Latest Bailey TV Ads — 6 Comments

  1. Bailey/Hubbard bought and paid for by the trust fund Uehlien family.

    Irvin bought and paid for by Griffin.


    Not bought and paid for.

    Rabine not a career politician.

    But hey IL voters if you think voting for the same garbage career politicians will solve this states problems go ahead and waste your votes

  2. Sorry JT, Rabine still polling in single digits and he’s been campaigning for nearly a year.

    For whatever reason, Rabine never gained any real traction.

    Republican governor primary down to either Irvin or Bailey.

  3. And then Rabine found himself marooned on Island Q.

    Early on, I thought he was rational.

  4. Sorry John I guess my best choice is Prickster then.

    Just like Mahady for county clerk.

  5. John Lopez has it right , Rabine will not win.

    Rabine needs to put political vanity aside and pull out.

    It’s between Bailey and Irvin, the rest, if they truly want a Republican to win, should join Rabine and drop out.

  6. There is no Republican in the race. Period.

    More political pantomimes for the weak minded.

    Wilke says “OK, I’m a glutton. So what. We all are.”

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