Mike Shorten Responds to Statements by District 4 County Board Candidate Paul Bartel

From Mike Shorten:

Crystal Lake, IL- June 22, 2022- Republican Candidate Mike Shorten has issued a statement regarding recent online threats from one of his opponents in the McHenry County Board District 4 Republican Primary.

“One of my opponents, Paul Barthel, on a local blog and social media posts, has accused me of lying, committing libel, slander and defamation, and is threatening to sue me. It’s shocking that a candidate in a Republican Primary would threaten to use the courts to try and silence a political opponent in such a way.”

On Tuesday, June 21 st , 2022 Shorten’s campaign issued a press release which revealed that Paul Barthel and Suzanne Delaney have never voted in a Republican Primary in McHenry County.

“Mr. Barthel seems to be upset that I suggested he was a transplant from Cook County. Mr. Barthel’s author profile on Amazon indeed does list him as a Chicago native and his Facebook profile lists his home as Chicago,” Shorten said.

“If he has indeed never lived in Chicago or Cook County then I will retract my statement, but as of yet he’s failed to state that as a fact.”

“It should be noted, that I also am a Cook County transplant; I left when I was 23 when I married my wife Cheryl who also was from Cook County. My mother and mother-in-law live in Cook County as well… so I’m not quite sure why he is so bothered.”

Shorten emphasized that that he has a record of reducing spending and cutting taxes in McHenry County, and his 15 years of experience in McHenry County leading, working and supporting the Republican Party and Republican Candidates.

“Again, it should be noted, since moving to McHenry County, neither Paul Barthel or Susan Delaney have voted in a Republican Primary. Mr. Barthel cannot dispute that fact.”


Mike Shorten Responds to Statements by District 4 County Board Candidate Paul Bartel — 10 Comments

  1. Shorten needs to shorten the candidacy of Jester Barthel to “Defeated in GOP Primary.”

  2. Shorty must really dislike Tadelman who tried to use the courts to get rid of Colatorti.

  3. Paul Bartel supports tax relief through government consolidation, a good thing.

    Bartel will be a great voice for taxpayers on the McHenry County Board, District 4.

    Shorten is a “cry-baby”.

    We don’t need more of that.

    We want strong voices of tax relief!!!

  4. Not sure why the attacks on Delany and Bartel, when it’s Gotte he should be after.

    Delany is also more a threat cause of her gender.

    Shorts has a history of running for anything.

    A washed up wanna be DJ now podcaster out of a bedroom, his kids take his campain photos for him and he wanders on FB like a teenager, friended anyone who will be friends..

    Kinda sad.

    The silent ones are the ones to watch out for.

    Have not heard anything from Gotte….

  5. If you’re going to run a campaign based on talking shit about your opponents, backpedalling makes you look like a huge pussy.


  6. Republicans Mike “Shorty” Shorten and Joe Gottemoller (an incumbent) advance and will face Democrats Laura McGowen and Dominic Petrucci in November.

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