McHenry County GOPAC Endorsements — 33 Comments

  1. My picks, too. Except for Colatorti.

    Tadelman such a clear choice, otherwise.

  2. Unless you like voting for social justice soy boys, Colatorti is the only pick for sheriff!

  3. I won’t comment on the McHenry races but it’s obvious Griffin’s boy Shanes is not a conservative as McHenry County blog readers ought to know:

    It’s really sad to see “pro-family” leaders ruin their reputations for good by trying to defend Shanes, a man who can not even tell you when human life begins and what is the difference between a man and a woman.

    From what I am hearing, the fact that in desperation Shanes had to openly go with Griffin’s money is the kill shot in the race.

    What a sleazy campaign when everybody else is a Democrat and even Judge Hutchinson’s “highly qualified” Illinois Bar rating has to be hidden in another sleazy Shanes mailing.

    Shanes’ campaign is on the level of the “Madigan Republican” smears of Rauner against Jeanne Ives.

    I am voting for Shanes if he wins because the chance of a quarter of a loaf on the Illinois Supreme Court is better than nothing from the Democrat.

    But he will have zero personal appeal and grass roots to overcome the Pritzker machine in this swing district.

    All the Griffin money in the world won’t help him any more than it helped Richard Irvin or Bruce Rauner after his vicious 2018 primary.

  4. Disagree.

    Salvi waffles on many issues.

    Is Shanes funded by Griffin? Not sure.

    Colatori is a loose Cannon

    Shorty is a jester

    Syverson has been in there since what? 93?!?


  5. The irony is lost on many.

    The Tirios are involved with this PAC.

    The guy in control of our elections is telling you how to vote..

    Salvi, Bailey and drunken DeVore all deny the 2020 election fraud so you know they will do all they can to bring integrity back to IL.

    Piton. Shestokas and Rabine all have acknowledged it and will work to fix it.

    Fire up those ES$S machines Tirio, we need your PAC endorsements of the 3 stooges come to fruition.

    I’m leaving my county clerk choice blank.

  6. “I’m leaving my county clerk choice blank.”

    How is that possible, JT, when you’ve already told us you did so in early voting?

    Maybe the Bobby farts have you confused.

  7. Tirio….. Is your pocket ballot aimed at all the stupid people….

    The smart people will VOTE FOR


    Even Colatorti says on his own website that “ Prim promised to clean up the good ol’ boys club that existed.

    “And he did just that, improving the culture and reforming the office”

    Prim would NOT allow everything he fought for, to be DESTROYED by COLATORTI !!!

    That’s why he endorsed ROBB TADELMAN !!!

  8. Joe “I Won’t Hire My Wife” Tirio didn’t get my vote and neither did the form police officer turned restaurateur.

  9. Shanes and Irvin all the way.

    Think about it idiots, only Irvin can beat Pritzker!!

  10. Here’s the whole quote from Colatorti… if anyone even cares what Happy Trails has to say:

    Sheriff Prim ran in 2014 as an outsider, promising to clean up the office and restore the integrity of the Sheriff’s Department – and he did just that. But as he’s getting closer and closer to retirement, Robb Tadelman and his good ol’ boys club have taken over, and the department is back to what Prim fought so hard to change. We can’t have a department that’s run like a frat house. Weak leadership compromises your safety, which is why Tony will:
    ✅Instill a merit-based culture where hard work and results are rewarded
    ✅Treat everyone equally – it’s one team, working together to keep the county safe
    ✅Tony will have his officers’ backs by supporting their decisions and empowering them to do their job without fear
    ✅Make sure the department – including Tony – do not bend to pressure from politicians or special interest groups
    ✅Do what’s RIGHT, no matter what

  11. JT not only can’t handle the truth, but he can’t tell the truth either. 😆🤣😅

  12. Bill Matteso, After seeing the video of Tadelman at Galati’s last Monday I have to go with Colatorti’ as the constitutional choice for Sheriff. How do you feel about how Robb would NOT stand for the 2nd amendment (red flag law) he would ACTUALLY serve an order if the judge handed down an order to take our guns! saying he won’t stand in the way? Including one under the current law that doesn’t allow the subject of the warrant to defends themselves in court until afterwards. He talked about there being due process, but under the current law, the subject of the warrant is not involved in that process and the evidentiary standard is lower than any criminal procedure. He did start to tell a story that I have heard him tell 1 other time, and I think he stopped because of the cameras. He started to mention a cook county warrant.

