McHenry Township Offers Garden Plots

From McHenry Township:

McHenry Township – Garden

McHenry Township Garden Club is seeking garden members. McHenry Township residents including residence of the Village of Johnsburg and the unincorporated McHenry surrounding area who are interested in planting a garden in one of the new 6.5′ x 3.5′ raised beds for their own use may contact the Township front desk at 815-385-5605 or email Township Trustee John Macrito at

The plots will be available June 1st on a first come first serve bases and they are located at the Township Park.

McHenry Township applied for and received a community impact grant from the Home Depot Foundation for the purchase of materials for the new community garden.

Volunteers from Home Depot came out in 90° heat to assemble, install, and fill the raised garden beds with organic soil donated by Scotts®. 

Click here for further information.


McHenry Township Offers Garden Plots — 11 Comments

  1. Townships are so damn vital

    17 counties in downstste Illinois abolished the parasitic, nepotistic rats during the Depression when they got ‘woke’ and realized that layer of gov’t was a big rip off.

  2. Townships have just 3 mandated duties—property assessments, aid to the needy (that only a very very few qualify) roads in only unincorporated areas (that are over 80% funded by municipal taxpayers)

    Township garden plots?

    Township Gimmick, first class!!!

    Township government is under attack state-wide, a good thing!

    Illinois townships?

    Political-Tar-Pits of Corruption, Cronyism, Nepotism, Patronage and WASTE!

    Wake up Springfield, get to work and get rid of them!

  3. Maybe they’ll come up with cemetery plots too.

    They’re killing the taxpayers!

    I don’t think it’s right that the taxpayers are going to be on the hook to pay for the sex change surgery/hormones Trans-Idiot dancing-queen “Danielle” Aylward, the Township Supervisor/female impersonator and Township Drag Racer “requiresl”.

    Throw her into Lake Michigan.

  4. Bob Anderson, what is the percentage of county roads maintenances costs are funded by municipal taxpayers?

  5. I read the original post, then I read the off point comments, then I re-read the post to make sure I read it correctly..WTF
    I am with Paul Revere on this 100%

    during WW2 we kids were given plots in the parks called V gardens we raised some produce but mostly the homeless bums ate it all

  6. I have to chuckle all you have to do is put the word township on any post and Bob the Barber posts the same male bovine excrement. If he ever had something useful to say maybe people would listen to him.

  7. Bill Matteson, maybe you should rethink your screwball position.

    Gov’t giveaways aredesigned to cost the productive people and benefit welfare roaches, creating even more dependency.

  8. Grumpy Grandpa, time to change your loaded Depens.

    Have you thought about being Biden’s Alzheimered double?

  9. distributist making capitalist and communist crap their pants hahaha

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