Dems Express Desired to Face Tom DeVore in Attorney General’s Office

No secret on recent mailings from the Illinois Democratic Party as to what Republican they want their candidates to face this fall.

For Governor, it is Darren Bailey.

For Attorney General, as can be seen below, it’s Thomas DeVore:


Dems Express Desired to Face Tom DeVore in Attorney General’s Office — 23 Comments

  1. Two for one mailing.

    If they think the mandates, masks and gun control are popular with swing voters, especially downstate, the Dems are delusional.

    It will be interesting if Steve Kim is the only Griffin candidate to win a primary because the conservative vote is split.

  2. DeVore is a drunken fool that still thinks elections in IL aren’t rigged. Shestokas does. Tick Tock IL. More than 2000 Mules is about to be dropped.

    Funny, Raffensberger polling at 38% in GA pulled out a miracle 75 – 25 win. Nah, these machines don’t cheat. Ask Tirio how the machines don’t have algorithms and aren’t hackable. The other corruption in local races in GA elections was also uncovered. Well not covered by the talking heads on your box on the wall.

  3. Will Kathi Salvi be endorsed? LOL.

    Unfortunately, I think the hick will get his endorsement for governor.

    I actually saw a woman wearing an angry black Peggy Hubbard for Senate tshirt.

    RSBN gives free airtime Peggy and Kathi.

    Where are you 2?

  4. Scratch the fake DeVore and the thing called Kim.

    Vote for Shestokas.

  5. ** Funny, Raffensberger polling at 38% in GA pulled out a miracle 75 – 25 win**

    Why do you make stuff up that is so easily proven wrong?

    Raffensperger won his primary 52.4-33.3.

    And the only public polling I’m finding is from a month before the election and had the two leading candidates tied. But a month is a lifetime in an election.

  6. LOL. Hey Monk, who posted today 1700 days after the first post? Crawl into that bong Jr. Your boogey man is back.

  7. Yeah Shake I caught my error.

    Good thing you’re a good little fact checker.

    How about Kemp’s race. LOL.

    I bet you don’t see the corruption.

  8. All the MAGA MOMS, Liberty Parents and Parent’s unions want Tom DeVore too.

    He’s a hero to them!

    And he’ll win it!

    Kuami has his record that ruin him.


    I have a friend in the Trump campaign.

    Rabine tried to park his damn bus in front near the gates.

    (What balls!).


    Trumps people said ‘move it or we’ll have it towed!’

    Then they wouldn’t let anyone in with Rabine shirts. LMAO.

    Guess Trump isn’t impressed with Gary’s pandering with his stupid and useless ‘affidavit’ to audit the election.

    The crowd went wild!


  10. Trump is a huge disappointment.

    Kushner is a cockroach.

    Why’d he get rid of Bannon, Christie and Flynn?
    Ans: Kushner

  11. DeVore is a hero to so many Mama Bears, Parents, Businesses shut down by the Pig Pritzker. He’s gonna win the Primary!

  12. Trump endorses Bailey.

    Rabine’s campaign is over yet he keeps asking for money 3 days from Election Day?

    Give it up, Gary.

    You’re toast.

  13. DeVore is a drunken fool who doesn’t believe in election corruption just like the southern IL idiot Trump endorsed tonight who also thinks IL elections are not corrupt.

    I guess to appeal to IL voters Trump had to look at his audience and adjust his message accordingly.

    Baby steps to get this state red again I guess.

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