Former Lake County Republican Precinct Committeeman Rips Supreme Court Candidate Dan Shales

The following is a letter sent to McHenry County Republican Precinct Committeepersons from fromer GOP Precinct Committeeman Grant Noble:

Dear Republican Committeeman,

The terrible trio of Biden, Pritzker and Lightfoot has given the Republican Party an opportunity to win from top to bottom this year. 

But even if we get back Governor, the odds are very much against taking back a 41 to 18 Democrat Illinois Senate. 

The best way to end Illinois’ one party dictatorship is a four seat Republican Supreme Court majority for the first time after the 1970 Constitution. had a great article on why the 2nd District Supreme Court race maybe the most important primary this year: 

We’ve already had more fireworks for a “minor” race than any other in my 40 years in Illinois politics. 

John Noverini

“Bar association threatens judge with ‘Not Recommended’ rating over ‘political’ questionnaire.”

Here’s just one of many Illinois Bar questions:

  • “What efforts, if any, have you made in your community to include people of a different race, color, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry, age, marital status, physical or mental disability, military status, or sexual orientation than you as a lawyer and/or judge in the legal profession?” 

By not submitting to bullying, Judge Noverini and Sheriff Curran are “not recommended” by the Illinois Bar despite decades of elected public service.   

Next was the attempt to keep Judge Hutchinson and Sheriff Curran off the ballot in the 2nd district. 

“The Election Board threw them off for that?” was all I could think when I read the legal opinion reversing this outrage. 

Just like Obama knocking off a half dozen opponents in his first run for State Senator. Hutchinson and Curran supporters are rightly angry and will be hard to bring back in the fall.

Finally, loaded with unsubstantiated quotes and pure sleaze.   

If Noverini actually defunded police instead of cutting waste and corruption after his 1999 Carpentersville Trustee election, how did he ever get elected as a REPUBLICAN to Kane County Board in 2002 and 2006 and Dundee REPUBLICAN Township Chairman in 2004 and 2006? 

“In 2021, Citizens For Noverini gave $5,000 to Progressive Action 2016 whose purpose is to “support progressive candidates in Illinois.” 

This was for computer software as can be seen on the government report I’d be happy to email you. 

As Illinois Review points out, Judge Noverini’s personal, business, political and governmental background and statements show his 2008 Democrat run was motivated by his conservatism, especially on pro-life. 

Ronald Reagan said “I didn’t leave the Democrat party, my party left me.” 

Republicans were right to welcome Sheriff Curran who left the Democrats due to his pro-life beliefs. 

I’m not so disturbed by Richard Irvin voting Democrat in 6 out of the last 7 primaries as his record in office and issues like gun control, pro-life, criminal justice, etc. 

We’ll need to convert many former Democrats to win statewide.      

Ogilvie’s 1970 Constitution gave us a three seat Supreme Court Democrat base and the income tax. 

Thompson raised taxes, Edgar did little with a legislative majority except a record tax hike followed by Ryan doing the same. 

“Pinata” Rauner never proposed a true balanced budget or major pension reform. 

Instead he betrayed a promise to stay away from social issues by signing Sanctuary State and tax funded abortion on demand. 

No wonder the word “Republican” is so toxic to so many in this state.  

Judge Noverini has bipartisan appeal and a record of standing up to a corrupt legal and political system. 

But the most important thing is ending a one party dictatorship. 

Now we must put the party together by ending dirty tactics and concentrating on who is best to win in the fall and serve justice after they win. 

 Grant D. Noble, 795 N. McKinley Rd. Lake Forest, Il. 60045  847-482-1062

“Judge Orders 3 Illinois Supreme Court Candidates Returned To Ballot.”  

Mark Curran

“In a social media post responding to last month’s state elections board decision, Curran criticized John Fogerty, an attorney representing the objectors to his petitions.

“Mr. Fogarty is also ‘allegedly’ the attorney for the Illinois Republican Party???

“So, half the Candidates for Illinois Supreme Court had the wrong number of signatures???

“I intend to appeal,” Curran said.

I know that Judge John Noverini was not behind my challenges,” he continued.

“My guess is that Dan Shanes, the other candidate in the race, does not want me talking about how his Masonic friends are clearing out the competition on his behalf, or how there is no way he is pro life or pro 2nd Amendment.”

