Eli Nicolosi Goes After Dave Syverson’s Long Time in Office with Billboards

The end of State Senate challenger Eli Nicholsi’s campaign against incumbent Dave Sullivan appears on billboards:

“Tell Sen. Syverson…30 YEARS IS LONG ENOUGHH!!”
“Vote June 28th. Eli Nicoloi for Illinois Senate.”

When displayed together, the “30 years is long enough” billboard is on top.


Eli Nicolosi Goes After Dave Syverson’s Long Time in Office with Billboards — 29 Comments

  1. Guess how he stays in office 30 years in IL? Cue the Johnsburg Gigolo in 4 – 3 – 2 –


    Gee I wonder why the establishment is backing Bailey, Salvi and the drunk Devore. Rabine, Piton and Shestokas should begin to expose the problems those 3 clowns refuse to acknowledge. Maybe someone can show Joe “There is No Corruption in our Elections” Tirio how it works.

  2. It is damn long enough for a simpering RINO like Syverson. I confronted Syverson point blank about the ’20 election being stolen, and the boob actually said, “No it wasn’t.”

    Like he could state authoritatively about what happened in PA, AZ and GA.

    He’s a real party establishment stooge who loves his nest feathered while we can go to hell.

    Is he for Irvin, too? I didn’t think to ask him about that.

  3. Nicolosi is a cheesy, fat, lying, obnoxious, used car salesman.

    All this guy is running on is lies about his opponent and that has been in a long time?

    Nicolosi will be having some very unflattering info coming out on him very shortly, (other than his wife’s Restraining order against him and that the county Party officials and Republican leaders that want him out for several questionable actions)

    Stay tuned…


  4. Funny wasn’t Liz Harrington the one who presented proof to AZ after doing a door to door canvass showing how bad voting is rigged? Nah, she doesn’t talk to Piton even though she flew to IL to participate in his fundraiser with the railroaded Gen. Flynn. Nah, There were no mail in ballots sent to empty lots in AZ. There’s no way it hasn’t been happening in IL for decades. Dick Durbin would have gotten to the bottom of it by now. LOL. Vote based on polls and tv ads. That’ll sure bring us to the promised land.


    Cue the troll in 4-3-2-….

  5. ** the establishment is backing Bailey, Salvi and the drunk Devore.**

    Uh, no, the “establishment” is absolutely not supporting Bailey or Devore.

    The establishment is supporting Irvin and Kim.

    Good try though.

    You’re right about the establishment and Salvi though.

  6. Not the first troll I expected who’s versed in 3 somes. Oh well.

    I guess Uehlien is not part of the establishment.

    He and his nutty wife are philanthropists not establishment idiots.

    Spare me Shake.

    Go apply for a job at the nuthouse in Pleasant Prairie.

    Add Salvi to the group.

    Oh look at that you have another 2 some of grifters who can’t acknowledge election fraud in this state.

    Do me a favor, watch Momo, The Sam Giancana Story.

    It’s really been perfected in the country since they off’d Kennedy.

    Funny I grew up with Salvi’s.

    They owned a couple of restaurants and were nice people not looking to grift off our taxes.

    Hope you had a wonderful Father’s Day.

  7. @Nob Sent Me – happy to answer any specific questions, but to recap:

    – While we had a rough year personally, my wife and I are better than ever and there was no restraining order. We have completely reconciled too…. but kind of sick that it’s a political topic that just happened to get released.

    – Party officials put a statement in favor of me out after initially being misled (SOURCE: WCRCC.com)

    – Syverson received an official condemnation for these actions from the party and was issued a letter last week.

    – Yes, I could lose a few pounds (owch), but I have a platform on my website – voteeli.com Highlights include ethics reform like term limits and a No. Illinois economic development caucus.

    But the 30 year thing is still big… how can you defend that?

  8. The problem I have with you is you conflate old school voter fraud where real names are used but someone voted on their behalf and stole their vote (something I’ve been talking about for years and was the subject of 2000 Mules, not voting machines) with “the machines are being programmed by algorithms made from China and Dick Durbin and Darren Bailey.”

    Nuance and details are obviously not something you care about, but if you’re trying to convince a judge, cop, or prosecutor to do something, it’s best to get your story straight.

    Also, using examples of voter fraud in specific areas (like your story about what happened in a Texas municipal election 4-5 years ago) to imply it must be happening in McHenry County is retarded.

    If you saw a bank robbery, you wouldn’t assume every bank gets robbed.

    Now if you want to say something is vulnerable (to a bank robbery, or to election cheating) that’s fine, but to say as a matter of fact it *is* happening and then not providing any evidence of it happening in 19 months is why most people on this blog ignore you.

    You reach for a lot of stupid conclusions, like telling people a Darren Bailey administration would be no different than a Pritzker administration.

    Incredibly dumb and I’m suspicious of your motives as I’m suspicious of Bobby Piton for saying people should vote for Rodney Davis instead of Mary Miller (who has Trump’s endorsement).

    This is counter-productive and needs to be called out.

    I don’t have proof of this, but I suspect you (and Bobby Piton) are acting in bad faith.

    If not, you are just a very ignorant/stupid person.

