IL-11 UPDATEDx4: Pre-primary Reports Filings for April 1 through June 8 as Independent Expenditure to Benefit Jerry Evans Reported

David Marco

Latest post June 8 FEC filing shows Jerry Evans received contribution from Chicagoland based industry leader David Marco, previously featured on McHenry County Blog

Through Friday June 17, the post-June 8 FEC filings for IL-11 has Evans raising at least $8,800 and Catalina Lauf raising at least $6,400. Federal candidates required to file a Form 6 report with FEC for contributions within 20 days of an election within 48 hours of receipt for all contributions of at least $1,000 (similar to an Illinois A-1 submission)

Jerry Evans reports raising $48K, spending nearly $76K with nearly $49K in the bank but since June 8, Evans raised an additional $7,800 plus first independent expenditure of the cycle in IL-11 as the Conservatives for a Better America super PAC just filed for $31K for a mailer(s) to support Evans next week

Catalina Lauf reports raising $144K, spending nearly $259K with just under $34K in the bank for final 20 days of primary campaign with Mr. & Mrs. Richard Uihlein both donating the maximum for primary and Alex Bruesewitz’s X Strategies LLC paid $7,500 during reporting period

Since June 8, Lauf’s campaign has received an additional $6,400, most from Congresswoman Kat Cammack’s (R, FL-03) American Grit PAC

Mark Carroll reports raising $26K and spending nearly $21K with $7,591 in bank for final 20 days until primary election while Congressman Foster reports having nearly $4.765 million in bank

The first filings of the Pre-primary reports from IL-11 candidates, plus Congressman Bill Foster (D, Naperville) have started to be rececived and published.

The McHenry County Blog tote board shows the following, with Republicans Catalina Lauf (Woodstock), Mark Carroll (North Aurora) and Cassandra Tanner Miller (Elgin) reporting their Pre-primary receipts and expenditures for the period from April 1 through June 8.

Andre Heeg (unincorporated Geneva) reported to the FEC she has not raised and/or spent $5,000, so she will not be filing a Pre-primary report with the FEC.


IL-11 UPDATEDx4: Pre-primary Reports Filings for April 1 through June 8 as Independent Expenditure to Benefit Jerry Evans Reported — 10 Comments

  1. Apparently, Lauf’s fundraising doesn’t meet with Lopez’s approval.

  2. My takeaways from this are

    -There was talk that Carroll might be more competitive but this makes clear he lags Evans and Lauf.
    -Lauf smokes the competition in terms of raising money.
    -Unfortunately, she’s also burning through money (again) at a faster rate than she’s getting it.
    -Evans and Lauf both have less cash on hand than they did a few months ago.
    -Lauf having support from Uihleins could be signal for being well funded in November(maybe through a super pac)

    Carroll and Evans splitting the vote is going to propel Lauf to victory.

    We all know there is a strong anti-Lauf segment within the party, but you weren’t smart or organized enough to get it together and settle on somebody.

    Now you’ll get Lauf, the one you didn’t want.

    Oh well!

  3. If you folks vote based on ability to raise money you are the problem in IL.

  4. People who read this blog are political junkies.

    That doesn’t change the fact that money buys advertising and most people go into the polls having done little to no research on candidates.

    Your complaint is with a feature, not a bug, of voting.

  5. Correcting, a few other takeways to your solid list.

    None of the campaigns, through June 8, had paid for/conducted any kind of polling in this race, so if anyone saying they are “leading in the polls” through June 8 (Lauf) was lying.

    Still would wager, if a poll has been taken in IL-11, it would mirror the U.S. senate or attorney general statewide races, with significant likely primary voters undecided (40-60%), Lauf leading with no more than 15%. While Lauf known within McHenry County, has her campaign improved her name ID within the district outside McHenry County?

    Former McHenry County Republican Party Chair Diane Evertsen donated $250 to Mark Carroll’s campaign, though she’s not issued an endorsement, possibly because she lives outside of the district.

