From Ersel Schuster on Woodstock’s Gay Pride Parade Day

From former McHenry County Board member Ersel Schuster:

‘Gay Pride’ are you serious?

A photo of the flags flying at the McHenry County Adminstrative Building last June.

If I am understanding all this, our McHenry County Board just pulled a “Special Board” meeting to proclaim June as ‘gay pride’ month.

And further, members

  • Joe Gottemoller,
  • Mike Skala and
  • Carolyn Schofield

attempted to amend the resolution to ‘fly the ‘gay pride’ flag on county government property, OUR taxpayer property.

Are you people crazy?

What is it that you do not understand?

Last I heard, you represent the PUBLIC… NOT your personal agendas.

Worse yet, I would hope that you are not being intimidated into saying, and taking actions, claiming the PUBLIC agrees with such issues?

First, this has nothing to do with the business of McHenry County Government.

When you take such actions on our behalf, you lump the public into cultural matters that represent a minuscule population in the entire country; a population who’s cultural and moral compass flies in the face of ‘normal’ citizens, and science.

It has not gone unnoticed that the morals and agenda promoted by the ‘gay’ community has permeated our educational systems, and every facet of our lives as these people spread their lies, demands, and costs to the public.

Lies: the science is irrefutable.

There are men, and there are women… get a grip.

Demands: they believe themselves to be somehow privileged, thus, recognized.

This recognition then establishes demands for access to ‘taxpayer funded’ financial and medical services.

Cost: sorry to say this so crudely, however, a few examples of this problem is that we are currently witnessing small children in attendance at ‘gay bars’ with ‘men-prancing’ around as women; our country, in fact the world, continues to expend billions of dollars addressing the “aids” crisis, a preventable ‘gay’ disease, cause by personal choices; now, we have the ‘monkeypox-pandemic,’ one more ‘gay,’ preventable disease they think the general public must address.

As public officials, at all levels of government; allowing a tiny fraction of the country to drive your actions, to the detriment of the whole is not only criminal, but evil.


From Ersel Schuster on Woodstock’s Gay Pride Parade Day — 22 Comments

  1. Faggotry is yet but another symptom of a sick and dying society.

  2. C’mon Cal, why do you choose to offend the Johnsburg Giglio Mellow Monk by posting your opinion on the deviants in our society? Martin is still upset over his arrest.

    And Cal, would you be at all surprised the AIDS virus you mention was released on the world by Mr Science himself, Anthony Fauci? Nah, it can’t be true. I didn’t read it in the newspapers or see it on TV.

    Poor Justin Bieber, a staunch advocate of shooting garbage in your body is now paying the price for getting triple jabbed.

    Many more will.

    In the meantime, pay attention to the jingling of the keys and the queer pride month. Anything to keep you distracted.

  3. Sadly our Government is complicit in promoting the decline of morality.

    Endorsement of being homosexual tells young kids that are conflicted that it’s ok to try it.

    The Gay Flag should not be part of Government displays.

  4. Thanks Ersel for expressing the truth about homosexuality. It’s real simple to figure out just check the plumbing.

  5. Thank You Ersel Schuster !

    Special Interests seem to demand special attention, well you folks, take your requests to the United Nations and make your DEMANDS !

  6. How many names do the Colatorti people have? Hello SM – Deputy Doom and cancer patient, etc ?

  7. Was Tadelman in the gay pride parade wearing his pink shirt and overly tight fitting pants??

  8. Joe Gottemoller,
    Mike Skala and
    Carolyn Schofield

    These people are just filth just like the filth they peddle.

    They are sick. They need help. Gottemoller also loves transgender BS. Family problems?

  9. Robb Tadelman is crying about anti-Semitism and Tony Colatorti wants to promote more women.

    This is what passes as “Republican” in McHenry County.

  10. Stuff your personal Flags where the Sun don’t shine, listen up people you live in The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA we have one FLAG red white and blue! which if any of you D.A.’s out there remember what this stands for ?

    from your schooling, if you had any, it stands “FOR ALL”….

    geezus why do people insist on getting dumber?

    ! why???

    do not waste my Tax Dollars on this juneteenth garbage you will not have a seat for long.

  11. Thank you Ersel for speaking up since these County Board members certainly do not represent the majority of their constituents including me.
    The old squeaky wheel sure seems to be working these days for such a minuscule perverted part of the population.

  12. So why are the L’s before G’s and say the B’s before the T’s?

    I want this issue settled before any of these proclamations take effect. Preferably with a pretend Harry Potter style wand fight.

  13. Amen Ersel!

    It must be difficult to stomach living in Woodstock.

    The County seat where they want this flag flying and the same town whose chamber puts on a Gay spectacle.

    How about a month to celebrate people doing outstanding things?

    why celebrate debauchery and abomination.

    Yes we accept these people-they have all the same rights but lets not herald gays as heroes for being gay.

    I don’t think they even feel comfortable with that!

  14. “I don’t think.” You got that right.

    You insult them and then say “We accept.”

    White pseudo Christian bullshit.

  15. Pokorny, go back to your gay porn.

    Wave your fag flag at Tadelman’s house of weirdness.

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