Bailley Goes After Irvin on Allowing Males to Compete in Girls Sports

From the Darren Bailey for Governor campaign:

Richard Irvin Wants to Permit Boys and Men to Participate in Female Sports 

Louisville, IL – Bailey Campaign Statement on Richard Irvin, the hand-picked candidate for Governor of hedge fund mogul Ken Griffin, just telling the girls and parents of Illinois that he is fine with allowing boys and men to invade female sports competitions.

During Tuesday night’s undercard debate, NBC 5’s Mary Ann Ahern asked, “Should [men] be banned from being able to participate in women’s sports.”

Irvin tried to squirm and equivocate, just as he does whenever asked whether or not he voted for Donald Trump in 2016 and 2020. But Ahern pressed him, thankfully, and his answer was shocking. He declared, “the governor should not have a say.”

Next door to Illinois, the solid General Assembly of Indiana just voted to override the veto of a squish Governor Eric Holcomb.

Richard Irvin openly promises to be just that kind of sellout.

In reality, we should not be surprised at Irvin’s extremist stance.

He wants to permit boys and men to ruin female sports because he subscribes to the far left, liberal agenda of the Democrat Party he has supported for years, voting as a Democrat in 7 of the last 8 elections in Illinois.

Richard Irvin reveals his true, radical self, from supporting militant BLM to lavishing praise on J.B. Pritzker to sacrificing our girls at the altar of woke, politically correct madness.

Illinoisans deserve better than a career Democrat who plays tough on TV.

Darren Bailey is the true conservative champion in this race who will stand up to keep our communities safe and protect our children from a radical political agenda.


Bailley Goes After Irvin on Allowing Males to Compete in Girls Sports — 13 Comments

  1. What’s the difference between a hedge fund billionaire funding Irvin and a trust fund billionaire funding Bailey?

    Answer – Nothing.

    Bailey and Irvin are both owned.

    Use your vote wisely IL RINOs

  2. Yeah, I think the Space Force needs to get involved here, too, JT.

  3. It appears the Deep State is making a push for gun confiscation.

    More than likely the FBI is behind the increase in mass shootings…since their past involvement would indicate such.

    It would not surprise me if there is another mass shooting next week…followed by more throughout the summer.

    The Deep State would like to wrap up the complete control of this country.

    And the elimination of as many guns as possible would facilitate that effort.

    Don’t even think about voting for the PoS Tadelman, the county’s biggest gun grabber!

  4. Dingo, your analysis scares me. Because it rings true.

    4 Americans killed in Ukraine. Family if one says he was on active duty with the USMC.

  5. Bob you are misinformed.

    I like your township stance but if you think Bailey/Hubbard is your salvation I will put a hundred on a bet that nothing changes after 4 years of your chosen one being anointed

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