Dems Mail Again in Support of Bailey for Governor

From the Illinois Democratic Party comes this mailing designed to convince conservative Republicans to vote for Darren Bailey and this time the Dems make no secret of the source of the piece:


Dems Mail Again in Support of Bailey for Governor — 12 Comments

  1. Who believes Dems or IL political junkies aka RINOs?

    Vote Rabine, Shestokas and Piton.

    That southern IL grifter is not going to solve IL problems.

  2. Lol Cindy. Maybe Correcting can explain that in another 2 a.m. post. Vote Rabine

  3. I am not sure if Cindy is saying Pritzker is a liar, a control freak, and doesn’t care about your opinion OR if she is saying no person running for governor is deserving of your vote.

    If it is the latter, that would include Bailey AND Rabine, JT.

    In the past Cindy has said nice things about Bailey.

    You can go ahead and explain to her why you think Darren Bailey is the same thing as JB Pritzker though.

    To be honest, I don’t care if you vote for Rabine or whether Cindy votes at all.

    Every person makes up their own mind.

    The important thing is that you can’t vote for Rauner instead of Ives like you did last time, and that you live where they have traffic jams and shootings and gay pride parades and black lives matter marches so you can’t vote in Mary Miller’s primary and screw that one up too.

    Good thing you “trusted your gut” so that Republicans nominated someone who supports expanding abortion access and illegal immigration!

    That’s genius, JT.

    Trump would be so proud of you, JT!

    What makes it more outrageous is how you constantly criticize venture capitalists, yet Rauner was a venture capitalist… smh

    Bailey is going to win the primary and then lose to Pritzker.

    Rabine has a pretty good chance at winning McHenry County but I don’t think he’ll win any other counties (he may do well in Cook and Lake) and he would be lucky to finish third statewide.

    The only thing that could change that outcome would be if Trump endorsed Rabine, but Trump probably won’t get involved in a statewide race in a blue state.

  4. I love it. Bailey sounds like my kinda guy!

    The Dems are only going after him because he’s polling so much higher than any other republican candidate. They are helping him with the Conservatives, Evangelicals, Republicans, 1st, 2nd Amendment advocates and Pro-Lifers!

    They saved him a lot of money on mailers!!! <3

  5. Sorry Correcting, I was fart huffing with my fellow idiot buddies earlier today. Please reach out to me in the morning. I’m glad it wasn’t Taco Tuesday. They tasted like southern IL hick RINO on Weds. I’m glad I have political junkies to lead me to the promised land. I would rather have Rabine lose to that POS fat f$ck bought and paid for trust fund baby than a guy who talks like a hillbilly. That would be Bailey. IL grifter.

    Pritzker for President 2024. ROFLMAO

  6. I take GREAT umbrage at you saying that I have EVER said anything nice about ANY politician.

    They are ALL liars and part of the Phoenician Navy.

    Public serpents all.

  7. If the voting turns out anything like every poll we’ve seen so far, Rabine will finish behind Bailey and Sullivan (and Irvin).

    Joe Biden is probably glad that you’re huffing the farts and taking some methane out of the air…

    Maybe you’ll get an award like Greta Thunberg.

    ^Funny you mention “Pritzker for president 2024.”

    With Pritzker wanting to move Illinois to be one of the first states in the nation to do a primary in 2024 and with his recent trip to New Hampshire (traditionally the second state to have a primary or caucus for president after Iowa), there’s been a lot more speculation that he will run for president.

    Biden is unlikely to run again despite what he says and they’re not letting that bimbo Harris run.

    MegMom, I don’t think Pritzker and co are geniuses.

    They can plan things one or two steps out at most.

    Pritzker has gone on record saying Bailey would be a weak candidate and I take them at their word (primarily because I happen to believe that too).

    Now Pritzker and the DGA are running ads which although attack Bailey are highlighting his ties to the pro-life movement, to Trump, to guns, and to being “too conservative” in general.

    There aren’t a hundred layers to this onion, it’s just a reverse psychology setup.

    They’re counting on if they frame Bailey this way it won’t hurt him but help him in a Republican primary (makes sense), and they have gone on record saying Bailey would be easy to defeat.

    JT and I probably agree that Bailey is not a very strong general election candidate, I just don’t agree with his more nonsensical claims like Bailey being a “grifter” (how?) or thinking a Pritzker administration would be no different than a Pritzker administration.

  8. Tadelman supported Irvin early on, like the creep RINOS DeWitte and McConchie.

    That’s enough for me.

  9. Please provide some documentation that Tadelman supported Irvin.

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