Daniel Shanes Now Being Openly Backed for Illnois Supreme Court by Richard Irvin Billionaire Ken Griffin by $171,280 in TV Ads

From the Illinois State Board of Elections via Grant Noble, who writes,

“It’s official. 

“The same PAC ‘Citizens for Judicial Fairness’ that attacked Sheriff Mark Curran as a liberal Democrat  https://mchenrycountyblog.com/2022/06/10/griffin-money-attacks-lake-countys-mark-curran-after-effort-to-knock-him-off-the-ballot-fails-lake-county-judge-dan-shales-benefits/  is now directly supporting Daniel Shanes with over $171,000.   

“If Shanes is a ‘constitutional conservative’, then my name is Richard Irvin.” 


Daniel Shanes Now Being Openly Backed for Illnois Supreme Court by Richard Irvin Billionaire Ken Griffin by $171,280 in TV Ads — 3 Comments

  1. Grant Noble does not know what he is talking about when it comes to this race. In fact, several years ago I asked that he take me off his email blasts as they, in my view, were increasingly anti-Catholic bigotry. Perhaps that has changed? I hope so.

    As a Lake County practicing attorney and outspoken social and fiscal conservative, I take this race seriously and do my homework. Dan Shanes is a constitutional conservative, with great respect for our system of laws and “staying in his lane” as a judge–not acting like a politician. I guess those donating to his campaign understand the importance of this swing seat–that it go Republican, not Democrat. With a strong candidate, we can flip the Illinois Supreme Court from 4-3 Democrat to 4-3 Republican. Dan Shanes is our only shot at doing that, and reining in the out-of-control dictator at the helm and his super majority henchmen (if they win). In November 2022, I want the most highly qualified person, with a great legal career, legal mind, judicial temperament and iron-willed courage, who can win this seat: that is Dan Shanes. The other candidates for this position in the GOP primary are either not qualified, have created truly embarassing, indeed, fatal social media posts for years, or, while possibly qualified, cannot beat the Democrat. I am so sick of the circular firing squad organized by the “you’re not pure enough for me because you take money from a billionaire” crowd. Thank you.

  2. What can I say.

    Anyone who challenges the Republican Establishment is a “bigot” or a “Democrat” or “fringe” or “can’t win”.

    This from the party that ran Rauner in 2018 attacking Jeanne Ives as a “Madigan Republican” and got a pitiful 39% as an incumbent governor.

    Now Jeanne is just fine.

    Mark Curran was just fine in 2020 as the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate and now he is Democrat trash.

    These people do their 180s with no shame, even as their boy Irvin goes down in flames and they have to frantically change over to Jesse Sullivan to avoid total embarrassment.

    No wonder only 22% of the Illinois voters identify as Republican.

    All they can see is Griffin’s money and that won’t be enough to push a man with far less experience in public office (and less personality to win over swing voters) than anybody else running.

    But like Trump got the blame for their pitiful 2016, 2018 and 2020 performances, the Republican Establishment will find somebody else to blame when Shanes goes down even if Griffin doesn’t decide he has had enough in being fooled by the candidates pushed by that same Republican Establishment.

    After 40 years of enduring these Rinos, this is my last campaign.

    Don’t blame me for them taking Illinois from the best state in the Midwest to the worst.

  3. Thank you, Jennifer Neubauer.

    The best thing the Republicans great for, is the circular firing squad.

    And there isn’t even a compromise to be made here with Shane’s.

    He’s a constitutional conservative following judicial code for candidacy and he won’t be hindered by Supreme Court rule 6, where the others will be.

    Then, we can all ask them, “how’s that workin’ out for you?”

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