Can’t Wait to See These Signs on Gas Pumps

Headline from the Chicago Tribune:

Here is the sign gas station trade association says its members will post:


Can’t Wait to See These Signs on Gas Pumps — 7 Comments

  1. No mention of a cap, say at $2.25, the Motor Fuel tax imposed by the county?

    Now earning double before this administration took office.

    Yes, yes, yes, It would not save much, but for those families living check to check and those commercial drivers using Diesel, could help some.

    Creative ways, CAN, reduce McHenry County taxes, despite what some candidates have professed for years that nothing is possible and that it ALL goes back to Springfield.

  2. Barthel, you talk big but support the waste of townships.

    Try and be consistent.

  3. The southern IL hick will surely get rid of the gas tax. Lol.

    Keep voting for the same career politicians and expect a different result IL

  4. The DEMOCRAT Mafia will not tolerate any interference in their
    insatiable quest to maintain power at all costs, as all good fascists are want to do.

  5. Who told you that we were getting rid of the gas tax?

    How do you think the roads are paid for?

    There isn’t a SINGLE STATE in the ENTIRE COUNTRY that doesn’t have a gasoline tax, CLUELESS JT.

    Every single one has a gas tax.

    The gas tax was doubled in 2019 because of Democrats and some Republicans crossing over.

    Bailey voted AGAINST it, CLUELESS JT.


    Trump did NOT endorse Piton or Rabine.

    Your dorks are losers and Trump doesn’t like them.

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