Colatorti Pledges to Promote Women in Sheriff’s Department, Criticizes Lack of Body Cameras

From the Tony Colatorti for Sheriff campaign:

As McHenry County Sheriff, Tony Colatorti Vows to Promote More Women Into Command Positions 

There are currently 16 leadership command positions in the McHenry County Sheriff’s Office.

Astonishingly, none of these positions are held by women.

 Colatorti plans to change that on day one. 

“As exemplified by the lack of body cameras, the Sheriff’s Office’s operations and personnel decisions are 20 years behind the time.  

“In my 22 years in law enforcement, I have served with a number of women who I regard as some of the best police officers I’ve had the pleasure of working with.  

“While I plan to promote based, first and foremost, on qualifications, the fact that my opponent and current Sheriff can’t find a single woman they deem worthy of a leadership position is laughable and telling.  

“Good-ole-boys club is clearly alive and well in the Sheriff’s Office.”

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I have asked whether Colatorti had body cameras at Prairie Grove or Holiday Hills.


Colatorti Pledges to Promote Women in Sheriff’s Department, Criticizes Lack of Body Cameras — 25 Comments

  1. Now that’s funny considering a woman partly got him fired, besides being incompetent, but of course he’d be Sheriff and that could open up a whole new can of worms…..

    Would he use intimidation on women, as he did in Prairie Grove ?

    Colatorti should pledge to tell the TRUTH !!

  2. Its hit the ‘Say anything’ point for Colatori.

    Perhaps Kenneally can ‘Stop the Show’ with his patent ‘Platitude of the Day’.

  3. Love the comment that he plans on promoting , first and foremost, the most QUALIFIED!

    He’s not even qualified….

  4. Hang it up Bill.

    The majority of voters don’t even know who you are.

  5. Tadelman is lousy creep! Violates the Constitution whenever he feels like it!


  6. “He’s not even qualified.”

    That’s why he’s gotta find someone who is.

  7. To my knowledge, there are at least three female sergeants outside of the corrections division.

    Unsure how many in the correctional division.

    If he is talking commander ranks then he can’t promote a deputy to commander passing up other supervisory ranks.

    The Sheriff still must follow rules, but maybe he thinks otherwise.



    He accuses Robb of lying. Who is really the liar?



    Robb has given correct info on Tony’s work.


    Does he say that on any of his literature?

    He is not now working as a cop anywhere and has not for some time.




    IT ONLY HAS 1 P Ms Tirio is a secretary on the Central Committee and does not speak for the Republican Committee.

    Their Chairman is Tyler Lewke.

    I have actively been checking all of this out.

    Also, Mr. Tirio supporting and endorsing candidates is in charge of our votes.

    His behavior is not appropriate.

    He is loosing confidence.

    He has not hired his wife but helps with his wife’s pac projects for certain candidates.

    Calls a lot into question.

  9. Dirty Ned,

    There are plenty of appointed positions in the department.

    Tony is correct, in this regime there has never been a woman promoted above Sgt.

    Thats facts.

    But I believe it should be the best man/woman for the job.

    Bill has had plenty of opportunities to do this and hasn’t.

    Not sure but are the Chiefs on the Deputy side appointed or do they have to be promoted from within?

    I’m not 100% on that.

    And my goodness Bill Prim, can you not be so obvious that you post on this blog?

    Why is Robbs support dwindling so much?

    I also see that his campaign is up to their threatening ways again.

    And yes Bill, US seniors have events we attend weekly and talk about political stuff.

    When your retired and live in a senior community, thats what you do.

    Sorry we don’t sit at home and eat gummies all weekend.

    I know people Bill.

    Bill and Robb, why is your support so low?

    Let’s ask a question?

    How is it that a Deputy gets injured on the job, gets assigned to light duty and put in the community resource division and then never leaves?

    7 years later hes still doing this.

    Was this position ever put out for bid?

    Oh wait, thats right.

    Your good ol boy buddy Miller is married to his sister.

    See how this works community members?

    There is plenty more of these stories.

    I will begin to share them.

    Buckle up.

    Good ol boy at his finest

  10. Bklr- “Robby”- You sound like you’re coming unhinged.

    You need to up the dosage on your psych pills.

  11. I am NOT Bill!!!

    I’m sure he has better things to do than post on this blog

    Cal, you have my permission to tell these idiots that I’m not Bill, not who I am, but who I’m not!

  12. Reading you folks falling for the Republican version of “MeToo” BS is fun to read.

    The chick is obviously, as John said to BKLR, unhinged.

    Note for Tony, stop thinking with your pecker.

    There are psycho’s in McHenry County looking to ruin you either through divorce or job loss.

    You obviously came across one in Prairie Grove which is now being used by Bill Prim’s puppet to try and ruin you.

  13. BigJohn, I know of two of Female Lt’s MCSO that are now retired.

    The county board allocates positions. Tony can’t just create positions Willy Nilly.

    To “appoint” a person there must be an opening.

    If the position is occupied do you suggest disadvantaging the current person occupying that position to satisfy some quota.

    Seems many waive the flag regarding violation of civil rights regarding masks, but would trample the civil rights to disregard the established merit system to appoint someone.

  14. The lesbian posse at the sheriff’s office again. Tadelman needs to be flushed.

  15. How on earth can Colatori fix this on day one, without knowing who is worthy?

    Will he depend on the good old boys to tell him who to promote?

    As far as command openings, there are plenty of reasons to demote or reassign some of the current people in those positions.

    Remember, they are non union. There have been plenty of people who have been passed over during Prims tenure.

    There have also been plenty of qualified females who don’t even bother testing for those positions because they are fully aware of who will get them.

  16. Tony doesn’t have a clue how to run anything but a restaurant ….

    He truly believes he can fix everything that is wrong ( as perceived by him ) on day one….

    Prairie Grove emails say it all….

    incompetent and doesn’t follow rules….

    but of course he’d be Sheriff

    So rules wouldn’t apply to him….

    Maybe he should appoint Robb as undersheriff , so when he screws up, he can ask him what to do !

    Smoke and mirrors…promises he can’t keep, former part timer and unfit to serve ( unless it’s in a restaurant ) the people of McHenry County !

    No, I’m not Bill

  17. Bill… it’s clear that you don’t know how to run anything at all.

    Ned- there have been 0 females in the history of the department that have ever been promoted to lieutenant.

  18. Cal,

    Dep Creighton sister is married to Lt Miller.

    He is the community relations Officer.

    Funny how that works huh

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