Judge Shanes Stoops Lower, Wondering If He Has the Same Literature Designer as Lying Richard Irvin

Here’s what appears in mailboxes today from Judge Daniel Shanes, who aspires to win the Republican nomination of Illinois Supreme Court:

Converts need not apply to the Republican, I guess is Shanes’ position.


Judge Shanes Stoops Lower, Wondering If He Has the Same Literature Designer as Lying Richard Irvin — 14 Comments

  1. Just an FYI for the 4 posters on this site. Vote Rabine and Shestokas. And if you think the wife of a crooked IL Senator will go to DC as a Senator then please prove your ignorance. Salvi is your savior. LOL. Cal how many handles does the Shake and Monk and Correcting fools have. Give me access to the MySql database running this site and it will take less than 10 minutes to figure out.

    Bobby Piton
    If a community had 1,601 families (all different size families) and 1 family controlled 25% of the vote and the other 1,600 families controlled the remaining 75% of the vote, what would you think about that? What if, anything, should be done about it?

    If 25% of the Vote is controlled by the equivalent of 1 family for every 1601 families, then 2 equally matched but ideologically opposed candidates vying for the remaining 75% of the vote (37.5% each) would have to audition to that family that controlled the 25%

    Imagine if you will, expanding the number of candidates running to 5 or 7. The establishment picks entering my race making more sense now?

    Those candidates have even less say and are even more likely to “bend” and do what they are told, perhaps for an above market sale price of a company they once controlled to bypass FEC restrictions? Or more “property tax breaks” on rental properties that get sweetheart long term rental deals to house illegals and back fill fictitious voter registrations? Or in the case of someone that can’t manage their own property, has nothing to sell them, but has no job prospects and no retirement savings, miraculously being selected into congress could be a home run after a lifetime of strikeouts.

    My fellow Americans, this is why we have had so much dreck running and being selected into office for so long.

    As Edward Solomon has said, and I can confirm, most rigging occurs at the primary. Why? Less turnout… only about 25-30% of the turn out during a general election. This reality keeps power in the hands of this so called invisible 1 family as they determine every outcome in general election as it is next to impossible to get 2/3rds + 1of 75% of the remaining voting population to vote for you.

    There is a very real possibility, anyone living in Illinois has never participated in a Free and Honest election. That’s how far it appears this rig goes back. It’s all very disturbing and it needs to be broken apart and “reset”.

  2. Wow, lots of proof there. All those names, places and dates.

    Bobby Q’s gonna break this thing wide open!

  3. Just one name on this blog for me.

    Y’all definitely are not worth any more effort than that.

    But glad you’re thinking about me.

  4. Here we go again with Bobby Q serving up number salads and JT lappin’ it up! Low-Polling Piton will go nowhere!

    And Pritzker probably does like Curran and Noverini, one likes the Democrat policies and Noverini has been a 14 yr long Democrat.

  5. As I wrote in a previous commentary, this is a complete, bald faced lie about Noverini. “As a member of the Carpentersville City Council, Noverini voted to oppose a budget for all of Carpentersville that would have required a substantial tax increase. The Shanes campaign calls that “defunding the police”.


    I wonder if JT is working for Shanes by trying to boost Piton in a totally unrelated post.

    Just throw mud is really going to work in the fall like lying about Ives, calling her a “Madigan Republican” and then wonder why a sitting governor gets a pitiful 39%.

    Shanes scorched earth, rule or ruin campaign might as well come from the Democrat play book because it has made it harder to win despite any Republican running in the Supreme Court race being better than the litmus liberal Democrat.

  6. Well, the mailer is right. I certainly couldnt trust Curran or Noverini. Both betrayed the Republicans platform/party. Both have publicly made a stance on pro-life issues and therefore won’t be able to rule on those issues on the IL Supreme Court, rendering them impotent. I don’t want an impotent judge! May as well vote for a Democrat! This is a once in a lifetime chance to flip this IL Supreme Court majority. I’m not gonna waste my vote on a judge that will have to mandatorily be recused on Protection of the unborn.

  7. I bet the Democrat judges on the court now and the Democrat opponent in the fall in the second district have made general statements on abortion like Noverini and Curran.

    Their pro-life stands are actually in accordance in with the Republican Platform.

    And, I am sorry to say, abortion on demand is the law here in Illinois and won’t be changed by an U.S. Supreme Court decision to return abortion back to the states.

    Unlike their legislating from the bench counter-parts on the Democrat side, a Republican majority won’t legislate on this issue.

    What I want is a check on Pritzker’s illegal orders and other unlawful acts of Democrat officials.

    By lying about his opponents’ stands on issues and their real track record, the Shanes forces have made the fall election far more difficult than it should be.

    At the very least, have the intellectual honesty to vote for Hutchinson if you really think a judge has to recuse himself on the slightest connection to a case.

    But it’s all about Griffin’s money, which like Rauner in 2018 over “Madigan Republican” Ives will solve every problem in the fall.

    It would serve them right if Griffin decides this first time venture in Republican politics is his last.

  8. Al Salvi was a St. Rep., not a Senator.

    I served with him and never saw or heard a hint of corruption.

    Care to offer details to you accusation?

  9. Well Cal since you worked with Al, please explain how he solved IL’s financial situation.

    That ought to be a great read on how RINO’s are the best cure for IL politics since they put us in the debt we are in today.

    If you think IL is not in trouble due to the politicians that led before our current financial position that would be a great read of fiction.

    Al is snapping at the bit to get to DC.

    A trial lawyers hourly rate is well over 400/hr in that cesspool of corruption.

    Don’t worry, Tirio got the ES$S software updates for the primaries.

    I’m fairly sure he will do his best to oversee the approved result. LOL

  10. Shanes looks and acts pretty jewey. Met him and his yenta wife who could outdo the yentas Mrs. Fatty Pritzk and Mrs. Rauner.

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