Rob Hanlon Off the Hook

Someone was caught on camera placing unflattering bumper stickers on a Crystal Lake campaign sign of McHenry County Sheriff’s candidate Tony Colatorti.

Signs for Gary Rabine for Governor and Tony Colatorti for Sheriff found in Woodstock. Bumper stickers saying “Bought by Local 150” and “Abuser” are affixed to Colatorti’s campaign sign.

Colatorti filed a complaint with the Crystal Lake Police Department, which can be seen below:

It appears that McHenry County State’s Attorney Patrick Kenneally decided his quite active support of Colatorti against Robb Tadelman required that his office not prosecute the case.

So, he kicked it up to the Appeallate Prosecutor’s Office.

The key sentence in the motion above seems to be

“The Special Prosecutor has determined the likelihood of the State’s meeting its burden of proving defendant’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt in a criminal trial given the facts and circumstances in this case is questionable.”

It is unknown what “facts and circumstances” were considered “questionable.”

I thought there was a video.

The Special Prosecutor suggests there might be enough evidence to proceed with a civil case where the burden of proof is lower.

Associate Judge Mary Nader confirmed the dismissal motion.

Tony Colatorti had this comment:

“The police had very clear video of evidence of Mr. Hanlon damaging our signs which led to his arrest.

“What the court decided to do with his case is up to them and not us.”


Rob Hanlon Off the Hook — 18 Comments

  1. Anyone surprised?

    Remember the Miller non-prosecution?

  2. Kenneally decided not to prosecute Bob Miller.

    In Hanlon’s case, it was the Appellate Prosecutor’s decision.

  3. Kenneally does what’s best for Kenneally!!

    And now ‘The Platitude of The Day!’

    ‘Saint’s Preserve Us!’

  4. Good thing IL political junkies are focused on sign vandalism rather than the issues.

    It should tell you all you need to know about this state.

    Let it go Tony you petty moron.

    He’ll get my vote but this is juvenile.

    I guess only the best and brightest run for office and become political junkies.

    If IL voters vote based on a sign at a business or yard, I would have to drive alot farther to get my car and truck washed.

    I guess IL is full of the lowest common denominators in life.

    That business model works in the real world too.

  5. It’s a fraud he was arrested in the first place.

    This stuff happens every day.

    The CLPD has chosen it’s Sheriff favorite – so it has weaponized it’s power for political gain.

    James Comey would be proud.

    The CLPD has always attacked its political opponents.

  6. I would think Hanlons reputation has suffered enough with this stunt, whether convicted or not.

    Curious why a Defense Attorney would make a large campaign contribution and deface signs for a Candidate–clearly there cant be an “arrangement” with the present day Sherrifs dept and Hanlons business.


    I mean its Kenneally and his candidate he would want to buddy up with if there was anything to be had with such relationship..unless Kenneally has made it clear to the Hanlon types “homey dont play”…

    just askin’.

    Something stinks here and based on that and other Robb questions, I’m going with Colatori.

    Deface On Hanlon,its backfiring.

  7. Hanlon a blowhard. A fink.

    Tadelman is Rosemary’s baby.

    The not so good old boys and another crooked judge who bedded Gary Pack.

    Some things never change.

  8. Kinneally had nothing to do with this.

    A special prosecutor from the appellate prosecutor office – entirety a different entity than the SA – was appointed because Kinneally had supported a candidate in the race.

    Kinneally had nothing to do with dropping the case.

    The judge had nothing to do with it, either; just signed the order when the star asked to drop the case.

    If you want to see what happened, FOIA the evidence.

  9. State, not star.

    Thanks, autocorrect.

    The appellate prosecutor was hardly a star.

  10. “Kenneally decided not to prosecute Bob Miller.

    In Hanlon’s case, it was the Appellate Prosecutor’s decision.”

    Nice try Cal, but your cover story didn’t work.

    Here’s what went down:

    Kenneally was told (by who?) to drop the case as a hot potato. Claiming a fake conflict if interest he called up his buddy SA in loser-land Lake Co.

    A “special prosecutor” was selected with instructions to scuttle an air tight case.

    The blustering Hanlon, who fancies himself a future judge, skates.

    End of story.

    Cal, your naïveté is rather astounding.

    This is why Prim selected Tadelman for his coronation: Herbie Franks decreed it.

    What strange power does Herbie Franks have and how’d he obtain it?

    Who elected him?

    Who protected Jack from his serial abuses?

    Who decided Jack would be Co. Board honcho?

    Not Jack.

    Who decided Tadelman was necessary to become Sheriff?

    Who put Nygren in?

  11. Hanlon gave large campaign contribution to Andrew Gasser, that benefited his business for sure.

  12. Wylie is closest to the truth than anyone else
    but I like Hanlon who your normal everyday type of guy
    plus hes a lawyer that uses Rob as his name (hahaing) on that one

  13. Thank you, CLCHS classmate Cal, for your decades of commitment to keeping McHenry County residents informed.

    Have local politicians abandonded all pretense of ethics?

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