Illinois Right to Life Action Endorsements in McHenry County — 5 Comments

  1. What!?!

    Terri Greeno, running for Republican nomination in District 5 of McHenry County Board, not endorsed by Right to Life Action in spite of her 30-years+ record fighting for the unborn!?

    If that’s not a typo, someone missed endorsing a true champion of the right-to-life movement with a decades-long record to back her up.

  2. Not all candidates received the questionnaire.

    Nothing to see here, keep moving…

  3. Right to Life made a mistake in not also endorsing Colatorti.

    I have a copy of the questionnaire answers for both candidates.

    They are identical.

    I know many of the people on the committee.

    They are all good people.

    The clear majority of members, however, have publicly declared their support for Tadelmann.

    My concern is that, in this instance and despite identical pro-life views, Right to Life has appropriated the pro-life brand to serve the narrow interest of their preferred candidate.

    The pro-life stamp of approval comes with a persuasive force that is bigger than a group of local people who have voluntarily assumed the label.

    They have no right to trade on that label’s equity to further personal interests.

    Anyone acting on behalf of the pro-life movement must not do anything to compromise it, cause scandal, or create even the appearance that it is being exploited for personal ends.

    With great respect for Right to Life and the incredible work it has done in the county, I believe it has fallen short of the mark here.

  4. Tirios’own “pro life” endorsement of Colatorti make them slightly less welcome than a mild case of monkey pox.

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