  9. Correcting can’t deal with the fact of the massive electoral fraud.

    He’s the hapless frog in the steadily hotter water-filled pot on the stove. It’s such a gradual event, he can’t imagine that the crime is so huge and the culprits so evil.

    Yet this is what’s happening.

    Colatorti understands this. So does Rand Paul. So does Assange. So does Gen. Flynn. So does Putin.

  10. ** Uehlien is not part of the establishment**

    Uehlien consistently funds candidates that run against the establishment.

    You’d know this if you actually knew anything about IL politics.

    Look, I think all these candidates are clowns.

    I’m sure as hell not voting for any of them.

    But to claim that Bailey and Devore are supported by the establishment is just ridiculous.

    And, FWIW, I’d argue that Rabine (and Del Mar) has been much more plugged into the establishment than Bailey ever has been.

  11. Syverson has been in Springfield for 30 YEARS???

    Just what has he done to reduce the size and cost of Illinois’ nation leading 9,000 units of government?

    What has he done about about the township double-dippers?

    The supervisor of Thorton Township has a salary of $277,000, also a mayor!!!

    Why is Syverson quite on this?

    Must be looking for township votes.

    Eli Nicolosi has a video that support government consolidation.

    Put a fresh face in Springfield!!!

    Vote for Eli Nicolosi for senator.


  12. It seems A Jewstein can’t handle the fact there WASN’T massive electoral fraud.

  13. Wow Correcting what an overly verbose way of delivering a compliment. I appreciate you wasting all those words to make a point. Looks like your pet monkey Halverson hyperventilated so much he couldn’t spell his response quick enough. My God the last thing I am doing at 2 and 3 in the morning is worrying about this blog. Maybe you 2 should try going to bed earlier. LOL. Tell me again who’s the idiot. I see 2 that can’t sleep because of politics

  14. Mellow: Why is everything to blame for black behavior… except blacks?

  15. MellowMonk/Norm Vinton: stop the propaganda.

    Fade to black…….

  16. Mellow Monk the infamous appraiser that got arrested in Johnsburg for servicing men. Have you come up with that proof the Salvi’s are paying their fair share vs their neighbors? Piton lives rent free in your head. Priceless.

  17. If Colatorti thinks massive voter fraud is happening in McHenry County, how come he hasn’t spoken up about it and how come none of his cop friends have arrested Tirio?

    Why would Tirio’s PAC be supporting Colatorti?

    You guys are clowns and your posts are sheer incoherence.

    Piton has voter information as a candidate yet hasn’t made any specific claims about McHenry County, nor have any of the people on this blog who “know” it’s happening filed reports with authorities.

    The point of LARPing as an election truther and constantly punching right is to replace Joe Tirio with a Democrat.

    You are phonies who don’t care about election integrity.

    If you did, you would have shown up to question Tirio in person.

    You would be lobbying the county board to change their voting equipment.

    You would be submitting reports proving fraud in McHenry County.

    You’re not doing ANYTHING other than anonymously commenting on McHenry County Blog telling people how bad Tirio is and we should replace the Trump supporting Tirio with a Democrat who goes to protests with a bunch of women who dress up like characters from The Handmaide’s Tale.

    That you’re too stupid to understand the difference between old school voting fraud and every machine in the country being hacked but somehow no county clerk including the thousands throughout the country who support Trump figuring it out makes you retarded at best and a divide and conquer shill at worst.

  18. I wanr a return to paper ballots that are counted in the precinct by election judges.

  19. The boiling frog is woke DAs, illegal immigration, funny money via the fed, overspending, MIC, leftist takeover of education and entertainment, a surveillance state, big tech censorship, encroachment on medical and religious freedom, cultural Marxism, etc — and this stuff has been happening for a long time.

    If you change the officials of the major parties, you can have some impact otherwise Trump would be no different than Bush or you wouldn’t have governors with different policies.

    I’m not going to entertain your schizo delusions that every precinct is having its PAPER ballots “hacked” by voting machines when a simple recount of those paper ballots would immediately show whether the numbers matched the machine count.

    Try using your brain and thinking things out a little bit…

    I know that if I had zero trust in even my local election authority’s ability to have an election, I wouldn’t be regularly reading and posting on a political blog like the people here.

    You’d be better off using your time to build bunkers, stockpile ammo, can vegetables, and make yourself physically prepared for a collapse.

    I’m not listening to people who said Trump would be back in office by the end of 2021 or that Trump is secretly president or whatever is the most recent take to parrot from the Pay-triot grifters.

    Or that all voting is rigged but you must vote for Gary Rabine, and Darren Bailey is just like Pritzker.

    You’re here to demoralize voters because you want McHenry County to vote Democratic like the Democratic dump you moved to McHenry County from.

    You are a Democrat or a useful idiot for Democrats.

  20. LOL. Someone didn’t get a full night’s sleep last night. A.D.D. much or is it O.C.D Can’t wait for his 3 a.m. pet monkey to respond

  21. @i love stupid criminals –

    Pretty coincidental one week before the vote they are trying to find issues with signatures….

    Why wasn’t anything said during the normal period of petition review?

    This is what desperation looks like from a 30 year incumbent desperate to hold on to power.

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