Arin Thrower Gets Tenth Mailing in Support of Her Candidacy for the GOP Nomination for State Rep.

Another postcard from the Illinois Republican Party appeared in the mailbox today.

By my count it is ten mailings so far, but there have been so many, I may have lost count.

It is below:

Thrower is facing off against Connie Cain, who has made no mailings.


Arin Thrower Gets Tenth Mailing in Support of Her Candidacy for the GOP Nomination for State Rep. — 6 Comments

  1. Jim Durkin leaving nothing left for the fall.

    Must think this is an easy district and/or he will get a bucket of Griffin money this fall like the man Durkin endorsed, Richard Irvin.

  2. They see it as a competitive district that can be flipped.

    It would be mistaken to think it will be “easy” to flip it since Ness has a cult following who can knock doors and she is an incumbent so she shouldn’t be short on cash.

    Durkin must feel Thrower is a better candidate than Cain.

    Thrower was doing better at raising money than Cain even before Durkin got involved.

    Thrower is more extroverted than Cain.

    Thrower already had connections to a Republican organization (Dundee Township GOP).

    Thrower has more name recognition than Cain.

    Thrower is battle tested so to speak having already won an election.

    I don’t care for Durkin or Thrower not saying she will resign from her Dundee Township office, but I can understand why Durkin sees Thrower as a better candidate based on the above points.

    Ness hasn’t voted like a moderate.

    She’s arguably to the left of her district.

    I thought Ness would have a cake walk with the gerrymandering not long ago, but it’s hard to overstate how massive of a disaster the Biden administration has been.

    That could hurt Democrats down ballot.

  3. Just as the newspapers with the largest circulation endorse her opponent Connie Cain.

    Can’t buy my vote,I’m going with the Chicago Trib, and Connie Cain the veteran.

  4. I am sick of seeing her and her stupid family in my mail box.

  5. Understandable, Wizard.

    You’ll know Cain won’t owe dirty lurkin Durkin the jerkin gurkin any favors like Thrower will!

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