Judge Daniel Shanes Campaign Called Out

From Grant Noble,a Republican Party activist of many, many years:

Is Daniel Shanes the Real Democrat in the Illinois Supreme Court Second District Primary?

Daniel Shanes has denied being funded by Ken Griffin, but lo and behold, a Ken Griffin PAC is attacking his opponent, “Democrat” Mark Curran:  https://mchenrycountyblog.com/2022/06/10/griffin-money-attacks-lake-countys-mark-curran-after-effort-to-knock-him-off-the-ballot-fails-lake-county-judge-dan-shales-benefits/

In 2008, Sheriff Curran switched from being a Democrat to a Republican because of his pro-life beliefs. 

The same year Darren Bailey joined Rush Limbaugh’s “Operation Chaos” to prolong the Democrat primary and help John McCain. 

That’s also the year the RINO-led Kane County GOP failed to slate John Noverini for a judicial vacancy.

They said he was “too conservative and pro-life.” 

As a result, he was forced to run as a pro-life Democrat and won. 

Yes, everyone is a Democrat to the Griffin forces except Richard Irvin, who voted Democrat in 6 out of the last 7 primaries including in 2020. 

This mailing also attacks Curran on issues that never came up in the 2020 primary when he ran with the backing of the Republican Establishment for U.S. Senate.   

Griffin’s Richard Irvin is far more liberal than Curran. 

But at least this mailing is somewhat accurate in describing Curran’s stands on issues, unlike the Shanes attacks on Judge Noverini through mailings and https://therealnoverini.com/

Shanes’ campaign says Judge Noverini “has Deep Ties to Mike Madigan’s Democratic Political Machine”. 

But Noverini has never met Mike Madigan or had any political involvement with Madigan or his political machine. 

They also claim Noverini “Ran and won retention bids as a Democrat in 2014 and 2020” when judicial retention elections are nonpartisan.   

“In 2021, Citizens For Noverini gave $5,000 to Progressive Action 2016 whose purpose is to “support progressive candidates in Illinois.” 

This was for computer software. 

As a member of the Carpentersville City Council, Noverini voted to oppose a budget for all of Carpentersville that would have required a substantial tax increase. 

The Shanes campaign calls that “defunding the police”.   

With these baseless charges, Shanes has not followed Illinois judicial rules and is very vulnerable to a formal complaint to the Illinois Judicial Review Board by Judge Noverini.  

Then we have the bizarre spectacle of the Illinois Election Board not following their own initial rules and the recommendations of their hearing officer and general counsel in throwing Judge Hutchinson and Sheriff Curran off the ballot. 

That was overturned in court and Mark Curran didn’t have any doubt who was behind this. 

“I know that Judge John Noverini was not behind my challenges…

“My guess is that Dan Shanes, the other candidate in the race, does not want me talking about how his Masonic friends are clearing out the competition on his behalf, or how there is no way he is pro life or pro 2nd Amendment.”  https://patch.com/illinois/highlandpark/judge-orders-3-illinois-supreme-court-candidates-returned-ballot

Here’s another piece of evidence that Curran is right about Shanes’ real judicial views. 

Shanes calls himself a “constitutional conservative” yet at a recent meeting of pro-family leaders, Shanes refused to say if life begins at the moment of conception.

He also refused to define the word woman when asked! 

Yet some “pro-family” leaders at that meeting are still supporting Shanes publicly.  

I know this is true from an unimpeachable source at the meeting, but I can’t name names because of the rules of that pro-family group. 

But I can tell you the most prominent pro-lifers in Kane County, Vivian Maley and Sally Sullivan are supporting Noverini.

Cal Skinner and his brother-in-law Leawood, MO, Mayor Denis Desmond posting a John Noverini sign on McHenry Avenue in Crystal Lake.

I can add David Smith of Illinois Family Action and McHenry County’s former State Representative Cal Skinner and Sheriff Bill Prim. 

Do you think any of these would be publicly supporting Judge Noverini if he was truly a liberal Democrat in disguise?

Shanes wife and children vote Democrat. 

It’s not unusual to have a liberal wife vote differently than a conservative husband, but that’s very unusual for somebody to run office with that happening. 

At the very least, it shows  “constitutional conservative” Shanes will have little ability to convince his colleagues on the Supreme Court to vote conservative. 

Judge Noverini has run in 8 contested elections, Mark Curran has run in 5 and even Judge Hutchinson was elected and has been retained by the voters in 4 elections since. 

Shanes was selected by Lake County judges to be a judge the first time and by a Democrat Supreme Court the second time. 

He has never been elected, he also has no business or political experience. 

