Connie Cain Refuses Request from GOP Minority Leader Jim Durkin to Drop Out of Race Against Arin Thrower

From State Rep. hopeful Connie Cin:

“I am asking the voters to choose me for State Rep in the 66th District over my opponent in the Republican primary on June 28th.  

“The GOP House Leader asked me to drop out of the race last fall, but I firmly refused.

In my opinion, the party should not be able to choose its favored candidates because politicians are motivated to shut out candidates who would pursue critical reform such as pension or ethics.

“Neither party wants to deal with it, so they create useful excuses to get around it.

“The Republican Majority chose a candidate for the 66th District who had been elected as the township supervisor a few months earlier.

“The party’s choice of a dual-office holder is unethical because the party already had a strong candidate in the race.

“Democrats will use the opportunity to attack her candidacy in the General Election based upon her being a dual office holder.

“Voters will be asked to make a primary choice on June 28th

” I am asking the voters to choose me instead of my opponent.

“Remember that Issues like pension reform and ethics reform are bi-partisan concerns.

“I continue to speak out in favor of these reforms.

“I have been a strong advocate for the people living in my district and my fellow Illinoisans for the past five years.

” I hope I can count on your vote in the Republican primary on June 28th.”


Connie Cain Refuses Request from GOP Minority Leader Jim Durkin to Drop Out of Race Against Arin Thrower — 6 Comments

  1. It’s quite simple. Durkin endorsed Irvin and thinks he will get a honey pot of money from Griffin in the fall.

    But only for the usual “moderates” who will do his bidding in Springfield no matter what they say in the primary.

    Durkin and all the rest of the “Republicans” who endorsed the most transparently liberal and unqualified “Republican” candidate for Governor, Richard Irvin, all need to go.

    The first step to getting rid of “leader” Durkin is to vote against those he is supporting.

    I am sorry to say that has to be done with everyone that Griffin is supporting directly or indirectly.

    They simply can’t win in the fall even with Griffin’s millions.

    They have been irreversibly tainted.

    That might include some nice but politically naive people, but I can’t change political reality.

  2. Durkin is a RHINO gerkin, just like Tadelman!

    Connie Cain, you got 5 votes in my household.

  3. Is it possible that maybe the Republican leadership interviewed Connie Cain and realized that she wasn’t a strong enough candidate to take on Ness???

    Because from what I saw at the LWV forums, Ness would likely mop the floor with Cain (who’s heart is certainly in the right place).

    Ness took Madigan money but then she didn’t vote for him as Speaker, so letting the state machine fund you doesn’t mean you’re sold out, it means you want to win.

    Just my two or three cents!

  4. Suzanne Ness was not one of the 19 brave Democrats who announced ahead of time that they would not support Madigan.

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