Bailey Trashes Pritzker for Turning Prisioner Review Board into “A Violent Offender Advocacy Agency”

From the Darren Bailey campaign for the GOP nomination for Governor:

Darren Bailey: J.B. Pritzker’s administration continues to put woke ideology above public safety

Louisville, IL – State Senator and candidate for Governor Darren Bailey is issuing the following statement on the Illinois Prisoner Review Board’s decision to grant parole to convicted murderers

  • Richard West, 65, and
  • Patrick Inocencio, 40.

“Governor J.B. Pritzker has turned his back on law enforcement and the safety of Illinoisans.

He has turned the Illinois Review Board into a violent offender advocacy agency.

What is happening with the Prisoner Review Board is only serving to make our communities less safe.

Putting convicted violent offenders back on the street is not justice, and it is not fair to the victims of these heinous crimes to have these convicts roaming free simply to make a political statement.

Unfortunately, Governor Pritzker continues to cater to the most extreme members of his party as he puts his woke ideology ahead of the safety of Illinois citizens.

As Governor, I will demand law and order, support law enforcement, make responsible appointments to the Prisoner Review Board, and ensure my nominees will put community safety first.”


Bailey Trashes Pritzker for Turning Prisioner Review Board into “A Violent Offender Advocacy Agency” — 19 Comments

  1. It’s really hard to believe our country has sunk so low as to where pritzker has brought us.

  2. This is why we need and MUST protect the 2nd Amendment.
    Now as never before, it’s becoming a matter of freedom vs. tyranny.

  3. If you think for 1 minute Bailey is another DeSantis, seek help. He’s another uniparty RINO just like Irvin

  4. Vote for him framer.

    Then whine why IL is so screwed after you do.

    Some people will never learn.

    A career politician is going to solve all the problems career politicians before them caused.

    Hard pass for this imbecile.

    Thanks for the compliment btw..

  5. Federal “framer”, are you associated with the corrupt FBI?

    Or one of the ‘American’ jewish (Soros, Zuckerburg, Garland, Bloomberg, Mayorkas, Kushner, Schumer, etc.,) overlords?

  6. Duncan knows all…. tells all.

    Big Russian victories last week.

    Will the MSM ever report it?

    The Russians have already won in the task that they had: take eastern and southern Russian ethnic areas of the corrupt madhouse called “Ukraine”. ………. think Hunter Biden and Butisma.

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    You will hear that word much more in future …hollywood is empty now since most celebrities … big names were involved and at the top …Oprah Winfrey and Hillary Clinton !

    They are PAYING for their horrific involvement with their lives!

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  11. Hi CornPop – you and your fellow brethren around here are sure strangely obsessed with trans folks.

    But no, I’m not trans.

    And no, I don’t have any comments about the article that you and others have posted a couple of times a week or more for the past several years.

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