He hasn’t stood up to the liberal bullying of the Illinois Bar Association unlike Curran and Noverini:  https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2022/may/1/bar-association-threatens-judge-not-recommended-ra/#new_tab 

Unlike the extensive track record of the other candidates, what track record we have, especially in the type of campaign he is running, shows Shanes really isn’t a “constitutional conservative”. 

I intend to vote for Shanes if he wins the primary on the theory that I will at least get something l want like I do with Judas Roberts or Wisconsin’s Hagedorn. 

But I will do it with no desire to help Shanes reach out to Independents and Hispanic and Black churchgoers who are mad at lockdowns of their churches and schools and all the other ghastly problems of the terrible trio of Biden, Prizker and Lightfoot.   

I am sure a lot of Hutchinson and Curran voters will feel the same way. 

Even if somebody else besides Shanes wins the primary, the Republican Party has been badly torn up by the nastiest primary this side of the Governor’s race. 

In short, if Dan Shanes wanted to make sure the Republicans would lose a very winnable Supreme Court race, he and his allies couldn’t have done any better than what they have done so far.  


Judge Daniel Shanes Campaign Called Out — 17 Comments

  1. SHANES.

    Just another RINO!

    And that means a reeking piece of dung.

    Maybe his masonic satanism will come out more too.

    Same goes gor the ziocrazy Tadelman!

  2. No one is ever ‘forced’ to run as a Democrat. Noverini was butt-hurt at Republicans and joined the Democrats… And stayed a Democrat for over 14 years

  3. “The…sub-circuit..corresponding to Judge Noverini was gerrymandered to make it impossible for a Republican to win.

    Judge Noverini was told by the Kane County Republicans that he was too conservative and that they were putting up a pro-choice Republican for the newly opened Circuit Court spot…

    Judge Noverini’s Republican base not only suggested that he run as a Democrat but also stuck by him.

    He was never a Democrat.

    He ran as a Democrat.

    He has always been a conservative.

    The Kane County Chair of the Democrats was pro-life, unlike today when Democrats who are conservative on any issue are few and far between.

    His conservative judicial record is why in the 2014 and 2020 nonpartisan retention elections Judge Noverini was overwhelmingly retained by the voters.”

    “None so blind who will not see” is never more true when it comes to politics.

    And so is Freudian Projection as everybody is a Democrat except Richard Irvin and a Daniel Shanes that has acted the same way as Irvin in smearing his opponents instead of acting like the “constitutional conservative” he says he is.

  4. Negative campaigning hurts us all, not just the targeted candidate.

    Shame on Shanes and Co!

  5. I’ve been told it’s official as of last Friday.

    Noverini has filed an official complaint with the Judicial
    Review Board.

    Daniel Shanes will have a lot of explaining to do even if he wins the primary

  6. Illinois’ chance for a GOP majority on the Illinois Supreme Court depends on the second judicial district. Republicans have a once in a generation opportunity to gain control of the state’s Supreme Court, which has had a continuous Chicago Machine controlled Democrat majority for 60+ years! But in a recent guest post, Grant Noble was incorrect in his assessment of the two primary candidates in the race – Lake County Circuit Judge Daniel Shanes and Kane County Circuit Judge John Noverini.

    Daniel Shanes is the only true conservative Republican candidate. I’m urging l Republicans to support him in the primary. This election is too important to support a candidate like John Noverini who cannot be trusted and has a history of campaigning – and being elected – as a Democrat. Let me explain.

    Judge Daniel Shanes has served as a judge for more than 15 years and currently serves as the Deputy Chief Judge in Lake County. He presides over some of the most serious criminal and civil cases in the courts. Shanes served as presiding judge of the felony division in Lake County for six years, and has been endorsed by law enforcement from across the district, including the Federation of Police. He serves as chair of the Illinois Judicial College Board of Trustees and as faculty for the National Judicial College, providing training and education to judges across Illinois and throughout the country. Before joining the bench, Shanes proudly served as an Assistant State’s Attorney for almost 12 years, becoming one of the lead prosecutors in first-degree-murder, gang violence, and child-sexual-assault cases.

    Judge Shanes is a lifelong Republican. He was honored to serve as a Republican precinct committeeman from 1996 until he became a judge in 2007 (first appointed and then elected). He was elected as a Republican in 2012 to the circuit court. More than 30 years ago, Shanes served as a delegate to the Illinois State Republican Convention. His voting record shows he has voted in every Republican primary election for decades, and unlike others, has never run as a Democrat or held office as a Democrat. John Noverini has voted in ONE Republican primary in the last 15 years, and he pulled a Democratic primary ballot LAST YEAR.

