Ness Attacks Potential Republican Opponents on Abortion

From State Rep. Suzanne Ness:

Suzanne Needs Your Support!

Vote for Pro Choice Candidates

Let me be clear: I am the only candidate running for State Representative in District 66 who is pro-choice.

The fundamental right of a woman to choose is the issue that ignited my desire to run for office and it continues to be a driving force for why I serve.

I grew up believing that we would never go backward, especially as stories of the past told of the horrors women went through to have freedom over their own bodies.

The two Republican candidates running against me are anti-choice extremists.

After hearing the news about Roe v. Wade being overturned, here’s what Connie Cain had to say:

Meanwhile, Arin Thrower has refused to take a position on the matter.

Her silence tells us all that we need to know.

No matter which way you slice it, these candidates are bad for women, bad for the LGBTQ+ community, and bad for Illinois.

I am prepared to work night and day to ensure that Illinois remains a state that trusts and protects women.

I hope you’ll join me in this fight.

In Solidarity,


Ness Attacks Potential Republican Opponents on Abortion — 14 Comments

  1. Lets see if the libtards have an “insurrection” now.

    I think the national guard will whoop some ass this time.

  2. Be careful what you wish for?

    You mean a pro abort would not campaign as a pro-abort without this decision?

  3. Now I know why the Tribune endorsed Connie Cain.

    They think she will be weaker against lovely Suzanne.

    That’s the only explanation I can come up with going against the Republican Establishment candidate Thrower.

    This is the election of the angry parents and angry workers.

    If Cain gets out and walks and her people go door to door, too, all the money in the world won’t win.

    Just ask Richard Irvin.

    Or you can ask my friend Tom Morrisons who knocked on tens of thousands of doors in his State Rep district and won despite millions upon millions spent against by Madigan and by a Rino incumbent he beat the first time.

    I’ve never seen so many mailings for a primary in a state rep district, especially when the party has to save money to beat the Democrat incumbent.

    Another “rule or ruin” campaign by the Republican Establishment

  4. Noble makes perfect sense!

    Can he replace Lopez, the fifth columnist on this blog?

  5. I didn’t receive 1 flier from the Cain campaign.

    But I did receive a bunch from the Republican combine.

    Also, many from a democratic PAC with the union printed seal promoting Thrower.

    This tells me the Dems want Thrower in fir some reason.

    They must have dirt on her.

    Cain must be squeaky clean.

    The Dems must fear Cain if they are sending out fliers against her!

  6. Follow the contribution money!!!

    Click on the candidate name and scroll down to see who is financing each campaign.

    Very very interesting indeed@

  7. Which of the two Super PACs do you identify as Democratic.

    Both hacve large constributions from a Walton in Bartonsville.

    I noticed one of them did get involved in both Republican and Democratic legislative races.

  8. INCS Action Committee has mailed out a ton of fliers supporting Thrower.

    This group is financed heavily by the bond underwriting people who make tons of cash off Illinois bond sales.

    They want nothing to do with a candidate who proposes petition reform:)

  9. Is this legal?

    Of course.


    That is up to each voter to decide.

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