Colatorti’s Big Night

Last Thursday night GOP Sheriff candidate hopeful held a highly promoted event freaturing former Milwaukee County Sheriff Clarke.

Held at The Vixen at 1208 N. Main in McHenry, the had former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke as the featured speaker.

The campaign wrote the following in the lead up to the event:

“I’ll sharing the stage with Sheriff David Clarke, State Senator and candidate for Governor Darren Bailey, McHenry County State’s Attorney Patrick Kenneally, Constitutional Colonel Larry Kaifesh, and candidate for McHenry County Clerk Joe Tirio will be speaking on their support of law enforcement and the 2nd Amendment while making it clear why it’s important we have the right sheriff leading our county forward.”

Gubernatorial candidate Gary Rabine was a last-minute addition to the speakers as you can see from the image below:

On Thursday, Republican McHenry County Sheriff’s candidate Tony Colatorti hosted a ‘Back the Blue Rally’ at The Vixen in McHenry. 

Several honored guest speakers spoke to an overflow crowd of patriots. 

Speakers included 

  • McHenry County Clerk Joe Tirio,
  • McHenry County State’s Attorney Patrick Kenneally,
  • Republican gubernatorial candidates Darren Bailey and Gary Rabine,
  • Constitutional Colonel Larry Kaefish,
  • Republican McHenry County Sheriff’s candidate Tony Colatorti, and
  • former Milwaukee County Sheriff and Donald Trump loyalist David Clarke.

Electric was in the air as the speakers gave uplifting and insightful speeches. 

Tony Colatorti highlighted the leftist attacks on law enforcement and how he will fight back against it to keep McHenry County safe. 

Tony Colatorti.

Tony raised several stark comparisons between him and his opponent- how his opponent couldn’t answer a simple yes or no question of whether he would mandate sheriff’s employees to get vaccinated; how he forced sheriff’s employees to wear a mask after it was proven ineffective; and how his opponent is a poster child RINO. 

Tony informed the crowd how his opponent’s campaign team is full of Democrats, explaining their continued Chicago-style leftist attacks on him. 

Colatorti underlined how both objectors to his candidacy are financial backers of Democrat Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart.

Tony elaborated on how he will be the strong leader who will stand up against the good ol’ boys club, the Democrat’s leftist agenda, and how he’ll keep the violent Chicago crime from coming into McHenry County. 

Tony is the only candidate who has created jobs, signed paychecks, and been responsible for police agencies. 

“Corrections is the largest part of our agency, and yet, they’re the most forgotten about,” Tony said,

“Well let me tell you, you will no longer be forgotten.  Under my leadership, you will always be part of the team and family.” 

Tony finished off his speech with a roaring standing ovation from the crowd.

Tony welcomed Former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, “America’s Sheriff”, to the stage. 

Former Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke spoke to the crowd. Photo by Bill Weber.

Clarke told the crowd, “The fact that I’m here on behalf of Tony should tell you where my heart is at in terms of the election of sheriff for McHenry County.” 

Clarke spoke about how sheriff’s races are some of the most contested and ugly races at the local level in the country. 

“One thing you get from me is straight talk… but I did get some blowback from, probably from his opponent,” Clarke said, “They said I was backing the wrong guy and all that nonsense.” 

The crowd was shocked to hear that Colatorti’s opponent had attempted to stop Clarke from coming to the rally.  Clarke said when Tony reached out to him for help and advice he was glad to give it.  

Clarke shared his straight-shooting wisdom on how to effectively manage a sheriff’s office, combat crime, and keep people safe. 

America’s Sheriff finished off with another standing ovation and held a photo-op with Tony.  

The backdrop of the stage presumably shows large contributors.
Gary Rabine addressed the crowd.
Gubernatorial candidate Darren Bailey spoke as well.
Patrick Kenneally, a large contributor to Colatorti, spoke.
McHenry County Clerk Joe Tirio also spoke.

Congressional candidate Catalina Lauf attended the event.

David Clarke, Catalina Lauf, Tony Colatorti and his wife Brittany.


Colatorti’s Big Night — 25 Comments

  1. It’s simple-

    Republicans for Colatorti. Democrats and RINOs for Tadelman.

    Law and order, pro-2A, prof-life, pro-God, pro-freedom, pro-Republicans, pro-Trump, pro-Americans for Colatorti. Chaos and confusion, lawlessness, wish washy political answers, poor leadership, Obama supporters, pro-Democrats for Tadelman.

    Only one sheriff will keep McHenry County safe- Republican Tony Colatorti!

  2. The event was YUGE and so much fun!

    Wonderful to see Sheriff Clarke in person, and shocking to learn after the fact that the other side had tried to intimidate him from coming to endorse Tony.

  3. Yeah that’s no surprise, I’m hearing of new people every week who Tadelman’s campaign is trying to intimidate. And the whole lame objection thing just shows you how Tadelman will twist and turn anything around to his liking. Not something you want in a ‘law’ man.

  4. Bailey’s speech was humble, Tirio’s was aspirational, Rabine’s was self-centered as usual and way to long.

    He tried to get the crowd to chant ‘it’s Rabine Time’ and instead got someone that shouted ‘it’s time to go!’

    To many laughs.

    Nobody even wanted the hats he was handing out.

    Nice hats, I’ll give him that.

    They look like Trumps MAGA hats.

