Tadelman Mails Hit Piece on Colatorti

From the June 10th mailbox comes this direct mail piece from Robb Tadelman criticizing his oppoent for the Republican nomination for Sheriff, Tony Colatorti:


Tadelman Mails Hit Piece on Colatorti — 30 Comments

  1. Sounds about right!

    Why isn’t Kenneally pictured arm in arm with Colatori yucking it up?

  2. Slapdyk. You’ll see the two in a tight best buddy pose on Tony C’s mailing.

    Probably trying to hide Franks in the shadows behind, visualizing themselves as the Mchenry County
    “Combine” not going to happen guys.

    Voters are on to you.

  3. He is so unqualified. This is the guy some people are backing? Fools. Wake up people.

  4. Still would take Colatorti over the Democrat Tadelman.

    Look around the neighborhoods, Tadelman signs in all of the democrat’s yards next to the JB Pritzker, BLM, and hate has no home here signs…

    Colatorti signs in Trump supporters, pro law enforcement, and Republicans yards…

    Tadelman is a closet democrat who will be taking a knee during the next round of BLM riots.

    His wife is an executive for the cop-hating Starbucks Corporation. I can only imagine him drinking a chilled glass of Chardonnay at the company retreat- telling everyone how woke he is by allowing crime into McHenry County, and refusing to let his deputies to follow their investigation anywhere outside of the county to make an arrest.

    I can only imagine him issuing a proud order to his disgruntled deputies, “If Chicago PD is using force to make your arrest, you will stand down and watch them get their ass kicked!”

    Well, I wish that were just a story. Do your homework.

    Wonder why the Illinois FOP refused to endorse Tadelman? The guy who claims to have soooo much experience??? It’s because they did their homework… and so should you.

  5. Unions’ interests are not the same as the voting, taxpaying public’s.

    NEA as a prime example.

  6. Tadelman will be a blight on the county. Nygren’s bagboy will be terrible fir conservatives.

    Tadelman, like Irvin is not a Republican and definitely not a conservative. His web page touted Juneteenth and he’s a SPLC hood who’ll make the dept take CRT type indoctrination.

    Ask Tadelman if he’s a dual national — or has ever been one.

    Ask Tadelman how he recently cost the County $300k in a federal civil rights after he targeted a law abiding citizen.

    Ask Tadelman about his involvement with the convicted homosexual pedophile Sheriff Sgt Pyle, who was appointed by the Sheriff’s Office as its child porn investigative chief (whoactually produced some of his own) and then kindly ask who was the dept. desk jockey who tipped of Pyle about his imminent arrest by the feds so he could “lose” his cell phone.

    Ask Tadelman if he believes in climate change, mandatory vaxxing for Co. employees and then ask him about his position on transgenderism and whether delusional boys/men should compete against actual females and use female washroom facilities.

    Ask Tadelman if he started a list of unvaxxed county residents.

    Ask Tadelman who put him up to running.

    Ask Tadelman if he supports Illinois as a “sanctuary” State, and if he EVER voted for Trump.

    Oh, and ask Tadelman about why he has so very little support among the deputies and jailers of the dept. who know him best. I figure support is at 5%, but I’d be willing to give him double that bc some may be hiding their support for him bc they don’t want it out.

    Just ask him, and if any of his answers seem fishy or contrived or forced, ask him if he’d be willing to answer these questions hooked up to a good polygraph, like the Siglent Technologies SSA3021X-TG Spectrum Analyzers,9 kHz to 2.1 GHz.

  7. Deputy…interesting observations. I’m not voting for that tool. Just more food for thought for those on the fence

  8. Whoa Deputy. Tadelman may cry! Or whine about him because he takes junkets to very weird locales. Ask him about that, too!

  9. Tadelman goes negative because he’s losing big around me.

    Businesses in McHenry which were strong armed by Tadelman’s goons, now have Colatorti signs.

    Same in Johnsburg.

    Sorry good old boys, look at the businesses on Rte 120.

  10. Deputy clearly has inside, ground level info on Tattletale.

    His comments should be on the next mailer that goes out from Colatorti.

    Raises the right questions that demand answers from Robb– Sums it up greatly.

  11. How can anyone be on the fence at this time??? If you are on the fence, you should not be voting! Tony Colatorti for McHenry County sheriff!

  12. I still get a laugh out of “not enough experience” or “hasn’t been in law enforcement long enough” or “doesn’t have the relationships with other police offices”.

    Give me a freaking break. We have the hardest working populace in the history of the world who are taxed higher than every before bringing in more revenue for the government at all levels.

    Our governments – federal, state, county, municipal – should be LOADED with cash managing impeccably efficient and modern governmental programs. Instead….

    What do we have? We have corrupt, failed, antiquated, pay-to-play, bloated, and failed bureaucracies. Why? Because of the very people who are “experienced” politicians!!! Experience only brings corruption, failure, and fraud.

    We need guys who run restaurants – who are de facto VICTIMS of such corrupt governments and police departments who impose their wrath on people with whom they disagree.

    Do you notice all the bars in the county have BOTH Sheriff signs out their property? Why – because they’re AFRAID of the police and their “experienced” government allies. They know that if they don’t have both and they chose wrong, the wrath of the police will be directed at them.

    When the establishment supports Tadelman – that’s all you need to know. The failed, corrupt establishment wants one of their own. That’s what “experience means”.

  13. Shame on you Bob Anderson.

    You’ve lost all perspective in this one, supporting Colatorti.

