Gunshot in Harvard on Ayer Street Leads to Police Action for Four Teens

From the Harvard Police:


On 06-22-22 at 1540 hrs, Officers responded to La Trinidad Restaurant, 207 S Ayer St regarding a report an unknown subject just fired a handgun outside the business at the building.

La Trinidad Restaurant, 207 S Ayer Street, Harvard.

It was reported the offender subsequently fled on foot.

Officers were in the area and at 1541 stopped and approached a 2001 Dodge with four occupants in the rear parking lot of the business as one of the occupants matched the description of the offender and detained them.

During the course of the stop and subsequent investigation a loaded handgun was located in the vehicle and four Harvard Youths were arrested and charged as follows;

  • The first Harvard Youth (m-16 yoa) was charged with Unlawful Use of Weapon and Unlawful Possession of a Weapon. The Harvard Youth was subsequently petitioned to Court Services and transported to the Kane County Juvenile Detention Center pending court.
  • The second Harvard Youth (m-14 yoa) was charged with Reckless Discharge of a Firearm. The Harvard Youth was subsequently petitioned to Court Services and transported to the Kane County Juvenile Detention Center pending court.
  • The third Harvard Youth (m-17 yoa) was arrested on a McHenry County Juvenile Warrant for a previous weapons charge and was subsequently transported to the Kane County Juvenile Detention Center pending court.
  • The fourth Harvard Youth (m-16 yoa) was arrested and issued a citation for No Valid Driver’s License and released to a parent with a court date of 07-27-22 at 1330 hrs.


Gunshot in Harvard on Ayer Street Leads to Police Action for Four Teens — 12 Comments

  1. Look what RINO policies approved by RINOs achieves. Sanctuary state.

    Will Bailey, Irvin or Sullivan reverse it? LOL.

    Rabine Shestokas Piton will do 10x better than the grifters.

  2. This is Chicago stuff.

    Rockford stuff.

    Right here in River City, Mchenry County Illinois.

    Where are we going?

    What next?

  3. the time has come to re-evaluate Juvenile crime…

    quit protecting these thugs…

    they might live right next to you or around the corner……

  4. One kid in the car already wanted on a previous weapons charge??…

    ?Que paso con Harvard?—Lo Sabemos, son Mexicanos. Lo siento.

    Expect more in your town soon–Joe Biden has brought 3 million more that have to go somewhere.

    Many are law abiding, wanting the same things anyone would ,but some, not so much.

    Buena Suerte..

  5. Bob Wire brings up an excellent point. Our reckless, dumb, plagiarist, doofus, jagoff commander in chief, and his regime is violating a number of federal laws that PROHIBIT the encouragement, enticement, allowance, transportation, and the providing of sanctuary for hundreds of thousands, millions of invaders LET into our nation. Our current fourth estate, is mostly silent on the matter. This estate, the corrupt media, are the voice, the protector for this regime similar to Pravda of the USSR which was the voice of the communist party. Among the invaders are terrorists, gang leaders, drug dealers, etc. The commander in chief is transporting these invaders all across the US. What are the consequences for law abiding and tax paying citizens? Who will pay for the health care of the invaders? Who will pay for the education of children of the invaders? Where will the invaders live? Who will pay for their housing rent?

  6. “Fauchi”~~~<< aliens di kill and your GOP does NOTHING ABOUT IT!

    Mitch the bitch pitches more amnesty woo to the chamber of commerce traitors!

    Quit being stupid victim sheep!!!!!

    "The name of Daisy “Jupiter” Paulsen has never appeared in the New York Times or the Washington Post, and over a year after her brutal murder in Fargo, ND at the hands of African immigrant Arthur Prince Kollie it’s now less likely to appear than ever. That’s because her father, Robert Paulsen, desperate over the institutional failures that led to her death and over what seems to be the increasing likelihood that Kollie will escape punishment, has allied with the radical National Justice Party, described by critics like the virulently anti-white Anti-Defamation League as “a virulently antisemitic white supremacist group,” to protest the scandal. Of course the short-term result is an even more intense media blackout. But Paulsen obviously felt he had no choice.

    On Saturday June 4th, the anniversary of Kollie’s crime, some 40-50 people led by local grassroots organizer Peter Tefft and NJP chairman Michael Peinovich marched through Fargo’s downtown. The peaceful protest (Video) started at the victim’s home and ended with a picket in front of the Fargo courthouse. It was shadowed by a small group of self-identified “Antifa” members (Video), who mocked and jeered the white activists and the family they had come to support. Neither national nor local media covered the march, despite it causing a lot of discussion in Fargo.

    Jupiter Paulsen’s tragedy began on June 4th, 2021, when she left her home to visit her mother’s house. As she passed through a strip mall, Kollie allegedly began following her. Then, without provocation, Kollie allegedly stabbed and strangled the cornered white child in a savage attack that lasted 25 minutes."

  7. Actually the Harvard Cops were on top of this

    They did a good job

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