Cal Skinner Robocalls for Noverini for Supreme Court

Yesterday at ten robocalls from me went out to McHenry County telephones.,

Here’s what I said:

Cal Skinner interviewing John Noverini at Portello’s in Crystal Lake.

“This is Cal Skinner from McHenry County Blog.

“As a long-time Republican legislator and McHenry County conservative, please join Michele and me in supprting our friend Judge John Noverini for the Illinois Supreme Court.

“Judge Noverini is a proven conservative with a judicial record of putting parents and families first and putting criminals where they belong.

“John Noverini, committed Christian, not beholden to the trial lawyers or big money donors.

“On Tuesday, elect Judge John Noverini.

“Vote Republican.”


Cal Skinner Robocalls for Noverini for Supreme Court — 4 Comments

  1. A man with decades of a conservative record who has known “Democrat” Noverini for decades.

    But we are to believe a who’s who list of local Republican Establishment stooges who loved “Ives is a Madigan Republican” Rauner.

    “Everybody else is a Democrat except Susan Hutchinson who doesn’t exist”

    Shanes is right at the bottom of the barrel with another Griffin wonder, Richard Irvin.

  2. Noble and Cal are right.

    The Ill. GOP is dead.

    Cuckservatives like Brady,Daniels, Edgar, Buehler are responsible.

    Chuck out the rats! Like Tadelman and Jung!

  3. Robocalls were invented by Lucifer himself.

    I turn off the ringer on my landline during election season.

    Political callers should not be exempt from honoring the wishes of those on the do not call list.

    There really is no 1st Amendment issue if people specifically opt out of receiving the calls.

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