Tadelman Called “Liar” by Colatorti Hit Piece

Here’s what arrived in the mail from the Tony Colatorti for Sheriff campaign today:

Back side.

Inside left panel.
Inside right before unfolding.
Inside right two panels with darj top and bottom chopped off because too big for the scanner.

Here the footnotes, enlarged a lot, that I found among the black in lower righthand corner of the most inside panel:

= = = = =

I think the Republican Party missed an excellent opportunity to hold a Juneteeth Rally in Woodstock where candidates could have presented themselves ten days before the Primary Election.

The names of all the soldiers in the Civil War, which are listed on the memorial in the middle of the Square could have been read.

The odds of any of them having been Democrats is quite slim.

After all, the Democrats did not free the slaves.

Woodstock Civil War statue.

Woodstock Civil War statue base: “Erected to the Soldiers 1861-65.”

Algonquin Civil War soldiers.
Cary and Crystal Lake Civil War soldiers.
Crystal Lake Civil War soldiers.
Fox River Grove Civil War soldiers.
Greenwood Civil War soldiers.
Hebron and Harvard Civil War soldiers.
Harvard and Huntley Civil War soldiers.
Johnsburg Civil War soldiers.
Marengo and McHenry Civil War soldiers.
McHenry and Marengo Civil War soldiers.
Richmond Civil War soldier
Spring Grove Civil War soldiers.
Union and Wonder Lake Civil War soldiers.
Wonder Lake Civil War soldiers.
Woodstock Civil War soldiers.
Researchers of the names of McHenry County Civil War soldiers.


Tadelman Called “Liar” by Colatorti Hit Piece — 20 Comments

  1. A monument that won’t be removed.

    Bobby Q should check those surnames against voting records.

  2. Yet Colatori was given the choice of being fired or resign, botched evidence, Order of Protection and has Kenneally.

    Vote Tadelman!

  3. Look it- even Cal is getting woke and is doing damage control again for one his good ole boys!!

    Juneteenth is now a BLM backed holiday which was pushed through by democrats.

    Tadelman posted that Juneteenth celebration last year because he is a RINO and then deleted it because he was getting blowback from it.

    Goes in line with his celebration of the Mexican Independence Day over US Constitution Day.


  4. I suggested a Juneteeth Rally to local Republikcan leaders, but did not even receive a reply to my email.

  5. If the country had split into two following the civil war, the Western states and territories would have been part of the CSA.

    The CSA wouldn’t have entered WWI.

    The Germans and Austrians would have probably won WWI, and Russia wouldnt have gad a Revolution or Jewish communism.

    WWII would have been very unlikely.

    Millions wouldn’t have died.

    And at least the CSA would have beenna constitutional entity with the slaves freed around 1868 like Brazil and the caribbean.

    What does Tadelmam say about Herbie Franks his mentor, patron and wire puller?

  6. Country club elite, who cares?

    What difference does a political party make in regards to a sheriff.

    Rhino is such an overused, buzz word.

    So unoriginal, lame and childish, just like his opponent.

    Could you cry any more.

    Grow up blog babies.

  7. Jo- If you have to ask that question you’re a democrat.

    RINO is a legitimate term and is only hated by the democrats who are in sheep’s clothing.

    Sounds like Robbby

    Tattletale is petrified that he’s going to lose because everyone besides the mentally ill political inbreds are voting for Colatorti.

    Bill- how does it feel to stump so low to back a democrat??

  8. Cal,

    You didn’t include Tadelmann’s response again. You’re going to lose your job as his publicist. Here you go, I found it for you.

    “Tony and his thugs are lying again. That picture is obviously fake, no way my arms are that small. Coach Prim says sleep is very important for peak metabolic performance and fat burn so I’m not apologizing for the sleep mask.”

  9. Tadelman should take a lie detector.

    But the liar won’t.

    Purchasing power of one dollar:

    2022: $0.04
    2020: $0.05
    2010: $0.06
    2000: $0.07
    1990: $0.09
    1980: $0.15
    1970: $0.32
    1960: $0.42
    1950: $0.51
    1940: $0.88
    1933: $0.95
    1913: $1

  10. This is same sleazy mailers Franks would send out what a coincidence as both are BIG time 150 union boys.

    Even on a picket line the 150 boys brought out the Tony signs.

    If you don’t see the scam your in on it! Go look for yourself.

  11. We we misure! Tonys love passed on and like his conduct with this mailer shows he used the same type of deception to wrongfully malign Robb.

    Lets mot beat around the bush, Tell us Pepe did you or did you not have affairs get STD and pass it on to your ex wife???

    Did you lose a testical because you didn’t treat yourself?

    Tell us Tony did you hide in a closet screaming for your girl to bring you a gun?

    Really, if its not true make a statement tell us if you are capable of telling the truth!

    Tell us Tony how much was pumped into your campaign from local 150 and its members?

    What will you owe them?

    And why would you even take that money.

    What is wrong with your supporters that didn’t even bother to check out your background?

    Will you serve spaghetti with only one meatball in the jail to people you lied about to have them arrested?

    Please Tony answer these questions?

    You ought to be ashamed of yourself but I doubt you are remotely ashamed of yourself.

  12. Why are so many democrats putting up Tadelman signs?

    This is my question.

  13. Please send a picture of Colatorti’s signs on a picket line.

  14. There are plenty of pictures of Tadelman signs in Democrat’s yards. Cal- do you want those too?

  15. Hey Pepe.. you jealous Tony won’t be servin up his meatball and spaghetti on ur plate??

    Not a goood look man lol

  16. Pepe sounds very jealous.

    Kinda like a guy who’d sit in the corner watching his wife getting railed while meeting other men on Grinder.

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