Noverini Hits the Airways with Radio Ad

Here’s the text of the John Noverini for Illinois Supreme Court ad now running on Chicago radio:

3 voices: “Judge John Noverini, Noverini, I’m supporting the conservative Judge Noverini”

v/0 Across Northern Illinois, Republicans are talking, and they are saying that the nomination of Judge John Noverini will give Republicans the best chance to win a majority on the Illinois Supreme court.

Voice woman 1 Judge Noverini is a committed Christian. As a family law judge, he always protected parents’ rights and our children.

Voice 2 As presiding Judge of the Criminal Law Division, Noverini always understood the punishment needs to fit the crime for those who break our laws.

Voice 3 Noverini is fiercely independent and not beholden to the trial lawyers or any special interest group.

Voice 4 John Noverini…a consistent conservative judicial philosophy, no surprises on the bench.

On Tuesday, June 28, nominate Judge John Noverini for the Illinois Supreme Court in the second Judicial District Republican Primary.

Endorsed by Republican leaders

  • Chris Lauzen in Kane County,
  • Sheriff Bill Primm and Cal Skinner in McHenry, and
  • pro-family leader David Smith.

Paid for by Citizens for Noverini.


Noverini Hits the Airways with Radio Ad — 3 Comments

  1. Consistent Conservative? Consistent FLIP FLOPPER, is more like it. A Democrat for the last 14 yrs. Oh and the things he’s said about Republicans. . .

    Only a fool will vote for this man.

  2. All they have is repeating the “Democrat for 14 years” lie.

    Yep, the Republican U.S. Senate Candidate for 2020 is Liberal Democrat, too.

    Like Rauner in 2014 and 2018, all they can see is the money, in this case of Ken Griffin.

    If anyone is interested in the truth, I’ve deal with this in articles and comments:

  3. Most hard working Judge!!!

    He has run an amazing campaign, working tirelessly day after day after a full day on the bench!!!

    Men and women like Judge John Noverini will help to save our state and to protect our children!!!

    VOTE JUNE 28TH to elect Judge John Noverini!

    We are all so grateful to the people who choose the Good Judge for IL Supreme Court.

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