More Analysis on the GOP Illinois Supreme Court Race

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By Nancy Thorner – 

With the Illinois Republican Primary less than two weeks away on Tuesday, June 28th, 2022, a new development in the Second District Illinois Supreme Court contest further makes the case the 2nd District is the most interesting and important Republican primary outside the Governor’s race this year. 

I’ve written two other Illinois Review articles about the Second District Illinois Supreme Court contest between Judges Shanes, Mark Curran and John Noverini. Monday, June 12, 2022 Thorner: The 2nd Supreme Court District… the hottest Illinois Republican Primary around?  and Wednesday, May 11, 2022 Thorner: Illinois’ chance for GOP majority on IL Supreme Court depends on District 2

New Development in Second District Illinois Supreme Court race

Despite repeated denials by Daniel Shanes that Chicago billionaire Ken Griffin was funding him, a PAC that Griffin gave over 6 million dollars to on April 1, “Citizens for Judicial Fairness”, has given Shanes $171,280 for TV ads, according to the McHenry County Blog. 

This makes it apparent why so many prominent Republicans and “conservative” leaders have backed Shanes despite his thin record — appointed by fellow judges in Lake County and then the Democrat Supreme Court, with no business or political record, not even a judicial election and multiple retentions, as with Judges Noverini and Hutchinson.

They are hoping Griffin will fund Shanes in the fall with the same millions Griffin has poured into Richard Irvin, who has also attacked his primary opponents as “Democrats”. 

Link: Judge Shanes Stoops Lower, Wondering If He Has the Same Literature Designer as Lying Richard Irvin – McHenry County Blog

Note:  Shanes claims that Noverini “defunded the police”. Judge Noverinn corrects the record

“As a member of the Carpentersville City Council, Noverini voted to oppose a budget for all of Carpentersville that would have required a substantial tax increase.” 

Closing thought

It won’t be easy to put the Republican party together after this scorched earth campaign by the Shanes forces no matter who wins the primary. 


More Analysis on the GOP Illinois Supreme Court Race — 3 Comments

  1. If Noverini actually defunded police instead of fighting waste and corruption after his 1999 Carpentersville Trustee election, how did he ever get elected as a REPUBLICAN to Kane County Board in 2002 and 2006 and Dundee REPUBLICAN Township Chairman in 2004 and 2006?

    The Shanes forces only have mud to defend themselves because Shanes’ resume is so thread bare when it comes to being actually a “Constitutional Conservative”.

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