    Your zealous efforts against townships conflicted your decision.

    I recall reading your post over the Christmas holidays where you observed Robb Tadelman talking with an Algonquin Township Ttustee, you stated.

    I seriously doubt if Robb even knew the person’s township affiliation.

    You also criticized the entry in a celebration of a religious holiday.

    Entries were invited and welcomed.

    Bob, you once carried on the cause with reason.

    You’re now behind an effort that has the potential to be far more destructi⁸ve than townships ever were. YOU have taken the bait.

    You’re being used.

    It’s never too late to get the facts.

  14. Tony has plenty of experience as Chief of Police for 2 municipalities. Experience in meeting the bottom line as a business owner for decades.

    When Colatorti was Chief, anyone who claims that’s a PT job is an idiot. You never get to rest as Chief. The buck stops with you!

    Tadelman and his campaign of intimidation should bother everyone. Even his supporters. One day they may not be on the same side of the issue, then what?. It’s even making the Sheriff’s Dept uncomfortable and as such, 80% are supporting change and are supporting community leader Colatorti..

    Colatorti 100%

  15. How can anyone say that Colatori has ‘80%’ of the Sheriffs Departments support?

    Based on what?

    Was there a Poll taken given to all Sheriffs Department employees and if so by who and what are the actual documented figures?

    Just posting numbers with no proof isn’t fact!

    Personally if someone were a part time Doctor and working as a landscaper I’d question their medical skill.

  16. ‘Seriously’, are you serious? Maybe you’re the one on the wrong side?
    Ever notice how Tadelman and his campaign have to belittle, make demands, intimidate, lie, slander and deface Colatorti’s property on behalf of their establishment bureaucrat? Is this what you want in the highest level of County Government?

  17. Tadelman is an “evil-man”.

    His name in German tells it all:

    Schwachheit, Lähmung, Abtrünnigkeit, Tadel charakterisierte das Instrument im Allgemeinen.

    Weakness, paralysis, declension, reproach, characterized the instrument in general.

    Tadel = Reproach/Rebuke/Reprimand/Black Mark/Censure


    How very fitting!

  18. I know Robb and it’s a huge mistake to give him more power than Happy Trails has already handed him. And for what?Happy should be ashamed to himself for selling out.

    Tadelman will ruin what happy worked so hard to make happen.

    He’s a major Democrat and a tool.

    Happy Bill sold out.

    What a disappointment.

  19. I’m still waiting for actual proof of ‘80%’.

    A couple of guys standing around in a jerk off circle bad mouthing Tadelman isn’t fact of the MCSO support of ‘Skunk Man’!!

  20. Oh my sherie! I love a the waitresses that work for me.

    I love them until they spread the STD to me and i pass it to my wife.

    I do mot understand why she became angry.

    It is all about my love.

    I share my love with them and all who like my spaghetti.

    I lost a meatball because I needed more love.

    Most skunks have two meatballs I have one.

    Have you seen it?

    What the mailer calls harassment is just how I love my employees.

    Mp mp Ma ma ma mooch I love you.

    Misur Taldeman does not tell you how I like to literally hide in the closet screaming for my sweet love to get me my gun.

    Some say I am not a skunk but I say i make love with one meatball like no other lover.

    My spaghetti still has one meatball.

    Why you ask my love?

    because I failed to get treated then my love must be spread and now my spaghetti still shoots for it is a tool of love.

    Just vote for me my love maybe I can share my love with you!

  21. Politics is nasty.
    Why Colotorti would put up with this ridiculous nasty middle-school BS – I have no idea.
    However, Colotorti is our only chance to save us from the SWAMP creatures who are destroying our county, our state (which is already dead and beyond saving, and our nation.

    Trump is hated by these swamp creatures, Tony, and they attacked him with the vile BS spewed calumniously on this site. The SWAMP CREATURES hate you, too…so you’re in good company.

    The SWAMP hates the light. They want to rule in darkness and cover their corruption and fraud. They’re like Democrats – they slither around destroying the lives of citizens and local businesses for their own gain. All the Tadelman signs are up on the sites of the businesses that rely on the SWAMP to get approval from the SWAMP to do their SWAMP activities.

    Ask Mr. Funk in Algonquin who funds his pals for BS activity to snoop on his political enemies. He’ll tell you.

  22. I support Trump, Tadelman and Funk so I or they ( Tadelman & Funk) can’t be part of the ‘Swamp’ if in your analysis support President Trump!

    Nice Kenneally type deflection…..

  23. Pepe le sour- Are you disgruntled that you were caught and became persona non grata by your lazy stickers??

    Seems like sour grapes because many else bedded your woman while you were away. Just ask the neighbors.

  24. Funk and Tadelman are horrible.

    They embody corruption and abuse of power.

    Somebody stuck a Tadelman sign on a vacant house I put up for sale in Crystal Lake. Just like Franks’ campaign always did when I was renting it. Nice to know they work from the same lists.

    The sign was removed.

  25. Pepe are you the blowhard called Hanlon, the would-be judge who’ll be judge in his dreams?

  26. I wonder if the Ukrainian top military brass are getting a bit weary of their jew overlord Zelensky, it might be best to replace him which I think would give them some maneuverability with the Russians.

    I think laying down their arms in The Donbass and evacuating from Odessa and that southeast region would be enough for the Russians to begin the peace process. It sure would save a lot of lives.

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