“These 7 Candidates Want A Rare Open Seat On The Illinois Supreme Court”

“Mark Curran, the former Lake County sheriff and 2020 Republican nominee for U.S. Senate, is the only Republican candidate without experience as a judge.

“His campaign has emphasized anti-abortion and anti-Masonic themes, and he said he would be guided by a natural law philosophy…“

Noverini said this year’s Supreme Court race was the most important on the ballot — more important than the race for governor or U.S. Senate — because it could determine the balance of the state supreme court for the next decade. 

“The 2nd District’s been gerrymandered,” Noverini said.

“Right now, this district is probably +8-10 points Democrat, and that’s not by accident.

“The Democrats want to control the Supreme Court, as they’ve controlled the Supreme Court since 1964.”


Former Lake County Republican Precinct Committeeman Rips Supreme Court Candidate Dan Shales — 13 Comments

  1. Grant Noble was always good.

    He worked for Caprio at FamilyPAC, and exposed the rotten Salvis.

  2. How many more DEMOCRATS are going to run as Republicans??!!

    It’s all the rage in 2022!

    When you file for the office as a DEMOCRAT in May 2021 and your Democrat Party has other candidates in mind (NOT YOU!) so in December 2021 you return to the Republican Party because it’s in YOUR OWN BEST INTEREST… that’s not a public servant.

    That’s someone trying to get ahead – an opportunist.

    If you can leave the GOP in 2008 then return 14 years later only because IT’S IN YOUR BEST INTEREST, then you’re not the kind of public servant that TRUE REPUBLICANS are seeking to elect.

    Go back to your Pro-Choice, antiBusiness,Pro-Big-Government Democrat Party.

  3. #imwithnoverini !

    We need a Justice who is not beholden to anyone except God and the Constitution.

    We need Noverini for Supreme Court Justice!

  4. I am for Noverini.

    He believes in following the constitution as an originalist and has conservative values.

  5. Judge Noverini has values we can respect and admire.

    Get to know him.

    Negative misinformation can’t mask his true identity as a life-long conservative rooted in American liberty; a Ronald Reagan Republican.

  6. VOTE is most important.

    God sent us Noverini and Piton!!!!!

    May all of us pray that they get into office to help bring back Illinois 🙏❤️

  7. I see the Shanes people are always at it with the only thing they have—Noverini is a Democrat.

    That’s not what the biggest names in Kane County Republicans politics and the pro-family people in Kane are telling me.

    This whole smear campaign is rule or ruin—if Shanes can’t win, then nobody else is going to win after the party is fractured with the most nasty campaign in Illinois politics this year except for Richard Irvin.

    You can find it in Nancy Thorner’s article at Illinois Review.

    Below is is the reason why Noverini was forced to run as a Dem:

    “The…sub-circuit..corresponding to Judge Noverini was gerrymandered to make it impossible for a Republican to win.

    “Judge Noverini was told by the Kane County Republicans that he was too conservative and that they were putting up a pro-choice Republican for the newly opened Circuit Court spot…

    “Judge Noverini’s Republican base not only suggested that he run as a Democrat but also stuck by him.

    “He was never a Democrat.

    “He ran as a Democrat.

    “He has always been a conservative.

    “The Kane County Chair of the Democrats was pro-life, unlike today when Democrats who are conservative on any issue are few and far between.

    “His conservative judicial record is why in the 2014 and 2020 nonpartisan retention elections Judge Noverini was overwhelmingly retained by the voters.”

    The opportunist is Shanes who has to smear a fellow judge because he really isn’t a conservative, which will come out very soon.

    “Judge Shanes was first selected by the circuit judges to serve as an associate judge in 2007.” &

    “Appointed in 2010 by the Illinois Supreme Court to fill a circuit court vacancy, Judge Shanes was rated “highly recommended” by the Lake County Bar Association.”

    Selected by judges, appointed by a Democrat Supreme Court and “highly recommended” by the same Lake County Bar he was “Board of Directors (2011-2017)”…

    Has the Lake County Bar ever protested the liberal bullying of the State Bar?

    Judge Shanes shows no business or political experience on his web site.

    He can’t run on his record so he is going all out negative with lies and out of context “truths”.

  8. Judge Noverini is a man who has high values & lives by them.

    He has devoted his life to serving Illinois and generously giving his time to those causes that help others.

    He will be an excellent Supreme Court Justice.

    Illinois needs him.

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