    Judge Shanes is endorsed by some of the most influential conservative leaders in Illinois. Republican Firebrand Jeanne Ives, has endorsed Shanes, and no one would question her conservative credentials. Conservative mega donor Dick Uihlein, who is largely funding Sen. Darren Bailey’s gubernatorial campaign, has contributed to Shanes’ campaign. Other conservatives throughout Illinois have endorsed Shanes as well, including the Republican Assembly of Lake County and Lake County’s Right to Life group, along with MCGOPAC whose first pillar is Pro-Life and whose second is protecting our Constitution.

    This election is beyond politics. It is about the very fabric of our constitutional republic here in Illinois. This is a race about upholding, preserving, and guaranteeing our constitutional liberties and freedoms for our children and grandchildren. I want a judge who has always stuck by his or her principles, not one who “flip-flops” back and forth depending on which direction the political winds are blowing.

    What Mr. Noble doesn’t mention is what is most concerning to me. Unlike Judge Shanes, Judge John Noverini has NOT been a consistent conservative Republican.

    Noverini left the Republican Party in 2007, publicly criticizing Republicans to a local newspaper. All conservatives (including me) have had their issues with the Republican Party, but this is not an example of a conservative who left the Republican Party because it wasn’t conservative enough. Noverini publicly joined the Democratic Party, campaigned as a Democrat, and was elected as a Democrat. Read Noverini’s words for yourself. He told the Daily Herald the following in September 2007:

    “I want to be a judge and believe the best way to accomplish that goal is to take the bold step of aligning myself with a party that better reflects my views concerning public service.”

    That is an actual quote from John Noverini!

    He told the Courier News in October 2008: “I’m a Democrat and will remain a Democrat.” That’s probably why the Kane County Democratic Party enthusiastically endorsed his campaign and “welcomed” him to the party as reported by the Daily Herald. In November 2008, Noverini was the first Democrat to be elected judge in Kane County. He was elected on the same ballot as fellow Democrats Barack Obama and Dick Durbin.

    Noverini’s party switch wasn’t just an aberration either. Since 2008, Noverini has been promoted by and campaigned for local Democrats, including at the Dundee Township Democratic Organization annual John F. Kennedy Day Dinner in 2010 along with Dick Durbin, Pat Quinn, and Lisa Madigan. Noverini has only contributed to Democrat candidates (including his own campaign) since 2008. And yes, last year, Noverini contributed $5,000 to “Progressive Action 2016,” whose purpose is to “support progressive candidates in Illinois,” and he hired an Evanston-based liberal political consulting firm (Digital4Dems) last year that includes many radical left-wing clients. One of those clients is Rep. Robyn Gabel, the Evanston Democrat who has been a leading radical leftist voice in favor of abortion expansion and every radical cause under the sun.

    Worst of all, Noverini filed last year to run as a DEMOCRAT for the Illinois Supreme Court against current Republican Justice Michael Burke. Burke is a solid conservative who is pro-life, pro-family, and a supporter of law enforcement. Noverini was campaigning as a Democrat for Supreme Court for 6 months until he switched back to the Republican Party. It was only after redistricting and the failure to gain any traction within the Democratic party that he suddenly found his “Republican” roots again.

    He recently told Patrick Pfingsten at the Illinoize“I saw an opportunity. And when in America has it become a bad thing to take advantage of an opportunity?” adding “I had to make it believable for the Democrats.”

    So was he lying then or he is lying now? Seems like he is trying to use the same playbook and make it believable to us Republicans. Either way, it is entirely unfitting for a Judge. Let alone one we will elect to our state’s highest court, someone who could be on the bench for the next 20 years!

    None of these things are the mark of a “conservative outsider,” as he describes himself. Perhaps you could take Noverini’s word for it that he’s a conservative, but as Reagan said, facts are stubborn things. These facts are devastating.

    Noverini must answer for his record and the company he has kept for the last 14 years. He has run as a Democrat since 2008, has exclusively contributed to Democrat and progressive causes, and he initially filed to run for Supreme Court last year as a Democrat. That’s not the record of a true conservative.

    Judge Daniel Shanes is a judge, that is a consistent conservative. I know him. I trust him. And don’t take my word for it – look at his conservative record and support by conservatives like Jeanne Ives, Dick Uihlein, Lake County Right to Life’s Bonnie Quirke and others. Shanes is the conservative we need on the Supreme Court.

    Karen Tirio
    McGOPAC, Chairwoman

  7. Nonpartisan retention elections are running as a Democrat.

    A simple statement by Noverini that he would run in the Supreme Court district he lived in before the Dems got through redistricting is running against Michael Burke.

    A simple form to the state 15 months ago filing his previous committee before any district was created is proof Noverini was running as a Democrat.

    Uihlein gave Shanes last year money well before Noverini entered the race and hasn’t given him anything since.

