Illinois Family Institute Executive Director Endorses Noverini for Supreme Court

From the Noverini campaign:


CARPENTERSVILLE, IL – Illinois is drawing nearer to the most important election in years. With life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness on the line, voters have the power to make historical change with office-holders.

Pro-life, pro-family, and pro-liberty David E. Smith, Director of Illinois Family Institute, announced his full endorsement of Republican Judge John Noverini for Illinois Supreme Court 2nd District in the June 28th Republican Primary.

.“John Noverini is a man of integrity, a family man who has a strong Christian faith, and unwavering principles.

“We need jurists like him on the bench in Illinois because we know that he will defend the Constitutions of Illinois and the United States,” stated Smith.

John Noverini and David Smith

“I have every reason to believe that Justice Noverini will uphold our civil rights of life, liberty, and the free exercise and enjoyment of religious profession will have no better guardian.”

David E. Smith is the Executive Director of the Illinois Family Institute, an independent 501c(3) non-profit ministry dedicated to upholding and re-affirming marriage, family, life, and liberty in Illinois since 1992.

David is a Republican precinct committeeman and the Crete Township Republican Organization chairman.

“Receiving the personal endorsement from David Smith, the head of one of the most influential and important organizations to voters, is received with sincere appreciation.

“Dave, and those who work with and for IFI, are regularly bombarded with hostility from those opposed to their firmly held religious beliefs, yet they stand firm in their cause and never give up on God’s calling for them.

“I have tremendous respect for David.”

Judge Noverini was elected in 2008 as a Circuit Court Trial Judge and retained in 2014 and then again retained in 2020. Judge Noverini has experience in Family, Criminal and Civil courtrooms. During his judicial tenure, he has served as the Presiding Judge of the Family Law Division, Criminal Division, where he has presided over close to 100 criminal jury trials, Probate Court, Guardianship Court, Traffic and Mental Health Courts. He and his wife, Saray Rodriguez Noverini, are long-time residents in Kane County. Judge Noverini is a graduate of Moody Bible Institute and holds a Master’s degree in History from Northeastern Illinois University and a Juris Doctorate from IIT Chicago Kent College of Law.


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