    He told the story at the county GOP meet and greet at Grinders. There was a warrant from Cook County that was sent to McHenry County. He left it sit on his desk and asked one of his Lt’s to serve it. He refused. Then He said that he wasn’t going to risk McHenry County guys to do Cook County’s job. But at that point it isn’t Cook County’s job, because Cook County has no business serving warrants in McHenry County! He said that he left it sitting in a stack of papers until it expired and sent it back to Cook County and he told them that he was unable to get it served.

    Leaving it dit until it expires is not the same as standing against an unconstitutional law!!! (which as Sheriff he has the authority to do and swore to uphold!)

    I didn’t like Tadelmans stance on mask mandates and vaccines either for his guys. He won’ t stand against those.

    He was was called out on the low morale and answered he’d run the sheriffs Dept the same way he is now if he wins. I think there will be long term vacancies then. The ‘well armed militia’ answer was laughable too. He claimed his rent-a-cops’ are well armed with knowledge. Is this guy for real?!

    Wish Someone would’ve thought to ask about the difference between part time and full time training/testing. 3x it came out in court proceedings brought on by his goons that it is the same training and testing. If he was truthful and confirmed they were the same ( which they are) then it would’ve become painfully clear he was pulling desperate and dirty Democrat tactics to get his opponent off the ballot. If he wasn’t honest, we’d have him lying just like he has in all his mailers about his opponent not being qualified.

    COLATORTI for us.

  13. Shanes is in it to win it and be a constitutional majority. The others are in it to feed from the life long govt trough .

  14. I was and had been for Tadelman but not now…..

    Mainly because Primm supports him….

    Primm came in and did absolutely nothing, but collect a paycheck…

    and then promoted all the incompetents to their own level of stupidity…..

    me and everyone I talk to is backing Tony…..

  15. Griffin is leaving Illinois.

    Who is going to fund all the Griffin candidates like Shanes?

    A lot of people who know Dick Uihlein, the type of people who could head an independent expenditure campaign in the fall, will tell him about how ugly Shanes was in this campaign.

    He may not give much more than he has already did to Shanes well before the primary season.

    Scorched earth, everyone else is a liberal Democrat campaigning will be hard enough to overcome as it is for anybody who wins.

    Let me suggest the desperation of the Shanes campaign and his supporters in smearing everyone else as wanting a “feed trough” is really revealing what they saw in Shanes.

    Sorry, he isn’t going to deliver because there isn’t going to be much money even if he wins.

  16. How is it that the clerk who is closest to and responsible for counting votes also belongs to more than one PAC who then turns around and “encourages” who those PAC committees should then endorse?

    Naww, no ethical standard violations here.

    Quick, look at the goose….

  17. Sheriff Prim has backed Tadelman from the day he announced at Bounder Ridge Country Club.

  18. Prim endorsed a liberal soy boy.

    THAT is going to be his failed legacy.

  19. Happy (Bill) why did you pick Tadelman?

    It’s okay to admit your mistake…just be honest.

    Don’t let your ego get the best of you.

    Admit your mistake and move on.

    Admit your mistake and you will go down as a good sheriff.

    Saddle us with Tadelman (Pun intended) and that will be how you are remembered.

  20. ** will tell him about how ugly Shanes was in this campaign.**

    LOL – You do know that Uihlein funds Proft’s campaign work, right?

    Uihlein doesn’t care about ugly.

  21. Syverson: a cuckservative empressario.

    Shanes: A Talmudic mason

    Tadelman: Another Talmudic mason.

    When you people find yourselves in a “reorientation center” somewhere in Montana, maybe you’ll remember this post.

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