Message of the Day – FlagS

In front of our garage it occurred to me we had more than an American Flag appropriate for today, the real Memorial Day.

Our Congressman Robert C. McClory sponsored the bill to make Memorial Day part of a three-day holiday.

He did so on behalf of the tourism industry.

Four flags.


Message of the Day – FlagS — 12 Comments

  1. Something you’ll never see displayed on a Muslim’s house.

  2. While we are remembering the dead why don’t we remember all of the victims of school shootings and ask ourselves “why do we need to have AR 15 type and other rapid shooting guns if we are not in the military?”

  3. There you go again Science.

    A false flag on an unhardened school.

    Pretty convenient timing that the door was propped open too.

    I guess the leftist in Buffalo didn’t get enough traction to get people foaming at the mouth enough to grab guns.

    The gun didn’t kill those kids.

    The mentally ill idiot did.

  4. So, what is it, JT?

    Mental illness?

    False flag?

    Alex Jones much?

  5. JT: I agree that a number of mistakes were made by the school district.

    (1) A teacher went outside (possibly to smoke) and propped the door open;

    (2) the classroom teachers did not lock their room doors even after the shooter opened up on the building from outside;

    (3) the school district police did not have keys to the doors;

    (4) the school district cop was not on campus (getting lunch?). So more could be done here to train teachers and others.

    HOWEVER, what legitimate purpose is there for anyone outside of the military to own those types of weapons, let alone an 18 year old who can’t even legally buy a handgun due to federal law?

    You haven’t addressed that question.

  6. State law supersedes any corrupt federal law. See Marijuana legalization if confused. See Roe v Wade if confused.

    As a liberal if an AR15 was used to abort fetuses liberals would be all for it

  7. Because, those are just the known mistakes.

    There are 5x that number that will be coming out.

    Hey, let’s ban cars too because of the negro militant in Wisconsin that waxed 5 people in hate fest at a White Christmas parade.

  8. The new abbott condolence line “Thoughts, prayers and a free gas card and casket”.

    World leading exceptionalism on display.

    Happy Memorial Day to all.

  9. Only MASSIVE vote fraud can save the Democrats in November—even more massive vote fraud than the 81 million fraudulent votes amassed by the Potato-In-Chief, Dementia Joe.

    But they’ll do it!

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