million).

    Imagine what trying to herd a planet full of people (~ 8 billion) would be like.

    Another failure of common sense.

    Good thing “the government can control the weather” because by the time those 10 steps play out, the world’s climate will have passed the point of no return.

  19. lol this “truth” guy called Al doesn’t even know that weather manipulation is real and the tech has been around since the middle of last century.

    BTW I’m not saying *all* weather is controlled by the government, but people absolutely CAN alter it.

    Take five minutes to use a search engine.

    Not sure why you’re bringing up climate change when I mentioned weather modification. Do you even understand the difference between weather and climate? On second thought, don’t bother answering. Have fun paying 7 dollars a gallon for gas to save the planet while other countries are literally burning feces…

    “Why not just bombard Russia, China and North Korea with bad weather?”

    Because China and Russia both have the tech as well and doing so would be declaring war.

    What you’re saying is “Why don’t we just go to war with Russia and China?” because they aren’t accepting enough (according to you) of cheeseburgers and gay butt sex.

    You’re not as smart as you think you are, Al.

    You support the current thing because “experts” on the TV told you.

    That doesn’t make you smart.

    You’re exemplary of the banality of evil.

  20. This last week was BOOM week Al. Did your MSM tell you about the Sussman trial. Yea, I didn’t think so. Tell us about your knowledge base on Chem Trails and who is behind them. Don’t run to Google, Yahoo, Bing or Duck Duck Go Al. You only get your “approved truth” there and from MSM and journalist hacks. I bet you think Snopes is reliable too. LOL.

    When you’re done with that tell us all you know about The Great Reset and the WEF 2030 Agenda. I would be skipping to Step 10 for that answer.

    My source Al is my own 2 eyes on the 10 steps especially 1-4. Are you saying Step 1 – 3 needs a source cited? Step 4 is about to end Monday when Roe is overturned but they are now trying to jab kids as young as 5 with their evil. Refer back to your Voltaire quote if you are confused then go look in the mirror. It seems the uneducated are the only ones separating this country.

    Do you think Elon Musk exposed himself to his stewardess on his private jet too? Man, your side of the aisle is pretty deranged in the head in how they play.

    Oh by the way Fauci, Gates and Trudeau are in a wee bit of trouble these days. Did you hear about that? Yea, I didn’t think so on that one either.

  21. Chemtrails! Ha!

    Don’t forget the hurricane gun and the space lasers!

  22. Why did the Lopez censor my post above?

    He erased from my post the ethnic group responsible for 80 of the violent crime in this country. And he removed a link I had.

    This blog isn’t worth posting on..

  23. Notice how Al Zielinski doesn’t deny any of the charges of his democrat, Franks supporting, goon-like behavior.

    Al will do the bidding that his LEFT wing party demands – the democRAT party orders, Al follows.

    No denial of any criticism that you labeled a “personal attack”.

    NO DENIAL, Al.

    Al you want is for me to “cite sources”: Here my primary source: YOU DON’T DENY MY ACCUSATIONS.

    Have you supported Franks?

    Have you done political activity on behalf of the Franks’ campaigns to discredit and harm his political opponents?

    You can openly deny these charges, Al.

    But you cannot.

  24. The “Scanner” looks mostly like a Bleeds It Leads source. 90% of the stories are crime or accident related. Click bait for the violence voyeurs.

  25. I don’t deny any allegations because they remain unfounded (and therefore untruthful) until the accuser provides the sources used to make them.

    The responsibility is yours, not mine.

    Don’t shirk it now; bring on those sources!

  26. Lopez, why are you censoring non-libelous, non-porn, non-obscene posts?

  27. John Adams and Samuel Adams were second cousins, NOT brothers.

    So much for knowing our history.

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