Shanes Sends Letter Including Endorsements

It appears to be endorsement time.

In a “campaign mail” envelope, comes this letter from Judge Daniel Shanes:


Shanes Sends Letter Including Endorsements — 13 Comments

  1. Jeanne Ives heard for herself that Shanes is not a “Constitutional Conservative”. This is the lowest moment in her career.

    The only thing I can think is she thought that this would help friend Michael Burke win in the 3rd District Supreme Court race in the fall.

    You can be sure almost all of these people will be doing nothing for Shanes in the fall now that Griffin’s money is gone.

    Between Shanes’ trashing everyone else as a liberal Democrat and most of these people against Bailey, Uihlein’s candidate, it won’t be easy to bring Uihlein in to make up the difference for the fall campaign if Shanes is the nominee.

    What a complete train wreck—typical Republican Establishment stupidity and foolish greed.

  2. I should add there is another opponent, Shanes—Judge Hutchinson.

    She never was a Democrat, but like her “highly recommended” rating by the Illinois Bar, she doesn’t exist according to your letter.

    Your people tried to remove her from the ballot, but she is on the ballot.

    Does this guy ever tell the truth about anything?

    Is it really smart to attack Curran, who became a Republican back in 2008 to great fanfare of the Lake County Republican Party, who was the Establishment Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in 2020, as a Democrat?

    Do you think of the supporters of Noverini, Curran or Hutchinson will do anything but vote for you as the lesser of liberals this fall?

    They certainly won’t be giving you any money to make up for Griffin.

    I guess nobody learned a thing from the “Madigan Republican” smear of 2018 that got Rauner 39%.

    The Shanes campaign has been complete insanity and embarrassment.

  3. Your opinion, Grant.

    And I don’t believe over half of your bs that you spout with authority.

    Your Candidate Noverini is a 14 yr Democrat with the wife with blue hair to prove it.

    Shane’s is a great candidate and WILL win this.

  4. Ives makes bad endorsements occasionally as does Trump and everybody else.

    I’m not sure what she sees in the campaigns of Kathy Salvi and Mike Koolidge either.

    Diane Evertsen is on this list too.

    I wouldn’t call her a “swamp creature” but it’s a bad endorsement nonetheless.

  5. Shanes is a masonic hoodlum.

    Take a good look at that weasel.

    Lani, if you care to be cucked for the 1485th time, by all means vote for Shanes.

  6. Correcting, Ives and Evertsen?

    Two losers.

    A ‘nuke Russia’ imbecile and a lady who bitches about illegal immigration but does zilch.

  7. Did Ives want to win?

    Who’s Evertsen?

    Tadelman? No way! Scat!

  8. Never vote for somebody “highly recommended” by a woke Bar Assoc.

    Noverini was not recommended because he stood up to the devils and alphabet pervert creeps.

  9. Judge Shanes’ “shameful” Township Endorsements, what was he thinking?

    One, William E. Peterson who is listed-Former State Senator, should have been listed as a township supervisor double-dipper.

    Peterson, for many years was paid $84,000 as state senator and $90,000 as Avon Township Supervisor!!!

    Not to go unnoticed—Diana O’Kelly Freemont Township Supervisor, Tom Shaughnessy-Antioch Township Supervisor, Suzanne Simpson- Warren Township Supervisor, Catherine Starostovic-Grant Township Supervisor, Daniel Venture-Lake Villa Township Supervisor.

    Townships are Political-Tar-Pit of Corruption, Cronyism, Patronage, Nepotism and Waste. Shanes does not get my vote.

  10. Evertsen was a county board member.

    If you know of any county board members anywhere in the country who can secure the Mexican border, let us know.

    Until then, I’ll assume that someone who is out in public speaking against illegal immigration and being called racist by newspapers and leftwing protesters is doing more than an anon on a blog.

    McHenry County had an ICE facility up until a few months ago.

    The only reason we don’t anymore is because of a law passed in Springfield last year, signed by JB Pritzker.

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