Trump Picks Most Likely Winner to Endorse in Illlinois Gubernatorial Contest

There is little doubt that Darren Bailey will capture the Republican nomination for Governor, so it took little courage for former President Donald Trump to endorse Darren Bailey.

Source: WGEM-TV.


Trump Picks Most Likely Winner to Endorse in Illlinois Gubernatorial Contest — 9 Comments

  1. 3 Supreme Court Justices is why I voted for Trump the first time and the second time even though he really botched Covid (yes, the Dems were far worse) and didn’t deliver on a lot of issues, especially immigration by not vetoing Republican budgets until he got a Mexican border wall.

    Never Trump was sore loser idiocy in 2016 and 2020 given what Hillary could have done and Biden did do to us. I suspect we will see the same sore loser idiocy with Bailey.

    If Jesse Sullivan had anywhere near the track record of standing up on the issues as Bailey, I’d be voting for him.

    He would made a very good U.S. Senate candidate compared to the rest of the field and gotten a decent track record for a future campaign.

    “Fifteen years ago, Jesse Sullivan founded a self-described “social justice” magazine that has defended riots and abortion.”

    He’s funded by California liberals who started his company that supposedly invests in overseas start ups, Alter Global LLC:

    If there’s anything to this company, you can’t tell it on the Internet.

    Sullivan’s initial ignorance and inexperience showed in this initial interview with Jeff Berkowitz:

    Sullivan has never done anything significant in Illinois inside or outside politics before this primary.

    Like Trump, Bailey is rough around the edges.

    Bailey actually has a better track record than the 2016 Trump, who had to be fund and act like a New York City Liberal to do business.

    Like Hillary and Biden, Pritzker is a totally corrupt socialist that itches to be a dictator.

    And like Trump, Bailey will do far better than expected because a lot of Democrats and Independents who normally vote Democrat are totally fed up at the terrible trio of Biden, Pritzker and Lightfoot.

    I give Pritzker the edge because, unlike arrogant Hillary but like Biden, the Democrats will have industrial size vote fraud that our angry and desperate Republican Establishment will do nothing to stop.

    They’ve already made their pile to retire to Florida grifting off Griffin.

    Bailey, like Trump om 2016. 2018 and 2020, will be their excuse on why they lost again.

    Ogilvie’s 1970 Constitution gave us a three seat Supreme Court Democrat base and the income tax.

    Thompson raised taxes, Edgar did little with a legislative majority except a record tax hike followed by Ryan doing the same.

    “Pinata” Rauner never proposed a true balanced budget or major pension reform.

    Instead he betrayed a promise to stay away from social issues by signing Sanctuary State and tax funded abortion on demand.

    No wonder only 22% of Illinois voters identify as Republican.

    We have to get a lot more Mark Currans to come over to win.

    But now a man who won Lake County Sheriff as a Republican in 2010 and 2014 and lost by a handful of vote 2018 as a Republican, a man who was the Establishment pick to run as the Republican for U.S. Senate in 2020 is now an evil Democrat running for Illinois Supreme Court according a candidate backed by virtually every Republican Establishment hack in the area.

    Why anyone would believe anything the Illinois Republican Establishment says now is beyond me.

    “Guilty until proven innocent” has to be our motto when it comes to anyone they push.

  2. Grant, I think you’re right on your Jesse Sullivan angle, particularly.

  3. A smiling and competent Trump replaced by a stupid and reckless senile president and his doofus VP.

    Think of the economy in the last full month of Trump in office, Dec 2020.

    Very low inflation, a little over 1 percent.

    Today it is over 8 percent with a recession on the horizon.

    Gasoline cost back then was about 50-60 percent lower than today.

    Trump made the US energy independent.

    The solution for the Chinese Virus was found.

    Trump was close to completing the wall along the southern border to block the invasion of illegal aliens and the Keystone Pipeline was scheduled to bring in huge amounts of oil from the north.

    Biden and his regime have more than doubled the cost of gasoline and diesel and his reckless spending has surged inflation to over 8 percent.

    Biden and his regime have been violating a number of federal laws by encouraging and allowing the INVASION of millions of illegal aliens from around the world and then secretly transporting them to many States across the U.S.

    Every American should be asking themselves if they are better off today, is our nation better today, after 1.5 years of the Biden administration OR were they better off during and at the end of the Trump administration.

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