    “Pro-family” leaders who know very well Shanes can’t answer simple questions about when life begins and who is a woman.

    The sleaziest, most negative local Republican primary campaign I have ever seen because Shanes can’t run on his sparse record and so, like all Griffin Establishment candidates, has to accuse his opponents of being Democrats.

    Believe me, Shanes doesn’t impress anybody in person and will be hard pressed to get votes of anybody but the 22% who are hard core Republican once he is exposed to scrutiny by conservatives and moderate Independents who might vote Republican.

    If nominated, even in this good year, Shanes will likely lose and people like me will be blamed for it, just like Trump was blamed in 2016, 2018 and 2020 for the incredibly poor performance of the Illinois Republican Establishment.

    But money will have been made and there is always a pension and retirement in Florida.

  8. Sheriff Curran, Judge Hutchinson and Judge Noverini all have public records triple that of Shanes.

    Shanes has never been elected and has no business and political record vs. Noverini’s record:
    Political experience:

    Republican precinct committeeman (1996-2006).
    Chairman of the Dundee Township Republicans in 2004 and in 2006.

    Government experience:

    Kane County Board – Elected 2002 and 2006.
    Kane County Forest Preserve Commissioner – Elected 2002 and 2006.
    Chairman – Finance and Budget Committee – Kane County.
    Member – Criminal Justice Steering Committee – Kane County.
    Member – Judicial and Public Safety Committee – Kane County.
    Member – Public Building Commission – Kane County.
    Village Trustee – Village of Carpentersville – Elected – 1999.
    Member Zoning Board of Appeals – Village of Carpentersville.

    ‘Business Experience:

    Director – Parkway Bank and Trust Company.
    Director – American Heartland Bank and Trust Company.

    That’s why all the Shanes people can do is scream louder “He’s a Democrat” with out of context “facts” and outright lies.

    All they can think about is Griffin’s money in the fall. Shanes is the Bruce Rauner of judicial candidates.

    Just like Rauner’s only track record was soliciting money from Democrat pension funds, what little we have about Shanes’ track record is not good.

    The sad thing is after being duped with Richard Irvin, Griffin might just decide to leave Illinois with his company and not put a dime with any Republican Supreme Court candidate.

    Then we would be stuck with a candidate like Shanes who has no grass roots appeal and no real money

  9. Let’s see why should we trust Shames?

    Is it because he is taking money from the billionaire who is trying to control Illinois elections?

    Is it because he told outright lies about a sitting Circuit Court Judge to try to confuse voters into supporting him?

    Is it because he wouldn’t take a position as to whether he is pro-life?

    Is it because he wouldn’t define a woman?

    Is it because he tried to prevent voters from having a choice by working hard to take two candidates off the ballot?

    When will his insiders stop trying to tell lies about and attempt to smear Judge Noverini?

    Probably never, because they are afraid of his non-establishment, conservative views.

    We need a Supreme Court Justice that doesn’t cower to special interests and listens to us.

    Let’s make Illinois a great place again!

    It is a Shame, Mr. Shanes.

    Sop dragging Illinois politics further into the gutter, stop lying and stop having your insiders spread fake news.

  10. Fair Play, of course you are. You’re also Jack Franks. Further proves Noverini’s a Democrat!

  11. Grant, it’s called the Judicial Inquiry Board and no such filing exists. Shanes teaches other judges on Judicial ethics all around the State and has for decades. All claims have sited sources so NOverini is the one who has explaining to do as to why a 14 yr Democrat is running as a Republican.

    Noverini publicly joined the Democratic Party, campaigned as a Democrat, and was elected as a Democrat. Read Noverini’s words for yourself. He told the Daily Herald the following in September 2007:

    “I want to be a judge and believe the best way to accomplish that goal is to take the bold step of aligning myself with a party that better reflects my views concerning public service.”

    That is an actual quote from John Noverini!

    He told the Courier News in October 2008: “I’m a Democrat and will remain a Democrat.” That’s probably why the Kane County Democratic Party enthusiastically endorsed his campaign and “welcomed” him to the party as reported by the Daily Herald. In November 2008,

  12. Vincent, you keep digging yourself deeper.

    2007 and 2008 comments when he was squeezed out by your fellow “moderates” from running?

    I have been told a filing of complaint was made last Friday and frankly, I’d rather believe my sources than you.

    Shanes teaches ethics is like the Illinois Bar’s recommendations—it’s a joke!

    I am voting for him if Shanes wins, but with no illusions, even with Griffin’s money, that he can win any more than Griffin’s other favorites

    Shanes is totally unable to appeal to anyone but a “anybody but a Democrat” base.

    It won’t be enough even this year.

    And I am sure you will be blaming everyone but yourself when that happens.

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