Abortion Supporters Demonstrate Along Route 14

Seen in front of Binney’s in Crystal Lake:

Demonstrators rally for abortion on Crystal Lake’s Route 14.


Abortion Supporters Demonstrate Along Route 14 — 15 Comments

  1. Wasn’t Crystal Lake considered a top town to live in? Enjoy your community down there. Lol 😆

  2. Was Tadelman out there too? Looks like his crowd. Vote Colatorti for Sheriff.

  3. Funny, the night of rage riots planned tonight will be by democrats burning cities “run” by democrats in democratic states where the ruling is meaningless.

  4. Illinois was and will remain a state with few practical limitations on abortion.

    So these gals are mad that women who live in a different state can’t kill their babies

  5. LOL Dingo. Get a scale out there. It looks like WGN morning hosts on steroids.

  6. The infant being held by the fat woman in the photo will be traumatized for the rest of their lives thinking ‘It could have been me’.

  7. I want everyone to remember in the coming days that whenever a leftist says that the abortion ruling will disproportionately harm poor women in urban areas, what the leftist is actually saying is that we should abort Black babies before they can become criminals and burdens on society.

  8. Let us perhaps discuss one of the ways an abortion takes place.

    Where a syringe is placed inside the woman and into the soft cranium of the unborn child where its brain is sucked out.

    Where it has been proven that the unborn child is sentient and feels this pain administered, however brief. Its body is then turned around and removed, feet first.

    The same SCIENCE that the left chooses to ignore, when convenient.

    Abortion has not been made illegal, rather, welcomed in States like Illinois where Pritzker will monopolize off the opportunity bussing in and paying for this, “choice.”

    Rather, you, the tax-payer will pay, regardless your sentiment.

  9. Nothing says “I am a big loser” more than abortion supporters.

    There is no rational argument to support the murdering of a child.

    The “it’s my body” argument – why does the baby’s immune system reject mom and the mom’s immune system reject the baby?

  10. Once one accepts abortion, one will accept anything.


    Monkey Pox raves.

    Queer “Marriage.

    Sean Casten.


    Fatso Pritzker.

    Robb Tadelman.

  11. Dingo: your point is appropriate until your last line.

    Tell us when Tony was sexually engaged with his employees while married to his first wife, did any of those waitresses seek or obtain an abortion?

    Your attempt to paint Tadelman with the red paint of fake protest is disgusting.

    Moreover the Pro-life victory pack actually investigates the people it endorses.

    That Board isn’t one group pushing for Tony.

    It’s pushing for pro-life candidates.

    Missing from Pepe le pew/tomy is his endorsements vetting process.

    Being pro life means taking care of your kids.

    It doesn’t mean taking money from your business and putting it in your campaign to minimize support or maintenance.

    Being pro-life doesn’t mean getting a sexually transmitted disease and passing it on.

    Its no wonder McHenry Pro-life Victory PAC endorsed Tadelman and not your skunk!

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