Both Sheriff Candidates Hit Mailbox

The first one was from Robb Tadelman.

It features endorsements include members of law enfocement, past and present, former legislators, munmicipal leaders, including the Village President of Prairie Grove, when Tony Colatorti was Police Chief.

Tony Colatorti’s piece continues to combine positive words about himself and negative comments about his opponent:


Both Sheriff Candidates Hit Mailbox — 26 Comments

  1. Lookin’ really crowded there on Tadelman’s mailing. 🙂

  2. I agree Monk, way too crowded.

    Nobody will read that.

    Its like pulling out the dead from the mothballs.

    Good observation.

    Waste of money on a mailer.

  3. Colatorti- exposing insider misdeeds. Endorsed by FOP.

    Tadelman- Tales From the Crypt endorsements of yesterday’s forgotten nobody’s. Not endorsed by FOP because cops know he sucks at leadership and being the police. Hence the reason he ordered his men into a house and was sued for it afterwards costing all of us money.

  4. CC – I was disappointed.

    I didn’t see any Porsches, B&B weekends, plane tickets or watches.

    No credit card bills either.

  5. Rob Tadelman is NOT the right choice for sheriff!

    One of his endorsements comes from Eric Ruth, Grafton Township Supervisor.

    Townships are corrupt and Rob seeks township endorsements?

    Vote Tony Colatorti for McHenry County sheriff, the peoples choice!

    Rob is an insider with political connections that he must Kowtow to.

  6. Tadelman is a gun grabber…. but only the guns of white gentiles.

    Tadelman is jewish of course, and the rubes of McHenry Co. aren’t supposed to notice jewish political power which is now casting off its behind the scenes power and assuming it directly (Pritzker, Schneider, Schakowsky; the jewish Biden misadministration (Mayorkas, Rahm, Blinken, ad infinitum), locally Franks).

    Tadelman is Bad News: Plain and simple.

    He’s BLM whore. You know about his fixed website right?

    Believe it or not, Clint Eastwood – who most people on the political right have always assumed was a rare conservative celebrity, likely due to the string of movies he has done over the years that tend to promote right-wing themes, such as law and order, etc., but during the last presidential election where the DemonRats had something like a couple of dozen aspirants running during the primary season – Eastwood said he liked this evil, totalitarian creepy jew Michael Bloomberg and thought he would make a great president.

    Bloomberg is one of the most anti-Second Amendment weasels in the entire country, and Dirty Harry, a.k.a, The Man with No Name – would vote to put this evil rat into the White House?

    That’s the thing about these Hollywood types. People need to wise up and understand that, just because an actor will star in a movie that seems to promote ‘conservative’ or ‘right leaning’ themes does not mean that actor is a conservative in their personal life.

    They are actors and they earn their living by choosing film roles that they know will sell well with the mood of the general public.

    Liberalism does not sell well to the majority White demographic group, who tend to be conservative and so – that’s what Eastwood has figured out, so he chooses his roles accordingly.

    Meanwhile, after his fans fork over their $15 bucks or so at the theater to watch his latest movie, Clint sneaks down to the polling precinct and votes for Mikey Bloomberg – who wants to confiscate the firearms of law abiding Americans.

  7. Blah blah blah….and so forth, and so on ….etc….Yada yada yada….we get it…you don’t like Jewish people

    Vote Robb Tadelman….

    The qualified one !

  8. Bianchi suborned perjury on multiple occasions and was a melt down idiot.

    If he’s endorsing anyone that person will be dangerous for The People.

    That idiots supporters promoted a pedophile once for sheriff.

    Tadelman must be poisonous.

    Save us from idiots and Democrats….

    McHenry County can afford neither.

  9. Mellow, those are relics, dinosaurs who are barely coherent!

    And RINOs Tryon. Kownik and Schafer!

    And the guys from other counties that barely know Tadelman but were told to endorse him by Prim.

    Members of the Safer Citizens pac that was started just to back Tadelman and Rabine.

    Rich guys asking you for YOUR money but don’t put any of their own money in.

    Don’t think they found enough suckers to make a that Pac get off the ground.

    Tadelmans campaign attracts establishment types, amateurs and sheeple.

    Colatorti’s campaign draws business owners, (the same one’s Tadelman’s campaign loves to intimidate for supporting Colatorti), Local Law enforcement, the FOP, Parents Union members of concerned parents, a younger generation of Conservatives, Non-traditional Conservatives, First generation Americans, and longtime stalwart Conservatives in the county that know Prim has been a lame duck sheriff the last 4 yrs. with a top heavy dept.

    At least that’s what I’ve noticed.

    Guess on June 28th we’ll find out which groups actually go out and vote.

  10. You’ve lost it Bill (Happy) Admit your mistake.

    Nothing to do with racism.

    Typical liberal go to line when you have no substantive argument.

    Now we understand why you are passing the torch to Robbbby.

    And has nothing to do with racism.

    Nice try.

  11. Never gonna vote for any union’s faves.

    How many of you vote for the teachers’ union picks for school boards? Anyone?

    Why would we do that here?

  12. Colatorti is supported by 150 and the parade of money is all 150.

    Coincidentally, one of his first donors was the sleep doctor that Franks hired to try and take control of the Coroners office… So read the tea leaves synchopants.

    Colatorti will be a nightmare if elected… Incompetent at best.

    Although word is if he gets through the primary, the Democrats will caucus someone in and go to town dismantling Colatorti and anyone connected to him.

    You all are picking the wrong horse.

    Tadelman. This is the way

  13. No, the democrats are absolutely not caucusing someone in.

    Seems to be the fake narrative coming from Tadelman supporters.

    Tadelman is the democrat that they’ve been pushing all along.

  14. But….But…..But…..

    Kenneally is behind Colatori…….

  15. I see you don’t have to go to the Natural Museum of History to see dinosaurs, just look at Tadelman’s endorsements.

  16. Bernier, the endorsing rats presented by The Tadelman only confirm that Tadelman is a rat.

  17. The “fake Democrat” has voted in more Republican primaries than his opponent.

  18. they both suck ! this is what we get bottom of the barrel candidates…

  19. Toilet bowl, don’t fret. Tadelman will come clean on his relationship with convicted Sgt. Pyle.

    Won’t he?

  20. LOL….so Tadelman add Tryon and Rosemary Kurtz.

    Both are failed swamp creatures – Rosemary has one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peal and Tryon is the epitome of failed/hack/abuse the system for my personal gain swamp loser.

    What is Tryon doing these days?

    “Lobbying” on behalf of McHenry County and their municipalities in Springfield?

    Not only is he profiting on our tax dollars, he’s doing a crap job – our taxes are high and we get little in return.

    But our mayors keep funding Tryon because he’s their swamp friend.

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