Noverini Gains Endorsement of Health Group

From the John Noverini for Illinois Supreme Couirt:


CARPENTERSVILLE, IL – Grassroots organization, Stand for Health Freedom, endorses Judge John A. Noverini and calls all voters in the Illinois Supreme Court District 2 to vote for Noverini in the Republican Primary on June 28th.

The organization published on its website and social media accounts that “Stand for Health Freedom supports candidates who make and protect policy to support individual and family choice in matters of health and bodily autonomy.

We believe John Noverini will defend and expand these rights for Illinois residents … Judge Noverini says he is fully committed to doing everything within his power as a Justice on the Illinois Supreme Court to make sure government works as it was originally intended – limited in scope and in accordance with the Constitution.”

Stand for Health Freedom was established in 2019 and has been dedicated to the facilitation of protecting human, parental and Constitutional rights. SHF encourages communication between constituents and their elected officials.

“My calling has always been, and will remain, to defend the Constitution and safeguard our God-given liberties,” Noverini said. “Every morning before I walk into court, I pray for wisdom. I pray for Godly wisdom. And I remind myself that it is my job to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution.”

Judge Noverini was elected in 2008 as a Circuit Court Trial Judge and retained in 2014 and then again retained in 2020.

Judge Noverini has experience in Family, Criminal and Civil courtrooms. During his judicial tenure, he has served as the Presiding Judge of the Family Law Division, Criminal Division, where he has presided over close to 100 criminal jury trials, Probate Court, Guardianship Court, Traffic and Mental Health Courts.

He and his wife, Saray Rodriguez Noverini, are long-time residents in Kane County.

Judge Noverini is a graduate of Moody Bible Institute and holds a Master’s degree in History from Northeastern Illinois University and a Juris Doctorate from IIT Chicago Kent College of Law.


Noverini Gains Endorsement of Health Group — 4 Comments

  1. After the crushing of medical freedom during the Covid panic, I am for any group that is trying to give us the freedom to think for ourselves when it comes to what we do for the healing our bodies.

    So many people died because Ivermectin,
    a Nobel Prize winning drug, was demonized along with other standard drugs and procedures.

    Another sign that the real constitutional conservative is Noverini.

  2. Just another crazy covid conspiracy kook. People like him should be vaxxed then jailed!

  3. Grant, hah! This does not prove any such thing.

    Nice to have endorsements sure but this takes nothing away from other candidates and hands it to this guy.

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