    Will there be any more super PAC involvement in the IL-11 pre-primary? Thursday afternoon’s independent expenditure to benefit Evans will get his name out, and appears Carroll will not have any mailers, or at least one, before the primary.

    Will other super PACs enter the race either for a candidate, or against a candidate? Remember, Adam Kinzinger still lurking in the weeds, and now there’s confirmation Kinzinger’s nemesis Alex Bruesewitz is still on Lauf’s campaign payroll as a consultant. Kinzinger knows how to disguise donations through super PAC(s) this close to the primary.

    Clearly, looking at these numbers, it’s a Lauf vs. Evans race for the nomination, and Lauf at the Huntley candidates forum Tuesday night did not look like the sure-win frontrunner, particularly when she sniped at Carroll over Nikki Haley.

    And I do agree with others who saw Carroll claim he’s the frontrunner in his press release, yet he turned in this kind of fundraising.

    Gonna be a fun remaining 11 days.

  6. Lauf is a lightweight in her knowledge and experience but has the potential to be a marketing/messaging machine.

    Carroll has a great foundational knowledge to be a legislator quickly but clearly lacks in the name/brand recognition.

    Evans has an all around base of knowledge, gravitas and personality to charmingly represent his constituency and pick up the legislator role knowledge he lacks but he still lags on brand recognition.

    The first two year term of a freshman representative is a massive learning curve no matter what.

    Generally freshman are shepherded by more experienced members of their party and are only as legislatively effective as others allow them to appear to be.

    At this point, at a National level, this race will be watched by those with experience, as will the reactions of the players in the aftermath.

    Opportunity abounds for those with nimble minds politically who have run a good race.

    This said, for all Carroll’s immediately available legal/legislative knowledge, he likely won’t really ever get to have a Mr Smith Goes to Washington moment but he has years to build brand and serve in larger roles.

    Evans is in a horse race where it appears he may not have the real estate left to nose out a win but he is working hard and can easily find a thousand ways to build the knowledge and brand he currently lacks to serve The People as he sees fit.


    Fundamentally freshman work for more experienced legislators to learn the ropes and collect money from donors.

    Lauf has worked hard to build relationships with groups, legislators and power players across the nation already.

    She has helped others in the Party in small ways but has made friends.

    Lauf needs to be very careful to appear to support ideals her constituency sees as attractive, some being viewed as far right, while still appearing to be a team player.

    Lauf has value and use as the personable marketer she has proven effective at being and may move not just her brand but the Party brand forward if she chooses her path wisely.

    Lauf isn’t a legislator or serious thinker or well educated in law/legislative wrangling and she won’t be for many years if ever.

    In a fantasy political world Evans and Carroll would have serious discussions in the public square and sway the voters with excellent ideas they’ll promote the moment they cross the Potomac and one would win.

    In todays political reality Lauf can be used, if she’s willing, to market the GOP brand and message effectively and nationally day one.

    She won’t pass anything legislatively or be on any committee because of her knowledge and convincing thoughtful arguments.

    She might move the needle enough in helping message to have her handlers/training Representatives decide to create/add her to important enough bills to give her the appearance of seriousness.

    It’s up to the voters ultimately but if Lauf wins the primary she probably has the best chance for serious help in the General just because she has the greatest potential to be the most effective tool in Congress for the GOP at this moment in history.

    It’s pragmatic reality.

    And sad.

  7. “If you folks vote based on ability to raise money you are the problem in IL.”

    you vote based on who hates what you do.

    Il is already in trouble.

  8. Good response Correcting. Thanks.

    Porky, “I vote based on who hates what you do” WTF does that even mean. I’m not a political junkie like Correcting and Lopez but I sure am looking at details on candidates way more than I ever did before in my life. You use the word “fag” in posts. You must be the low IQ voter Correcting was referring to and licks the television screen every time Bailey is on it.

  9. You comment more than any other person on a blog that is political in nature.

    Have fun with the new catchphrase though. Now you can repeat it in every post for the next month or two until you find a new thing to repeat.

  10. Pokorny, go back to playing rectal tricks with your ‘good friends’ like Dan ‘not the man’ Aylward.

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