Jeb Bush on Ron DeSantis

Found in Time Magazine is this commentary on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis:

Jeb Bush

During the pandemic, most people stayed home, and those who didn’t probably moved to Florida.

Despite relentless criticism, Governor Ron DeSantis kept schools open, ensured Florida’s economy remained open for business, and allowed individuals to determine their own risk tolerance.

His approach works. It’s one that has allowed Florida to emerge from the pandemic as a national model of personal freedom, economic growth, environmental protection, and education excellence.

Florida continues to see record population growth, unemployment remains below the national average, the private sector is growing, and Florida remains a national leader in school choice.

On top of that, DeSantis has demonstrated his environmental credentials with major investments to restore America’s Everglades, preserve and expand wildlife corridors, and protect Florida’s precious waterways.

While the Beltway crowd may not like his style, it’s his record that will become his legacy.

TIME Magazine name Governor DeSantis one of the 100 most influential people in 2022<” the DeSantis Daily reports.

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As a winter resident in Cape Coral, Florida, I can attest to Florida’s being incredibly different from Illinois.

Doctors there don’t even require masks, while Northwestern Medical still mandates at the physical therapy appointments I’ve had in Crystal Lake.


Jeb Bush on Ron DeSantis — 13 Comments

  1. Low Energy Jeb still suffers from TDS
    Not a kind word of approval or appreciation for 45 and all
    he had to endure while Making America Great Again. FJB, and Jeb too.

  2. Amen HonestAbe.
    The Bush family is a blight on American history and have been a curse to the Republican Party.

    DeSantis ROCKS….but I’m still on the Trump train. DeSantis has been brilliantly successful and strong.

    Northwestern is WOKE and their local health system is a dumpster fire.

  3. Jeb would fit in in McHenry County and looks like the deceased long time Mayor of nearby Crystal Lake. The turd don’t fall far.

  4. Jeb would have shut down Florida.

    He can’t get on the DeSantis train now.

    Jeb was always the dumber brother.

    He is Fredo.

    At least Texas discarded his doofus offspring.

  5. Jeb! got his dynastic RINO butt kicked by MAGA man in ’20

    He was ‘sposed to be the designated loser (like Dole, Mitten Romney and POW traitor McCain) so Killary of Arkancide fame and misfortune could reign over us deplorables.

    But Orange Man rained on his puerile RINO campaign.

    Asked of Antifa lover and transgender advocate Mary Mahady (running against Joe Tirio):

    “So your hero Bill Clinton is a rapist, have you changed you view of rapists?”

  6. Cal, this is not a blog of uniters and problem solvers.

    I agree with you.

  7. Cal – didn’t you run for governor on the Libertarian ticket? How was that about addition?

  8. Mary Mahady?

    What does she have to do with anything except cheat by mail?

  9. I used to believe that the members of the Bush family had some integrity.

    I even thought they might be part of an effort to reclaim the Republican party from the conspiracy theorists and violent insurrectionists.

    Those beliefs and hopes were crushed when I read Job Bush’s tribute to Governor Ron DeSantis (Time, June6 / June 13).

    He says that under DeSantis, Florida “allowed individual to determine their own risk tolerance” [for COVID]. Really? So I guess he thinks it’s OK to ignore the risks to vulnerable others.
    Florida is a “national model of personal freedom . . . .”


    Communities can be fined for trying to implement gun safety laws.


    Private businesses will be made to suffer if they express criticism of the governor’s policies.


    LGBTQ+ teachers and children are blocked from talking about their families when they are in the classroom.


    DeSantis personally redrew district lines to suppress the power of African American voters.

    Florida is a “national model . . . education excellence.”


    Florida is banning math texts that encourage children to work together cooperatively!

    Yes, I agree with Bush that “it’s [DeSantis’] record that will become his legacy.”

    It is a model of anti-science sentiment, intolerance, and budding authoritarianism.

  10. Miriam, go back to your and Tadelman’s and Franks’ synagogue and kvetch like hell about it.

    I get it, white men with guns scare you.

    You must look beyond the inevitable violent reaction and look to the many years of violent actions and outrageous crimes and manipulations which precipitated the reactions.

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