    Kenneally’s speech was THE SHOWSTOPPER!

    Tony’s was good and also humble but strong.

    Clarke’s just confirmed what we’ve been hearing from business owners, homeowners, lawyers offices, and now from a Law & Order celebrity, of Tadelman’s no boundary intimidation tactics.

  5. The Sheriff shouldn’t be a political Democrat or Republican but sadly it remains partisan .

    Experience is what counts and Tony lacks that dreadfully.

    His part time experience doesn’t add up to more than a third year full time officer.

    He has never led an investigation.

    His agency leadership was over two speed trap agencies with part time officers.

    How many criminal arrests has he made?

    His agencies called in the sheriff and deferred to the sheriff for any serious investigations.

    What are his educational qualifications?

    Did he graduate high school or is it a GED.

    Any college?

    In my opinion Tony is one of the most unqualified persons to ever run for sheriff.

  6. Dirty Ned,

    Colatorti has the same training /testing as Tadelman. A panel of lawyers said so, Tadelman appealed because he didn’t like that he couldn’t twist the truth to his benefit. So it went to court and the judge said the same thing! Tadelman can’t take no for an answer ! What does that say about Tadelman?

    We need a leader like Colatorti, not a whiney-ass who thinks he’s entitled to the position and whose only chance, is getting his opponent kicked off the ballot. That’s not gonna happen!

    Tadelman can’t even man-up! Had to call Sheriff Clarke like a pussy. How crooked do Tadelman’s camp have to be?

  7. Casey Amos, how can you compare their training?

    Part time, is like distance learning.

    No stress, no time constraints, done over months whereas full time is in an in house academy with instructors requiring stringent requirements.

    Not even close, that’s why to become FULL TIME even with a PT certification, you must complete the FULL TIME academy.

    PT certification accommodated the little fiefdoms and their weekend ticket writers.

    Say what you want but there is no comparison.

  8. I expect nothing less of a narcissist who parades around in his Big Black Truck with his name all over it….

    How vain can you get ……

    he’s unqualified and not as important as he thinks !

    Did he answer why he resigned instead of getting fired ?

    Of course not !

    Anyone that votes for inexperience will have buyers remorse……

  9. ‘Kenneally’s speech was the showstopper’ LMFAO Golf Clap……

  10. Bill- it’s called marketing, and since you’ve never managed a business in your life you won’t understand it.

    Ned- The sheriff absolutely should be a partisan elected position. Your political beliefs are very telling what a law enforcement officer you’ll be.

    Ps- Tadelman is a Democrat.

    Your lack of knowledge on the different police academies is absurd, just like your objection 😂

  11. Tony Colatorti for Sheriff! Has more experience than Tadelman. Also, Tony is a nice guy. Tadelman seems wimpy/cry babyish. McHenry County needs a strong sheriff.

  12. Ned, nope, same training and same testing. Period.

    And you’re wrong about that stringencies.

    Both hearings judges asked Tadelman’s ace of a lawyer (LOL) if Tony came from WI or IA and wanted to run for Sheriff he’d be able to. (Gulp) ‘duhhh uh yes?’

    Case over!

    The only thing that makes it even a question is that it’s a new Unconstitutional law made up in no other than crooked IL.

  13. well I guess you weren’t invited or couldn’t afford the ticket Slapdyck, because Kenneally’s speech was awesome!

    I know some were recording it.


  14. Bill knows it’s marketing, Tony just wants to be the BIG MAN !

    If you think Tony is qualified to be sheriff then take a look at Bill’s qualifications on LinkedIn before he was Sheriff

    Narcotics Investigation Sergeant..Gang Crimes Supervisor…Task Force Officer for U.S. Customs… too many to list!

    Went to College…

    DOJ Public Service Award…Letter of Commendation from Gang Crimes Task Force…

    Too many to list.

    Now tell me Tony’s qualifications , compared to Bill’s , when running for Sheriff.

    Robb is definitely more than qualified to take over for Prim…

    Yes Bill knows it’s just marketing, Smoke and Mirrors, to distract from his incompetence.. is that why Prim didn’t endorse him?

    Egotistical, Arrogant, Under Qualified, Part Time Officer who knows MARKETING! Wow

  15. Nobody would know your bio better than you, Bill!! Why would anyone want your endorsement, Bill? Your name ID in the county is crap and the amount of losses you have associated with your previous endorsements is crap.

    Real life experience in the community, not just years of filling a uniform, is why Colatorti is going to win by at least 20 points.

  16. Dirty Ned is a low information voter or he knows better and is peddling tadelboy’s crap because that’s what they do, lie.

  17. No, I wouldn’t waste the money or time to listen to this ‘Colonel Klink’ with his platitude of the day.

    Was he playing a banjo too? LMFAO

  18. Hah, so Slapdyck you wouldn’t invited or couldn’t afford the ticket. LOL yeah they don’t allow vagrants.

  19. Flair Pay, you can’t even write a coherent sentence.

    Sounds about right for a Colatorti / Kenneally supporter…..

    How many names are you posting under?

    At least attempt to finish that G.E.D.!

  20. Bill- why do you speak about yourself in the third person? What college did you graduate from?

  21. Colatorti all the way.

    Tadelman is another Irvin.

    Lopez, please don’t censor this post like you have on my other ant Tadelrat posts!

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